who's hotter sam or dean

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Dean is hot in the 'bad boy thats not really bad' way, with his hair style,green eyes,totally hot smirk,muscle car and leather jacket. 16 hours ago. His body is too hot to touch. Breaking It Down by Season. I'm sure the majority of you out there would love to argue with me about that, it seems Dean is much prefered out there. Lila856 picked Dean Winchester: i love them both! So dead sexy. I'm an just completely in love with the idea of Dean and the fact that Jensen Ackles is drop dead gorgeous and has a great personality helps me like Dean as well. Sign up for our Celebrity & Entertainment newsletter. I frickin love it:D. They are both equally good looking but in different ways. We know it's hard to choose, so we've broken it down by season. As I said, Dean is the hotter of the two. Don't freak out! dean is just mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... Dean, overall, but in recent episodes, Sam has been making a concerted effort to catch up. OMG i think i am sweating, Sam is way sexier. :( im sad now! *drool* =D, Dean always! It's gorgeous. 16 hours ago, by Mekishana Pierre Dean cause Sam i don't know not that hot like Dean. Everyone knows that Dean is waaaaay hotter!!! 50/50 ,it's hard to say but I guess Sammy is sooooooo lovely and he's like a puppy :). ~SN-Guys-DeaN-n-SaM~, Hmmm.... Dean. The answer is so obvious... Dean is WAAAAYYY HOTTER than Sam. jensen eckles I was watching Supernatural and couldn't decide whos hotter. Sam all the way!!!! Sam is by far the hottest in the land. But Sam's deep like a river. But Dean is really cute too but, i pick Sam. 11 hours ago, by Grayson Gilcrease By using Fanpop, you agree to our use of cookies. that was way to hard! Are you kidding Sam is way cuter. They're both SMOKIN! but which one do you love the most? They are both hot, but I really love Sam, He's so sweet! <3 I could stare at Jensen's face for hours and hours, lol. But Sam has that hair. I love Dean. but dean. vs: Dean Winchester Belli posted over a year ago: view results | next poll >> Supernatural More Polls. :D Hot family, indeed. i don't reakky no thats why i picked what everyone else picked, Dean of course...Sam isn't even hot...but Dean...he is so God damn sexy...aaaaaah, they both r pretty hott. But after season 8, he aged and looked rather tired. Sam is way hotter dean only thinks hes hot cuz he plays the bad boy act sams more sutble nd his wavy locks are so sexy mmm xx, i love them both! I like men that look like men...that counts Sam out! hehehe. December 4, 2016 by Maggie Panos. Sam has that sweet boy next door thing going for him. i picked sammy last time so yeah =P, Funny, cool, badass, hardcore, protective and really hot! I need a bucket when I watch the show because I can't stop drooling. All forum posts must be suitable for teens. LOL :). Sammy's just too sweet, the boyish charm isn't my type. sam's cute but dean is cuter, i love dean he is so hot and he is a real bad boy i like that, They both are very very very attractive and it's hart to say,but i LOVE Dean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­. He's more of a flirt. Sam. i love them both! Baby-face cute Sam, even though Dean is also very hot. Cookies help us bring you Fanpop. Dean, no question about it. DEAN IS HOTTER TO THE MAX~!!! lol!! They're very Hot. Supernatural: Who's the Hotter Winchester Brother? hehehe. Dean… Sam vs. Dean: The Ultimate Winchester Throw-Down Dean always knows how to lighten the mood. Supernatural Who is Hotter Sam or Dean?? tell us yours! His eyes could could go on forever. Jensen's freakin sexy....mmmm...Jensen.... OMG! Pick one: Sam Winchester. I have to go with Dean, yes he does look amazing but even attitude and character wise I will always pick him over Sam. So Dean all the way. 10 hours ago, by Mekishana Pierre He's more of a flirt. ...grr. he ain't bad lookin' if you know what I'm sayin'. I think that Jensen has the *perfect* face. much love . Who has time for a full time relationship when you're hunting and killing things! 14 hours ago, by Maggie Ryan If I had my pick it would be Dean, he would be the one you could have a good time with. 185 Shares Although Both winchesters are extreemly hot and both balence each other out quite nice. Dean is still so frickin hott though. He's the hot one. All forum abuse must be reported to the moderators. Gods, I LOVE them both so much! Sam is hott and sexy and all that good stuff too, but Dean is too... GRRRR! I cant watch Supernatural unless I am lying down, seeing them on tv makes me knees go weak! =], I agree with Sam being tall and ripped but I just can't stop going back to Jensen.... mmmmm jensend.... *drools*. 