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October 2016 It takes courage these days to challenge other believers on incorrect teaching. – TB Joshua. I have never once doubted that God hears our prayers due to my experience with a prophet who told me of the EXACT words I prayed in silence, by myself including the very gesture I did as I prayed. Faith If you’re a student in a school or a secretary in a firm, there are things required of you by the reason […], Copyright All right reserved Theme: Default Mag by. So take heart, in every situation, God has something to say. This happens quiet a lot and Im only now as a young christian starting to share my thoughts with leaders at my church. In 1 Corinthians 12:8 the Greek word for knowledge is gnosis and means “a seeking to know, an enquiry or investigation, especially of spiritual truth”. Surely you can understand that correct teaching is equally if not more important to God than 'unity'. What is the role of the Holy Spirit? (November-07-2020), The REAL Meaning of FRIENDSHIP - TB Joshua (November-06-2020), The POWER Of FORGIVENESS | TB Joshua (Nobember-05-2020), Holy Ghost ADOPTION | TB Joshua (November-04-2020), SPECIAL PRAYER WITH PROPHET TB JOSHUA! Demons Even when He seems to be quiet, He is still saying something!” TBJ, “Looking the other way when your brother is in trouble is equal to rejecting Christ Himself.” TB Joshua, Life is too short to waste our time on things that have no lasting significance or value. July 2016 June 2018 Teaching Make the most of every opportunity that comes your way. If I now have a word of knowledge about something because I was seeking God to know about it more clearly/deeply, and He's supernaturally given me understanding/knowledge beyond what I can accomplish in my human mind.. this is a revelatory gift. But unity is not achieved by ignoring or enabling theological error. This means, that success, blessing, breakthrough comes when your aim, focus and desire is to build God’s kingdom. This did not just mean someone involved in making things with their hands. I have woken up in the middle of the night with a strong impression to pray for a certain person. Prosperity Gospel We need to always be checking in with God personally and with the scriptures. Baptism For it is often people, combined with circumstances and Scripture, who help us see the way we should go in a certain matter. “And the blind and the lame came to him in the temple, and he healed them.” I did not mean this as "bashing" Pentecostals. I guarantee you you’re going to change your mind and rewrite your article. September 2017 I am just as dear to the Father as any evangelist, pastor, missionary or teacher” TBJ, “Jesus is all the world to me my life, my joy, my all. Your words helped me understand more clearly these gifts. The Greek for “word” in 1 Corinthians 12:8 is. ", "You must love your neighbor as yourself. We will be known not just by our love but by our conduct in every way, including our ability to teach and to correct spiritual error. WE ARE A TEAM | Words Of Wisdom | TB Joshua (January-24-2020) Published in TB Joshua. The purpose, of course, for the manifestation of the Spirit, is that each one of us should profit by these gifts. It is also used in reference to Jesus as being The Word of God (John 1:1). ", "You can read, think and pray all day but unless you live in God's Word as well, you will miss the point. Firstly, you made the claim that "The Bible says the world will know us by our love for one another", this is not correct. Top 205 Inspirational Collection of Christian Quotes and Sayings by T. B. Joshua "If you know Jesus in good times and not hard times, you are a part time Christian. February 2019 Jesus There are some who believe that the word of knowledge and the word of wisdom is the Holy Spirit giving them a special message speaking from one believer to another, or to the congregation as a whole. It is not meant to. March 2017 So, when it is God’s appointed time for that breakthrough – nothing can stop it! Overview; Unlimited Free Hosting; One-Click Distribution; Monetize Your Podcast; Podcast With Friends; Straightforward Analytics; Record From Anywhere; Episode Builder; Editing Tools; Creation Tools; Transcribed Videos; Switch to Anchor ; SWITCH TO ANCHOR; PODCASTING TIPS; Sign up Log in. December 2016 They are not the same thing. Finally, I agree with you that unity is important, we are all brothers and sisters is Christ absolutely. Momisi 83,373 views. He leads me beside still waters- However the problem with many who claim to speak a word today is: For example, they will often say something like, “I have a word from the Lord for you.” They believe that these gifts are used to give special revelation regarding a decision or a situation. For as we have learned, the gifts of the Spirit are meant for building up and edifying the body of Christ (Ephesians 4:12). It may be to stop you awhile in order to preserve you for redemption, in order to keep you for a new level in life, to prepare you for the challenges ahead, to reform you for a better position in God. Hi Laura, Right good one as well, thank you for this, really helped me quite a bit, appreciate the time you took to write it out and post it. You had me up until saying these are not revelatory gifts. Therefore, take the time to read your Bible with devotion because there you meet Him face to face. What are these gifts? June 2017 In … Top 205 Inspirational Collection of Christian Quotes and Sayings by T. B. Joshua "If you know Jesus in good times and not hard times, you are a part time Christian. March 2019 “because they were like sheep without a shepherd.” Mark 6:34 Blessings May 2017 Have you been told? To be clear, I am not saying that God doesn’t use people to help us when seeking His will, because He does. I will fear no evil - I see how it all links. There are false prophets who abuse this gift but that doesn't mean we should cast them aside because of a few who abuse their usage. Leave a comment . “But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.”

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