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I can’t get used to you at eye level. Not long after Sam’s water broke did Crowley show up. Zachariah was a high ranking angel and the direct superior of Castiel and a direct subordinate of the archangels, but after the fall of Lucifer and Gabriel fleeing, he served Michael and Raphael. Zachariah becomes unhinged at failing in his duty. They’re a couple miles down the road when Dean finally speaks up. Last night your baby was in bad distress. Sam picks it up. Hello, Sam. I don’t think you would’ve been able to do much anyway. I’m serious. So. He then wheels out a sonogram machine. Dean asks him how he found him. Can’t be easy, especially since you’re…. In the meantime I think you should stay here. Sam gets up from the table and leaves the room. Bobby and the boys slowly back out of the kitchen and close the sliding doors, giving them privacy to talk. Do it out way. Sam takes Heather from Bobby and locks themselves in the panic room. It looks like you’re on your way to becoming a father yourself. Sam enters the kitchen to the sight of his brother rocking, Heather, back to sleep. He had been staring at his computer for 3 plus hours now and was exhausted. He nods. The answer’s no. He’s in heaven right now and if we can get him to find an angel, Joshua. Zachariah was having a grand ole time messing with him. But right now, I need five minutes with him. But soon he heard a succession of gunshots, coming from what he only assumed was a machine gun, which he knew Bobby or Dean did not own. In the meantime Dean called Bobby to give him an update of what was going, since they left in such a hurry. As Zachariah attempted to force Dean to say "yes" to the archangel Michael, Dean told Zachariah that he had a list of conditions that Michael had to meet before he would say "yes", the first of which was that Michael kills Zachariah. No, see, I say that we take a little hiatus from hunting. No, I’m serious. Other than a dirty diaper I think she’s okay. I’m honestly not sure. I think he had enough of me yelling at him about selling his soul. Thank God. Sam huffs and brushes past Dean. We’re still not sure what she is. I’m gonna need it? As Castiel started on his next drink, the door to the bar opened and in walked the three men he didn't really want to see. Your friend Bobby-we know he’s gravely injured. Too quiet for Sam’s liking. It was Castiel. "Sam: "Sounds good. Come on, Bobby, if you know something then out with it. He’s what you might call the horsemen’s stable boy. He appears next to Dean, inside a car that he hot-wired. Dean strains against the invisible restraints. Maybe try to find peace. My brother is puking his guts up due to food poisoning? Castiel is about to run upstairs to check on him, but then sees him in pain, the wall holding him up. Sam says he believes that Dean will do the right thing, but Dean admits that he doesn't have the same faith in Sam. Anyway. Zachariah then reveals that the angels implanted Chuck's vision about Michael's sword into Chuck. Have you told me everything? Where the hell are you guys? Right. The ground caves in around the rings and air is sucked into the hole. What?! Zachariah gives in and tells Dean that he won't kill Lilith and that she will break the final seal. If you want pestilence you’re going to need your brothers help. Sam rode shotgun. No, we don’t. However, he is shown with a surprised look on his face after Michael offers him another chance, he says he'll do anything if he gives his old position and that he won't regret it. You and him would’ve made great parents. Rip out his toenails? Cas, where would the big boss fight go down? as well as Jessie put everyone in the town back to normal-the ones still alive. So what do you say if I give you this thing, and you go kill the devil? I’ve got pumpkin, apple, cherry, blueberry, pecan, and if your patient I’m making a boysenberry. Everything is starting to get dark and Sam was off balance. Michael needs my say-so to ride around in my skin. Zachariah is offered some new deal and he calmly finishes his drink and leaves the bar -- and its deal occupants -- behind.Next we see a heartbreaking, man at the end of his rope scene with Dean. Hey, stop it. He’s who you want—believe me. Uh, right sorry, Dr. Robert this is Castiel, Cas this is Dr. Robert. Oh I don’t know, Sam. Who was this woman and how the hell did she get in? You of all people should understand. I’m not gonna make it that far, Dean. Jody is taken back from his statement but then takes a look at Sam. You can kill him but not before you find out where Pestilence is, okay? Kill him because you and me keep saying no. Unless you have a detail that I’m missing…I don’t know what to tell you. No. Out back. I’ll be sure to clean all of this up. He asks Castiel what he thinks he's doing, but Castiel activates the sigil and banishes Zachariah. Good. I guess not. I was a son. Zachariah then says regardless of whether the brothers say "Yes" or "No", he's still going to torture them. He knew this wasn’t good for him or the baby so he tried his very hardest to drown them out, hoping for the best. I don’t know what it is but ever since I got here I can’t stop baking. Later, when Castiel decides to help Dean stop the Apocalypse and begins creating the angel banishing sigil, Zachariah appears. You people used to have old time religion. That’s right. Are you kidding me? Loved the following exchage:Dean: "We're working on the power of love. The sound of the baby’s heartbeat fills the room. Pretty freaked out. Mr. AdlerChuckles (by Dean Winchester)Zach Sam Winchester, Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Now you know that ain’t true. I guess it was a stupid idea. He was now all red in the face. He leaned back in his stiff chair to stretch himself out when Bobby closes his laptop. Why are we even listening to him, Dean? Sam and Dean both nod in sync. He slaps Sam’s face in hopes of waking him. Want Cas back. Zachariah has to confirm this and attempts to bribe Dean to say "Yes" by promising to heal Bobby, who stabbed himself with Ruby's knife, so he can walk again. Probably a little bit of both. Weeks later Dean was on a hunt Sam thought it would be smart to do as much research as he could on Lucifer. He gets the demon to stop hurting the Winchesters and even exorcises it out of his mother. Okay? You took control of Lucifer. He disappears and then reappears behind him. Crowley leads Sam and Dean to another room. Sam hasn’t been asked that question for a while. So you want to cram the devil back in the box? Not at all! Oh, shut up, Dean. Would've liked to have seen his chest for longer. The music was almost like a character in itself those first few seasons - now we have almost nothing! Dean thanks him but rejects the bonus. Sam did so with his arms still wrapped around his middle. (collapse), tip: "sherlock (tv)" m/m NOT "sherlock holmes/john watson", Dr. Robert (Supernatural: Appointment in Samarra). Zachariah merely smiles and says Sam has his own part to play in breaking the last seal. Plus she came out just fine. The kid’s name is Jessie and when they find out that his mother, Julia, who put him up for adoption, was possessed by a demon while she was pregnant with him. But I would really like to stay here. Dean reminds him and he calms down slightly but still was glaring at Crowley. Well, how do we get him to spill? He says with a sly smirk. Yes I am. Zachariah reminds him that he can't trust Dean and Sam. They were in the kitchen and Dean just grabbed a beer from the fridge. Zachariah then reminds him of his reward of seeing his mother again before Adam wakes up. Wings and I will keep it safe up here. Yeah I figured as much. I mean I could do a little research and try to pin point something, but I gotta tell ya, it doesn’t sound promising. She had dark brown hair and even darker brown eyes. Yeah, well we’ve been trying to find ways to kill Lucifer. Shut the hell up the both of you! There’s an old cemetery right outside of Lawrence. I don’t know, I’m more of a Penthouse Forum man myself.

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