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Chapter 389 - Why Not Invite Him up and Introduce Him to Everyone? There were photographs of Jian Yi sending Song Yu home, Jian Yi opening his car door for Song Yu to enter, and Jian Yi standing by the roadside while touching Song Yu’s hair. Chapter 145 - From Now Onwards, Song Yu Will Be Your Granddaughter-in-law, Chapter 144 - Chengzhi is Not the Kind of Guy Who Has A Soft Spot For Women, Chapter 143 - I Think That You Would Definitely Rip The Young Seductress’ Face Apart Without Hesitation, Chapter 142 - My Heart Is with Song Yu And So Is My Compassion, Chapter 141 - If I Could Turn Back Time, I’ll Come to You Out of My Own Free Will, Chapter 138 - Qi Chengzhi Was Putting On An Act To Gain Song Yu’s Affection, Chapter 137 - You Were Still A Young Hunk Back Then, How Can You Compare That With Your Current Self! “I’ve known Jian Yi for thirteen years, and I assumed I understood him. Two Faced Husband Have Some Decency . Chapter 11 - Such an Indecent Private Life free online high quality at ReadNovelFull. Chapter 127 - Did You Still Want Him Around? “I got to know him in one of Qilin’s annual meetings. In order to land a prestigious architect role in an upcoming hotel construction project, she had to impress the director of Qilin. “Manager Luo, please take a look. Chapter 306 - It Just So Happens That I Am Free Tonight, I’ll Follow You Home To Take The Gift, Chapter 304 - Qi Chenglin Is Already in the Room, Chapter 302 - Danchen, Uncle Shen Has Some Matters to Discuss with You. Chapter 85 - Qi Chengzhi, Do You Really, Really Like Me? Chapter 423 - You Better Not Have This Thought Just Because Her Surname is Also Ruan. She was afraid that by giving Luo Yushu an inch, he would demand a mile. Song Yu placed her chopsticks down and sat somewhat straighter. Manager Wang knew that she would not have made up that reason to decline him. “An educated person who’s willing to become a mistress. Chapter 405 - My Mom’s Surname Is Ruan Too; You’re Both from The Same Clan! Qi Chengzhi’s action of lighting his cigarette was momentarily halted. Chapter 431 - Are You’re Shooing a Beggar?! Please enter your username or email address. Why, then, did he still choose to confess to her? Jian Yi saw everything and felt his heart pound. Song Yu, an up and coming architect was supposed to be the fiancée to the second son of the Qi Family… until her family went bankrupt. Song Yu downed it in one shot. Song Yu downed it in one shot. Chapter 73 - All You Cradle-Snatchers Don’t Take Advantage of Me. The first thing she heard was a woman arguing. “Let me…” The rest of her sentence disappeared under Qi Chengzhi’s gaze. “How about Shengyue? She entered the washroom. “It’s me. With a girlfriend like me, he naturally wouldn’t leave me for you. If you don’t believe me, you’re free to see for yourself if he’s really at the company.”. Haven’t you accepted that from the beginning? Chapter 291 - Ending 18: Qi Chengzhi, Can you share your thoughts of becoming the first father in our group? She let out a sigh of relief. Seriously, What Were You Thinking? Chapter 371 - Why Do You Two Brothers Have Such A Love-Hate Relationship for No Reason? Song Yu blushed and replied, “It’s to celebrate me successfully getting Qilin’s business.”. Read Two Faced Husband Have Some Decency on BoxNovel. “You’d better get going. Chapter 4 - Our Director Did Not Particularly Enjoy Helping Others, Chapter 5 - The Delicate Fragrance of Song Yu's Lips Still Lingered In Between His Lips. Lost your password? Chapter 193 - Going After Cinderellas of Humble Births; Does He Intend to Play a Prince Now? Because I like her. Chapter 298 - Ending 25: Miss Song, Would You Like to Follow Headmaster Home? She stretched out her neck and gave him a dissatisfied stare. Two-Faced Husband, Have Some Decency! What do you think she’ll do to Song Yu if she found out? Once everything that we ordered has been served, I’ll ask the waiter to pack them up to go. Her heart began sinking, and her eyes stared intently at the cell phone