world record smallmouth bass

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Ozuna to the Astros? Ignore the fact that it would be completely out of his character to do something so unethical. In March of 1997, TWRA decided to keep the Hayes fish as the state record.A formula for the truthWhether you contend that Hayes' smallmouth weighed a legitimate 11 pounds, 15 ounces or whether you believe John Barlow and others boosted its weight, there's no question that the fish was 27 inches long and had a girth of 21 2/3 inches. On July 9, however, things were slow. Hayes still lives in Leitchfield, Ky. Taylor Wilson is a free-lance writer and editor for Bill Dance Publishing in Brownsville, Tenn. Taylor Wilson: Smallmouth world record celebrates 50 years, No punishment for L.A.'s Turner as he apologizes, Deion's son Shedeur commits to Jackson State, Saints' Jenkins treats Philly poll workers to lunch, Alcohol withdrawal hinders Maradona, doctor says, Davis calls NFL's Raiders punishment 'draconian', Namath could see Lawrence force trade from Jets, Throwing to Travis Etienne, trusting USC, testing BYU and more to watch in Week 10. A highly regarded formula for estimating bass weight is length x length x length ÷ 1,600. Davis found the John Barlow affidavit and then found Barlow himself. The world record bass was caught on July 9, 1955 and weighed 11 pounds 15 ounces and measured 27 inches in length. The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Commission is slated to honor the Leitchfield, Ky., angler, his 1955 feat and his fish at its July meeting. Sometime around noon, Hayes was getting low on gas and decided to head to the nearest marina — Wisdom Dock, up Illwill Creek. In fact, author Monte Burke brought this up in his recently published book "Sowbelly," where he details the chase for the even older largemouth world-record belonging to George Perry, who took his 22¼-pound bucketmouth Georgia's Montgomery Lake in 1932. Fox talked with Lightnin' Madison who saw the fish at Wisdom Dock and confirmed its weight at 11-15. So what does the man who actually caught the fish have to say? That alone said a lot to me. "You mean no officials have even called you to let you know of this decision?" Instead, ask why anyone would need the help of John Barlow for such a deed. Whether or not his home state and the IGFA do the right thing and reinstate his catch will have little effect on Hayes' life. So as for the controversy, I'm going to stay out of it.". Fox spent many hours investigating the record and he says even the initial claim about the mount not appearing to be large enough to set a record is erroneous. Forget for a moment that Dick Roberts was a pillar of the community, that he taught Sunday school at Celina United Methodist Church for more than 40 years and that he had the respect of virtually everyone around the lake. (Worldkings) The only thing better than being named in the list of world records is being named twice, and that's what happen to the World Record about the Biggest Smallmouth Bass even caught in the world. Hayes said, "I caught the fish within 500 feet of the state line. People who were there and saw the fish still marvel at its size. That it was caught by a weekend angler added insult to injury. Of course, which state claims the world record is really all about "marketing," such as the ability to sell license plates ... or attract out-of-state anglers. Former TWRA Assistant Director Ron Fox conducted a multiyear investigation and campaign, which ultimately disproved the claim. Hayes' mistake was in letting the fish out of his sight. Angler: Andy Anderson Length: 24 inches Weight: 9.84 lbs Girth: 18.3 inches Waterbody: Birch Bark Lake near Kinmount Date: September 26, 1954 Bait: unknown Source: Ontario Fishing Net "I've got one pretty good smallmouth," Hayes said. The fastest, easiest way to be called a liar is to catch a giant fish. Plug the known numbers into the formula and Hayes' bass comes out to 12.3 pounds (12 pounds, 5 ounces). How will Clemson's trip to Notre Dame shape the College Football Playoff picture for both teams? It would be more than 40 years before anyone looked at it again.A record is undoneHayes was firmly entrenched in the record books by the mid-1990s when a Livingston, Tenn., assistant principal invited him to display the fish at an outdoors show. IGFA is recognized as the premier fish record-keeping organization of the world. Whether the sign refers to Ruth, his wife of 64 years, or the gigantic smallmouth bass that hangs on his living room wall is anyone's guess. The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Commission is slated to honor the Leitchfield, Ky., angler, his 1955 feat and his fish at its July meeting. Doughbelly was renowned for being jealous of other anglers who were catching bass when he was struggling. "The controversy Hayes denies it emphatically. The world record for a smallmouth bass is 11 pounds 15 ounces, and that record has stood for more that half a century. It was there that the story took an unfortunate turn. Madison asked if he could weigh it, and Hayes agreed.

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