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But Sammy knows better than to listen. 2008. Cut to Tulsa, Oklahoma, where the definition of quiet apparently means nailing people to ceilings. However, as this is another stolen grace, it will eventually begin to run out, as Theo's did before. When Sam walks back into the dungeon Dean is unconscious. When Dean awakens, the demon is gone and human Dean has returned. Blood drips on her arm from one of two men she has pinned to the ceiling above her, dead. Sam and Cass ready themselves, Castiel holding up an angel blade, and Sam carrying the flask of holy water. Sam goes into Dean's room, looking around at his belongings. Sam is on the computer and hears a knock at the door. We start with Sam picking up a cooler full of purified blood, which immediately brings up memories of the season 8 finale, a.k.a. Dean notices that Cass looks better, and Castiel explains that he has another angel's grace, and that his powers are back temporarily. Could I have enjoyed another episode of Demon Dean? He even insults their father when Sam pulls out another needle, saying that he is pulling Dean's "lame ass out of the fire", and injects him again, then walks away. Dean tells Sam that he doesn't want to be fixed, but Sam professes to hate demons and sticks Dean with a syringe full of blood. Dean then asks Sam if he is prepared to do what needs to be done if the cure doesn't work. She tells Dean they have to pick up Ben soon and that she loves him, before disappearing. When he tells his brother he doesn't like shots, Sam responds with "I hate demons," and goes to inject him with the blood. Sorry, Dean, but Castiel’s blue eyes top your black ones any day of the week. The moment Dean became a demon in last season’s finale, my first thought was: What is it going to be like when he comes face-to-face with Sam? TV Schedule. Dean yells out to Sam, taunting him. He suggests that she carry on without him when he dies. Dean bashes his way out of the room and continues to stalk Sam. Let me tell you something. and to receive email from Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango. Castiel and Hannah are on the side of the road, trying to read a map. The man has a condition where he doesn't dream, and the study allowed him to dream by drinking a disgusting yellow tea. It's what you do. Dean: Don't be so full of yourself Sammy. Sam slaps him and shakes him until he wakes up. When he attacks Sam with the hammer, Sam counters with Ruby's knife to Dean's throat. Yes. Carry on. There’s a knock at the door and Bela enters for real, freaking Sam out more. the tear-filled speech that probably most influenced my desire for yet another tear-filled speech. Then, Cas says the four words that no emergency room doctor or supernatural hunter should ever say. Crowley: Let them wait. Sam continues to try to save Dean from the Mark of Cain. Sam: What? Previous episode Crowley helped Cas because he wants Cas to fix a problem: Dean. Dean checks the safe and finds that Bela stole the Colt. Sam: This isn't my brother talking. "Soul Survivor" is the final track on the Rolling Stones double album. He says his dad thought he was a good soldier and nothing else, and he doted on Sam while not caring whether Dean lived or died. Cas finds a temporary solution to his fading grace, and Sam heals Demon Dean. Meanwhile, Crowley seeks the help of an unlikely ally after encountering problems due to Dean's behavior. Dean smiles, flashes his black eyes and advances on Sam when Castiel comes up behind him, grabs him around his arms and holds him still. Bela comes in wearing a beige trench coat and takes off the coat, revealing lingerie underneath. It aired on October 21st, 2014. Bobby tells Dean that the woman is his wife. Dean: Bela. Meanwhile, Crowley seeks the help of an unlikely ally after encountering problems due to Dean's behavior. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? But as Sam and Castiel watch, the black from Dean's eyes begins to wash away and we see his bright green eyes. Sam calls, interrupting the conversation. Just an excuse for not manning up. Sam looks for Dean in the woods while Dean enters the motel room and sees someone at the desk, turning the light off and on. That Sam might actually be worse than Dean. Dean asks about Cas and he worries that Sam will leave. Inside, Dean convinces Bobby to take control of the dream and the woman disappears. Back at the gas station, Adina is torturing Hannah when Crowley shows up, cuts her throat, steals her grace, and then stabs her with an angel blade, killing her. Dream Dean: Sure I am. But Crowley shows no sign of caring about that. Cass comes in and finds the angel Adina holding an angel blade to Hannah's throat. Season 10, Episode 3. Dean goes in search of Sam, with hammer in hand, and Sam attempts to set a trap for Dean by shutting down the electrical system. Flashback to Sam sitting in a bar talking to Lester, Dean's latest victim. When Sam cures Dean, he doesn't complete the ritual with the modified exorcism. Dream!Dean tells Dean how worthless he feels and how he hates what he sees in the mirror. Supernatural (2005–2020) Episode List. Dean: I've never had this dream before... Stop looking at me like that. There was the confrontation with Sam where harsh words were said and a hurt Sam refused to give up, followed by Dean’s return to the human world. Sam, in a hallway nearby, runs over to the door and locks Dean in there. Now? Sam admits he’s upset about being unable to save Dean, because Dean doesn't want to be saved. However, there is the. The house number of Bobby's technicolor dream house is 2194. At the hospital, Dean asks Bobby about his wife. Castiel comes in and tells him he looks terrible. Bobby: Damn it, boys! He is advised that Castiel's grace is fading, and Crowley wants to be kept advised of Cas' condition. Season 10 Sam remembers what he did. © Copyright 2020 Meredith Corporation. With the plan in full motion, Sam, Dean, Castiel and Jack fight for the good of the common goal. Well he’s got just enough demon left in him to still want to kill his baby bro. See, Sam met poor Lester at a bar, where he listened to his sob story about a cheating wife and told him about his “options.” Basically, Sam used Lester as bait to get his hands on a crossroads demon and try to torture her until she’d give up Crowley’s location. TV-14 | 43min | Drama, Fantasy, Horror | Episode aired 21 October 2014. His mission is simple: to cure his brother. Dean is tired of babysitting Sam and saving Sam's ass. When Dean goads Sam to kill him, Sam backs off, only to have Cas subdue Dean from behind. Sam says no, but he’s not certain. Dean denies ever having had that dream to Sam. This page was last edited on 25 July 2020, at 04:51. Sam: Guys like me still gotta do what we can. At first he refuses, but Crowley reminds him that Cass isn't the one who killed her, so his hands are clean. When he walks back downstairs to the dungeon, he finds the chair where Dean was tied up to is now empty. Dean says he can’t find Bela, and Bobby admits that all he did was give her a good deal on an amulet in Flagstaff. Soul Survivor See, with every shot, Dean became more human, meaning that the demon cuffs worked a little less on him, until finally, he was able to free himself. Next episode Sam reminds him that there isn't a known exception to the cure, and Dean responds by insulting hunting and the lore. No one. 10 Crowley: It's Hell. Lester explains that he wishes he could get revenge on his wife for cheating and kicking him out.

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