Qi Chengyue placed on the table. Once she got out, though, the cold night wind struck her. I came here today to remind you not to waste your promising youth on him. Chapter 7 - Being Unceremonious and Imposing At The Same Time, Chapter 8 - It Was As If He Was Dealing With The Director’s Wife, Chapter 9 - Song Yu Felt Rather Anxious to Spend Time Alone with Qi Chengzhi, Chapter 10 - The Tension Continued to Build up until It Became Quintessential, Chapter 11 - Such an Indecent Private Life. Chapter 427 - The Mystery Of The Past 2 (The Truth Of Said Past Volume 2, Dont Order If Unnaceptable), Chapter 426 - The Mystery Of The Past 1 (The Truth Of Said Past, Don’t Order If Unnaceptable), Chapter 425 - The Child Is Still Young, So He Is Frank And Outspoken. Chapter 356 - Let Ruan Danchen Return to the Shen Family’s Home, Chapter 355 - In This Life, I, Qi Chenglin, Will Only Marry You. “Today was supposed to be our date. Chapter 126 - I Want To Comb Your Hair Like This for the Entire Night Today, Chapter 125 - Feel Free To Do So, We’re Going To Be A Family Soon, Chapter 124 - When Will He Be Free for a Meal? Chapter 374 - If Revenge Breeds Revenge, Will There Ever Be an End to It? Chapter 409 - Out Of 5 People, 3 Slipped Away Through Their Cellphones. The engagement was called off and she finally has the freedom to love whoever she wants to! “Song Yu?” Hearing the voice, Song Yu looked up and saw Qi Chengzhi’s frowning face. READ REPORT ERROR REPORT DMCA. The whole world seemed to turn bright and beautiful. Volume 4 Chapter 520 Interlude A … Qi Chengzhi simply frowned and explained in a low voice, “She’s my younger cousin. Do You Wish to Sit In It? Historical, Fantasy, Comedy, Adventure, Action, Gender Bender, Xuanhuan, Josei, Romance, Historical, Romance, Xianxia, Josei, Action, Martial Arts, Fantasy, Romance, Josei, Comedy, Gender Bender, Drama, Supernatural, Psychological, Romance, Harem, Ecchi, Adventure, Mature, Action, Xuanhuan, Martial Arts, Fantasy, Historical, Shoujo, Fantasy, Adventure, Mature, Martial Arts, Xianxia, Romance, Action, Comedy, Romance, Action, Josei, Drama, Xuanhuan, Martial Arts, Shoujo. © Copyright Two Faced Husband Have Some Decency Book 4 Chapter 511 Wen Ren felt very depressed lately because he received another invitation; it was Qi Chengyue's son's full moon celebration. Chapter 299 - Ending 26: Who’s That Student? “Jian Yi and Chengyue?” Qi Chengzhi looked at her with reservation. Chapter 456 - It’s Pitiful to See You Out There Like A Little Cabbage, Chapter 455 - This Week Alone, She Did That Four Times. As for you, know where you stand.”. While saying that, Qi Chengzhi looked on as Jian Yi held the menu and began ordering. I heard from my second uncle that she had a stable boyfriend, although she never brought him home before, so I don’t really know.”, He turned and looked at her. Chapter 93 - Qi Chengzhi Did Not Understand How The Universe Bestowed Upon Him This Woman So Dear. “Not the Range Rover, a Jaguar.” Yan Beicheng stopped looking only when the car was completely out of sight. Big Brother Chengzhi? Someone then stuck out a leg, causing her to trip and fall onto the ground. For instance, Song Yu graduated a year ago when she was twenty-four. Chapter 147 - Is Bankruptcy Not Considered a Loss? “They’ve been in a relationship for two years. Unable to utter a single word, she simply cried. Please enter your username or email address. In general, those who started their career in sales would be relatively young. Chapter 60 english translated light novel update daily Suddenly, a cold splash of water jolted Song Yu back to her senses. Chapter 134 - Nowadays, You Don’t Even Give Me a Goodbye Kiss, Chapter 132 - Thick-Skinned Yang Yunshu Is Trying to Seduce Your Man, Chapter 131 - She Had No Idea That He Watched Her from His Office Window for A Solid Four Years. “I’m sorry Manager Wang, I’m meeting someone tonight.” Song Yu unwittingly revealed her womanly charm when she said those words. Chapter 472 - The Woman Who Rushed Into The Room Like A Lunatic Was Actually Liu