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452 (Musser). He was on active duty in the United States Army from 1961 to 1987, and returned to VMI in 1990. Some special steps are taken to address the needs of black students. Va. 1991) case opinion from the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Virginia Without any distinctions, men and women participate in the same activities during cadre week. APPEAL FROM THE DECREE OF THE DISTRICT COURT OF THE, UNITED STATES FOR THE WESTERN DISTRICT OF VIRGINIA. 6. United States v. West Virginia, 295 U.S. 463 (1935) United States v. West Virginia. Each semester they must take and satisfactorily complete the Army physical training test. The value of respondent's easement is the nonriparian value of the subservient land discounted by the improbability of the easement's exercise, and, in assessing this improbability, no weight should be given to the prospect of governmental appropriation. Dam site value is water power value. The changes would substantially affect the method now used to educate citizen-soldiers. Because of physiological differences, the majority of females would not be able to complete the tasks associated with the rat line as currently constructed, at the same levels as males. Tr. Dr. Richardson conceded that the number is highly speculative. At the very least, the Government's argument would mean, in a case like this one, that compensation could be denied the fee owner because he had already conveyed the flowage easement, cf. U.S. Ex. It seems to us that the maximum compensation payable for the flowage easement under any conceivable circumstances is so much of the value of the lands for agricultural and forestry purposes and for any other uses, not including hydroelectric power value, as the easement owner has a right to destroy or depreciate. Tr. 119 at 27. VMI Ex. The academic standards for admission to VMI are somewhat lower than those for VPI. Tr. 684-87, 692-93 (Richardson); VMI Ex. Army basic training has a duration of eight weeks, while the VMI rat line has a duration of about seven months. Thus, VMI cadets attend and take the summer camp training side by side with females. 681-82 (Richardson). 173-74 (Sandy). VMI has done a very good job of conveying its goals and its values, and has been successful in accomplishing those goals; specifically, instilling physical and mental discipline, character, and a kind of moral code. VMI Ex. 43; Tr. 9. [1] Testimony was also received from Commander Paul Galanti, a retired Navy Recruiting Officer, General James Morgan Dean of Faculty Emeritus of VMI, and Colonel Paul Maini, Executive Director of the VMI Alumni Association.

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