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She would be returned to prison to serve the full 10 years. Once you’re free, it will feel so good not to have a correctional officer watching your every move. The first part, called the allegation phase, involves the presentation of evidence regarding the parolee’s alleged parole violations. 111 Soledad St Ste 300 The hearing officer will ask the accused if he or she admits/denies the allegations. In Texas, you’re required to register within seven business days of being released from jail. At the preliminary hearing, impartial parole board officers (those not associated with his or her case) consider the evidence to determine whether a parole violation happened: The second part, called the adjustment phase (mitigation hearing), allows the panelists to consider the evidence about the parolee’s social adjustment, including his or her employment history, compliance (with court-mandated programs and education), conditions of release, and prior parole or mandatory supervision violations. Letter of Support to the Texas Parole Board FAQs. At that time, the parole panel decides if the parolee violated any of the terms and conditions (T&Cs) of his or her parole. Carol went to prison after she pleaded guilty to possession of a controlled substance. The parole officer then presents the parolee’s Certificate of Release. Until then, you’ll be expected to report in-person to re-register every 30 days. The hearing officer asks the parole officer for details that substantiate the allegations (that the accused has violated his or her terms of parole). While you were incarcerated, you likely lost your job. In 1972, the U.S. Supreme Court decided that parole officers couldn’t return parolees to prison. Call The Law Office of Greg Tsioros in Houston at 832-752-5972 for an initial case evaluation now. If certain information changes, you’re expected to let the law enforcement authorities know within a week. The burden of proof for a probation or parole revocation is quite different than from a criminal trial, where the government must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant is guilty. Findings are made by a preponderance of the evidence. When an individual is accused of violating parole, he or she may present evidence to convince the parole panel that a violation didn’t happen. If you're calling to check the parole status of an offender before the Board of Pardons and Paroles (BPP) has voted on whether to release him or her, you should … If it decides there’s sufficient reason to ascertain that a parole violation happened, the officers schedule a revocation hearing. Have you or a loved one violated conditions of parole? The State will try to prove what the probation officer alleged, or the person on probation can admit to what the officer stated. In most cases, he or she must stay in Texas. Understanding the parole revocation process in Texas can help you or someone you love to avoid it. Obviously, that’s the very last thing you want to happen after you’ve just been released from jail. Here are a few jobs you can’t hold as a sex offender: You may also be further restricted by state and city “child safety zones.” These areas, which are frequented by children, should be avoided at all costs. Instead, read up on everything you need to about sex offender restrictions when you’re out on parole in Texas below. Parole revocation can affect street time: If parole is revoked, the offender may automatically lose street time if he or she was originally convicted of 1) aggravated robbery, 2) aggravated sexual assault, 3) aggravated kidnapping, 4) aggravated assault (1st/2nd degree), 5) capital murder, 6) 2nd degree murder, 7) 2nd degree sexual assault, 8) injury to an elderly or disabled adult or child, 9) 1st degree arson, 10) 1st degree burglary, 11) 2nd degree robbery, 12) increased felony (Drug Free Zone), 13) increased felony (child used in commission of the crime), 14) indecency with a child (2nd/3rd degree), or 15) any offense involving the use of a deadly weapon. If you’re under supervision during parole, then your supervising officer should be able to assist you in notifying the proper parties. Your freedom is within reach! If you or a loved one has been served with a parole revocation warrant or a blue warrant in Texas, it’s crucial to consult with an experienced criminal defense lawyer to discuss your legal options. The Texas Department of Criminal Justice notes that the parolee may hire a defense attorney during the parole revocation hearing process. residential, financial, vocational, etc. As to be expected, you’re still obligated to never reach out to the victim of your original crime. In fact, the parties making the recommendations regarding parole are frequently not even attorneys, but parole and/or hearing officers. You need to be hyper-vigilant about staying out of restricted zones, avoiding certain people and maintaining a good status with authorities in your area. San Antonio Legal In decades past, a Texas parole officer was often called upon to decide the consequences of the parolee’s violation. Nevertheless, it’s something that needs to be a top priority upon your release. The steps include: Consult The Law Office of Greg Tsioros for your parole case ». If you’ve recently been released from jail, then you need to learn everything about sex offender restrictions when you’re out on parole in Texas. The Law Office of Greg Tsioros, 2016 Main St. Ste 102, Houston, TX 77002, (832) 752-5972, Fill out the form to receive a free confidential consultation, on Sex Offender Restrictions When You’re Out on Parole in Texas. Have you been charged with a sex-related crime? You’ve Been Arrested in Texas. The hearing location is usually determined by the panel receiving the parolee’s case. Revocation of parole is a devastating experience.

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