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2 Z 2) … Das Branchenbuch ist jetzt auch über Facebook und Twitter zu erreichen! All rights reserved. Das Umweltbundesamt hat seinen Sitz in Sachsen-Anhalt, genauer in der kreisfreien Stadt Dessau-Roßlau. Thermische Abfallverwertung – Erfahre ich beim Umweltamt mehr darüber? Verwenden Sie folgende URL, um diesen Artikel zu zitieren. Für die Richtigkeit und Vollständigkeit der auf aufgeführten Informationen wird keine Haftung übernommen. Did you know? In urgent cases Mon - Fri 9 am to 3 pm by telephone at: +49-340-2103-2416. We are also the German point of contact for numerous international organizations such as WHO. Die Öffnungszeiten meines Sozialamtes sind falsch. Add your entry in the Collaborative Dictionary. Fachbibliothek Umwelt (Environmental Library), Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), Climate protection and energy policy in Germany, RESCUE – Resource-Efficient Pathways towards Greenhouse-Gas-Neutrality, Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases and Fully Halogenated CFCs, Application domains and emission reduction, Moble air conditioning in cars, buses and railway vehicles, Environmental justice – Environment, health and social conditions, Assessing environmentally-related health risks, German Environmental Survey 1997-1999, GerES III, Environment and Health: newsletters and series, UMID: Environment and Human Health – Information Service, Classification and labelling of chemicals, Economic and legal dimensions of resource conservation, Resource conservation and environmental policy, Resource conservation in the manufacturing and consumption domain, The German Environment Agency and the Antarctic, Applying for a permit to travel to the Antarctic, International activities in and around the Antarctic, Sustainability | Strategies | International, Recognition of environmental and nature protection associations, International policy and knowledge transfer, Project Database: Advisory Assistance Programme, Research on the measurement and evaluation of pollutants, Formaldehyde emissions: Test conditions for wood-based materials, Ten country reports on ambitious climate policy, Conference on “Resource-Efficient Decarbonisation Pathways“, EU Regulation concerning fluorinated greenhouse gases, Mobile air conditioning with climate-friendly refrigerant CO2, Mobile air conditioning with fluorinated refrigerants, Climate friendly mobile air conditioning for buses, Guarantees of origin for renewable energy sources, Guarantees of regional origin for renewable energy sources, WHO Collaborating Centre for Air Quality Management, Environmental pollution and diseases of the elderly, Frequently Asked Questions about phthalates and plasticisers, Research project “Environmental justice in urban areas”, Pilot project on environmental justice in German municipalities, Emissions from wood and coal burning stoves in residential areas, Harmonisation of health assessment – LCI values and EU-LCI values, 2nd International Conference on Human Biomonitoring, Berlin, Database for health-related exposure assessment, Cooperation for the promotion of human biomonitoring, HBM4EU: European Human Biomonitoring Initiative, German Environmental Survey 2014-2017, GerES V, German Environmental Survey 2003-2006 for Children, GerES IV, German Environmental Survey 1990-1992, GerES II, German Environmental Survey 1985-1986, GerES I, Survey 1990-1992 in Comparison with Survey 1997-1999, Committee for Health-related Evaluation of Building Products, Opinion of the Human Biomonitoring Commission (HBM), Members of the Indoor Air Hygiene Commission, Database - Pharmaceuticals in the environment, Environmental risk assessment of antifouling products in Germany, Workshop: Non-Chemical Alternatives for Rodent Control (NoCheRo), Sustainability evaluation of case studies, Resources Commission at the Federal Environment Agency (KRU), Leveraging cost reduction potential through resource efficiency, 2011 battery recycling figures for Germany, Information regarding transport of wastes during COVID-19 crisis, Focal Point to the Basel Convention (Germany), Statistics concerning transfrontier shipment of waste, International climate protection instruments, Cross-media monitoring in air quality management, Biological quality classification of watercourses, Safe management of drinking water supplies, WHO Collaborating Centre for Research on Drinking-water Hygiene, Approval and Harmonization – 4MS-Initiative, Airguns - an underestimated disruptive factor, Environmental monitoring on King George Island, Discovery, exploration and conservation of Antarctica, Research and logistics in the perpetual ice, Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources, Protocol on Environmental Protection to the Antarctic Treaty, Act Implementing the Protocol on Environmental Protection (AIEP), Convention for the Conservation of Antarctic Seals, Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting (ATCM), Committee for Environmental Protection (CEP), Protected Areas under the CAMLR-Convention, International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators, Protection and management of areas under PEPAT, Kommission Landwirtschaft (Agricultural Expert Panel, KLU), Soil investigation advisory council (FBU), The Federal Environment Agency Soil Protection Commission, Brownfield redevelopment and inner urban development, Soil related travel destinations in Germany, Networks, joint regional-state-federal groups, associations, Large scale projects under the administrative agreement, Corona crisis & environmental and sustainability policy, Initiative: A Digital Planet for Sustainability, SDGs: A challenge for sustainability policy, The UBA research agenda “Urban environmental protection”, Environmental administrative offences and environmental crime, Laws of environmental liability, harm and criminal actions, The German Environmental constitutional law, European environmental constitutional law, Environmental protection and peacekeeping, Legal background to the Environmental Appeals Act, Federal Environment Ministry's Advisory Assistance Programme, Incorporating green procurement into your organizational practice, Environmental aspects in contract award procedures, European testing procedure for emissions from construction products, Blue Angel for Building Products and Furnishings, Environmental product declarations for construction products, New Concepts for European Construction Product Standards, Format for the mandatory designation of construction products, Validation of a leaching test for release from building products, Emissions behaviour of wood and wood-based materials, FAQ on formaldehyde regulations for wood-based materials and furniture, Climate-neutral lifestyle: Consumers lead the way.

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