Ronghua! Get Out! 810.1K. If she met a client, he would pick her up at night. How are you and your boyfriend lately? Two-Faced Husband, Have Some Decency! Chapter 222 - He Hasn’t Left Yet. Didn’t expect her to be a lowlife deep inside.”, “Nowadays, the purer one looks, the more despicable they are on the inside. Once it was done, Manager Wang flattered them with some compliments. With his right hand stretched out, he held her hand after starting the car. Chapter 15 - Is It Possible for You to Have A Simple Meal, Young Master Cheng? “Of course. I can tolerate a glass or two but not more than that. Well, I was the one who called him. I didn’t expect you to be all grown up after all these years, and that you’d be willing to be the side chick who butts into another person’s relationship. I feel like men who don’t see your beauty have terrible eyesight, but if any man looks at you, I’ll be extremely jealous.”. He nearly lost his patience when his phone started ringing. Didn’t you want to meet me?” Jian Yi asked in return. I even planned everything for this important day.” Jian Yi was slightly frustrated. August 28, 2019. Your school fees, your living expenses, I paid for everything. Now.”, He then called another number. Read Two-Faced Husband, Have Some Decency! Qi Chengyue would be there sometimes, but the two of them never had the chance to play together, so they were never too familiar with each other. Don’t grab me like a madwoman. Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation “In my eyes, you’re the best. White fog appeared on the lens as a result of the warm air. Her eyes were incredibly sore and slightly warm too. Chapter 369 - So You’re Saying I Should Thank You? There’s always next time.”. Chapter 394 - What Was Going On With His Tone? “Song Yu? So, no matter what happens, it’s impossible that he’d break up with me. If it was really kept a secret, it’d be impossible for someone to know.” Song Yu laughed in distress. 26 votes : 4.48 / 5. With her own eyes, she saw how Jian Yi and Guan Xiaolin were struggling. Two Faced Husband Have Some Decency. Likes. No sordid details, Chapter 290 - Ending 17: Congratulations, It’s a Boy, Chapter 289 - Not Sure If He Can Be Delivered On Christmas, Chapter 288 - This Parcel Is Addressed To You, Chapter 287 - Ending 14: Song Yu Looked At The Mercedes-Benz Curiously and Felt That it Seemed Quite Familiar, Chapter 286 - Ending 13: Excuse Me, Please Address Me As Mrs. Qi, Chapter 285 - I Think He Made A Turn Inside, Chapter 284 - Ending 11: She Is Your Father’s Most Beloved Woman in This Lifetime, Chapter 283 - Ending 10: I Wouldn’t Have Fallen for You If I Do Not Judge People by Their Appearances, Chapter 282 - I Think She Did Not Hit You Hard Enough. Qi Chengzhi must have had seen how she wiped her hair and deduced that it would take hours for it to dry if she continued wiping the way she did. Chapter 64: There Were Millions of People I Could Have Met, But as It Turned Out, You Were Here. Chapter 259 - My Wife Is Naughty Sometimes. Jian Yi, you’re hurting me! Then won’t you expose yourself too? You listened as she told you how she liked me and you lied to her all those years. Upstairs, Guan Xiaolin opened the window and was able to see their actions clearly. Song Yu unexpectedly found herself shying away from looking him in the eye. I’m not close to her. Chapter 378 - Danchen, You Can’t Be Trying to Pursue the General Manager, Right? Chapter 366 - You Will Definitely Look Better Than Him When You Grow Up, Chapter 365 - Unmarried, Young Men Will Keep A Distance From Her, Chapter 364 - The Director Was Fully Aware That Mrs. Qi’s Words Were The Law Here, Chapter 363 - He Rather Die Than To Let Her Replace His Name With Such Retarded Nickname, Chapter 362 - Who Gave You Permission To Simply Refer Her As Xiao Ruan, Chapter 361 - Handsomeness Is The Root Of All Troubles, Chapter 360 - Aunt Ruan’s Personality Is Exactly The Same As Mine, Chapter 359 - Daddy Is Really Too Much, He’s Acting like a Child.

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