16 hours ago, by Monica Sisavat Dean. And he don't really disrepect women(if he did, he wouldn't have had Cassie). They both are of course.Dean is sexy and Sam is soo,,soo freakin hot!!! But I'm way shallow. I might be at the minority here but I don't think Castiel is that hot, he looked dreamy at early seasons. hiya mika XD Basically Dean didn't age while Sam did. MissCourtney, tough choice, tough choice. , Supernatural: Who's the Hotter Winchester Brother? defintly sam i mean come on he is so fine, Though I love Sam, I'm a Dean!girl through and through, They are both soo hott but I picked dean I would pick both though. Sam is a deeper human being, Dean prefers to stay in shallow waters. Sam's cute and all, but he's safe. If only he were real... Sam's hot in his own right, if you like the innocence but I'd have to say Dean is the hotter of the two. Do you long to caress the strong jawline of Jensen Ackles? Even if Sam is usually the brother who wears his emotions on his sleeve, he's also the one who is better at using reason in a stressful situation. SAM of course!he is so hot and so tall!i cant resist him! And he is sosexy. 16 hours ago, by Kelsey Garcia LOL, dean is really hot! Dean became hotter than Sam in seasons 11-14. Dean keeps his heart closed to a lot of people, but he's more inclined to respond with his gut, or out of his anger or grief, instead of logic in the heat of action. Get the daily inside scoop right in your inbox. I think they are both too good looking for their own health, but still. Personally, I'd like to say I think Sam is hotter. After all, he's the boy everyone wants to take home to mom. Do you live for Jared Padalecki's soft curls? i reckon that sam is hotter but for some reason i like sam like 1% more but both r great! pfft, Dean is so blah. My personal favorite trait is the eyebrow lift in his right eyebrow. definatelly Dean... Jensen Ackles. Sam is cute in the 'I look defencless but really i could kick your a**' way, with his puppy dog eyes, floppy brown hair, his height and over protective older brother. 5 hours ago, by Monica Sisavat Sam only recently embraced his fate as a hunter, while Dean has been in the life since he was a child. I like both, but i would pick Sam becuz hes very cute. tho i still love my shexy Cloud XP. Sam is the full package: Looks, Level-headed, Lovable, and more great words that I just can't find L-synonymes for. XD. If you watch Supernatural, chances are good that you love both Sam and Dean Winchester . hehe i just had to start this forum They both are really hott, but I like Dean a little bit more. He is the total take home to mom and dad guy, and that in itself it HOT, But I have to admit Jensen looked good in Dark Angel and Supernatural. Jensen is so sexy i would love 2 see him in person =), Its really ridicoulus. Will Sam turn to the dark side? but SAM is more my type. i cant tell because sometimes sam is and sometimes dean is so u know its really hard to pick i just chose dean cause most people chose him!! He can protect in harms way. Dean has his own kind of charm. how can u even compare sam to dean!!! dere both awsum but dean is way hotter!!! © 2006-2020 Fanpop, Inc., All Rights Reserved. A college boy. i really cant choose! how dare you ask to choose! damn hes got it goin on, I love both, but I like Sam just a bit more than Dean :D, alla k o dean dn eine k asximos..glikoulis eine. OMG I <3 them both!!! Yowza, but Jared's been looking good! so im asking your opinions. i think they're both equally hot! Breaking It Down by Season, One Day at a Time: 20 Moments That Show Penelope For the Badass She Is, You're Not Alone in Thinking the Mandalorian Theme Song Sounds Very Familiar, Honestly, Tayshia Adams's Interview With Jimmy Kimmel Proves She's the Cutest Bachelorette, Those Horrifying Giant Spiders in The Mandalorian Might Be a Hidden Clue, Confessions of the Makeup Artist on This Season's The Bachelorette, Put Your Grocery Shopping Skills to the Test by Applying to Be on Supermarket Sweep, 21 Little-Known Supernatural Facts That Only Diehard Fans Know, 13 Times Sam and Dean Have Actually Died on Supernatural. Great, Click the ‘Allow’ Button Above I have always been more attracted to Jared. SAM HANDS DOWN IT IS SAM WITH THE FLOPPY HAIR I JUST LOVE HIS HAIR But given choice, I like Sam better. but thats my opinion DEAN!!!!!!! But I love Orlando Bloom even more. OMG. Dean is too sexy for his own good. But if I had to choose I say Sam. There's no question about it in my mind. Look at the pictures ahead and vote on which brother you think is the hottest! my friend loves sam aswell xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx­. Dean's the ultimate bad boy that's not actually cruel. Sam is way hotter dean only thinks hes hot cuz he plays the bad boy act sams more sutble nd his wavy locks are so sexy mmm xx posted over a year ago.

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