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In 1473 it was captured by Charles the Bold of Burgundy. When to use bold. Alvensleben, mistaking the withdrawal of the French for the beginning of a retreat, had meanwhile sent orders to the 6th cavalry division to charge in pursuit towards Rezonville; but before it could reach the field the French relieving troops had forced their way through the stragglers and showed such a bold front to the Prussian horsemen that an attack held no promise of success, more especially since they had lost their intervals in their advance and had no room for a proper deployment. The rich blues of the globe thistle and sea holly against the bold yellow of the yarrow is a sight to behold. "What will the punishment be, Mr. For the successful negotiation of brooks a bold horse is required, ridden by a bold man. This bold new production works with puppets, projections, machines and music to weave an irresistible magic. There were philosophic and philanthropic elements in his political faith which will always lead some to class him as a visionary and fanatic; but although he certainly indulged at times in dreams at which one may still smile, he was not, properly speaking, a visionary; nor can he with justice be stigmatized as a fanatic. A bold, honest genuine and talented horse who is a great confidence giver. It is delightfully situated on a bold acclivity, one mile E. from the church. 6. Yet we must remember that this bold intuition of the abbot Joachim indicated a monastic reaction against the tyrannies and corruptions of the church, rather than a fertile philosophical conception. The Apsheron men, excited by the Tsar's presence, passed in step before the Emperors and their suites at a bold, brisk pace. He sang of war, and of bold rough deeds, and of love and sorrow. He tried to mediate between his brother Philip the Bold of Burgundy and his nephew Louis, duke of Orleans, and later between John "sans Peur" of Burgundy and Orleans. The adjective is "bold". To every type of coast there may be related a special type of occupation and even of character; the deep and gloomy fjord, backed by almost impassable mountains, bred bold mariners whose only outlet for enterprise was seawards towards other lands - the viks created the vikings. Essentially, we have a way to convert standard text to other fonts, styles and characters. Sentence Examples She uses all colors, but especially likes the boldblues of delphiniums and larkspur and the soft blue of Russian sage. As a rule, nevertheless, the shores of South Island are high and bold enough. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. Much of Holbach's fame is due to his intimate connexion with the brilliant coterie of bold thinkers and polished wits whose creed, the new philosophy, is concentrated in the famous Encyclopedie. It's also a highly anticipated installment in a series that was intended to reinvent the franchise in a bold, new way. Other famous Indian diamonds are the following: - The Sancy, weighing 53 carats, which is said to have been successively the property of Charles the Bold, de Sancy, Queen Elizabeth, Henrietta Maria, Cardinal Mazarin, Louis XIV. sounds a bold roar of defiance at the opposite parties; and when one roars, all roar together, and each seems to vie with his comrades in the intensity and power of his voice. "You are too bold, nishani," he chided once more. All Rights Reserved. himself at the head of the movement; at first he had refused, but reports of the progress of the insurrection soon determined him to risk all on a bold stroke, and on the 5th of May he embarked at Quarto, near Genoa, with Bixio, the Hungarian Trr and some 1000 picked followers, on two steamers. In view of these provisions, Garrison, adopting a bold scriptural figure of speech, denounced the constitution as "a covenant with death and an agreement with hell," and chose as his motto, "No union with slaveholders.". PHP code to make text bold But just as he maintained at the time of the conflict, and after, that there would have been no Crimean War had not the British government convinced the tsar that it was in the hands of the peace party, so now he believed that a bold policy would prevent or limit war, and at the worst put off grave consequences which otherwise would make a rapid advance. The east coast is generally bold and rocky. Corps in the Val Sugana, and the Austrians turned the right wing of the division by a bold and skilful advance by way of the Porta Manazzo. bold lettering could be the only text read by the buyer applicator or specifier. We need bold solutions (and) goal-oriented leadership, Sipila said." The solution adopted was to remedy the tonal defects of the pipe organ in a bold manner. It includes baby-safe mirrors that encourage self-discovery and bold colors and patterns proven to keep little ones' attention. Northern and eastern France recognized the suzerainty of the Capet, and Philip Augustus was now bold enough to attack Henry II., the master of the west, whose friendly neutrality (assured by the treaty of Gisors) had made possible the successive defeats of the great French barons. In 1734, however, the opposition was bold enough to denounce his neutrality on the occasion of the war of the Polish Succession, when Stanislaus I. During the Burgundian period it was the residence of Margaret of York, widow of Charles the Bold; and the pretender Perkin Warbeck, whom she championed, if not born there, was the reputed son of a Jew of Tournai. The scenery here becomes bold and picturesque. The adjective is "bold". An in-shore island on the west coast, called Aberdeen, or Taplishan, affords protection to the Shekpywan or Aberdeen harbour, an inlet provided with a granite graving dock, the caisson gate of which is 60 ft. It was a bold assertion. 3. These were transferred from the Chartreuse of Dijon (or of Champmol), built by Philip the Bold as a mausoleum, now replaced by a lunatic asylum. He made bold to speak to the King. The annual reports, of which he was the chief author, became controversial pamphlets; he published bold replies to criticisms upon the work of the Commission; he explained its purposes to newspaper correspondents; when Congress refused to appropriate the amount which he believed essential for the work, he made the necessary economies by abandoning examinations of candidates for the Civil Service in those districts whose representatives in Congress had voted to reduce the appropriation, thus very shrewdly bringing their adverse vote into disfavour among their own constituents; and during the six years of his commissionership more than twenty thousand positions for government employes were taken out of the realm of merely political appointment and added to the classified service to be obtained and retained for merit only. Guanaco are readily domesticated, and in this state become very bold and will attack man, striking him from behind with both knees. How to use bold in a sentence. The soldiers marched boldly into battle, despite being heavily outnumbered. Just make the boolean member bold of the record true. By a bold march across Flanders, Maurice reached Nieuport on the 1st of July, and proceeded to invest it. The shores of the greater portion of the southern half of the island are low and flat, but in the northern half the coast is often bold and precipitous, the high land occasionally approaching the sea. Towards the end of the century, the family took the part of the dukes of Burgundy, but returned to the side of France on the death of Charles the Bold. 4. a bold attempt is half success. By his bold and thorough-going opposition to this mode of procedure against Ladislaus, and still more by his doctrine that indulgence could never be sold without simony, and could not be lawfully granted by the church except on condition of genuine contrition and repentance, Huss at last isolated himself, not only from the archiepiscopal party under Albik of Unitschow, but also from the theological faculty of the university, and especially from such men as Stanislaus of Znaim and Stephen Paletz, who until then had been his chief supporters.

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