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Tax sales are held at the Sumner County Administration Building in the Commissioner's Chambers. The 2019 reappraisal is like a snapshot of Sumner County as of January 1, 2019. The board has the advantage of being familiar with local properties and economic circumstances affecting values; but it has the disadvantage of being subject to pressures from neighbors and local officials with whom its members must come in daily contact. (4) No agent or other representative shall file an appeal before the county or state boards of equalization without first obtaining written authorization from the taxpayer. Back to Top, If I bought my house last year, shouldn’t the value be the same as what I paid for it a year ago? You must contact the company that is handling the foreclosure for more information. After pulling up the website, you will proceed to Sumner County Chancery Court then click on delinquent taxes. Foreclosures: Foreclosures are not handled by the court system. What is considered 'tangible personal property' under the law? Gallatin, TN 37066. After the two (2) year period, the delinquent taxes are filed into Sumner County Chancery Court. You will receive a notice of any action made by the assessor or Sumner County Board of Equalization. 355 N Belvedere Drive, Gallatin, TN 37066. Back to Top, Who has to file a Tangible Personal Property Schedule? County Taxes: Trustee's Office 615-452-1260. Once taxes are filed into court, court cost, interest and penalty charges, and attorney's fees are added onto the tax amount. You may contact this office the first week of May of each tax year to schedule an appeal to the Sumner County Board of Equalization. Personal Property/Oil & Gas Renditions mailed to property owners with items registered with the County Appraiser's Office: Mar 1: Real Estate Valuation Notices mailed Mar 15: Deadline to file individual & commercial personal property renditions. Back to Top, What does the assessor do? the production or growing of crops, plants, animals, nursery or floral products). Back to Top, What responsibility does the owner of a Mobile Home Park have in reporting improvements (mobile homes) on their property? Will the value of my property change every year? We will send you an Assessment Notice in May, indicating any changes in your assessment.If you disagree with the changes, you should contact our office to request a review.As in the case of realty assessments, you should prepare to provide any documentation you have to support your case.If you still don't agree with the Assessor's Office action, you may file an appeal to the Board of Equalization, which begins its meetings in June. All rights reserved. Forest Land: a tract of at least 15 acres engaged in growing trees under a sound program of sustained yield management or having tree growth in such quantity and quality as to be managed as a forest. You can compare your home to others with similar characteristics within your neighborhood and/or have an appraisal completed by a licensed real estate appraiser. Neither  Sumner County Government nor the Chancery Court makes no representations or warranties whatsoever about the properties auctioned. Site By Keystone. Here are times you can appeal your property value in person or make an appointment to meet with the Sumner County Board of Equalization. The Trustee’s Office, County Executive’s Office, and the County Commission have no jurisdiction over property valuations, this is solely the authority and responsibility of the Tax Assessor, John Isbell. If there are changes, however, in the ownership or use of the property which might affect the property’s exempt status, it is the organization’s responsibility to promptly notify both the Assessor of Property and the State Board of Equalization. Estate, Conservatorship & Guardianship Forms, Divorce, Child Support, Name Change, Adoption, Appeals & Miscellaneous Forms. At the park owner’s discretion, this can be done in a lump sum or included in the monthly collection of any rents or dues. Yes, under Tennessee Law mobile homes are assessed as real property, as an improvement to the land where that mobile home is located.This can be on property owned by the mobile home owner, or on a lot or pad in a mobile home park where the owner is renting or leasing a space.A key date to remember is January 1st, which is the statutory "date of assessment".Because a mobile home by definition is "moveable", the possibility exists that it could be located in more than one jurisdiction during any given year.To prevent it from being assessed for taxes more that once, a mobile home is assessed in the county where it is physically located on January 1st, no matter how long it remains on site after that date. The first step, although may be bypassed directly to County Board, is an informal discussion of your value with our assessment team. Market value is the amount of money a well-informed buyer would pay and a well-informed seller would accept for property in an open and competitive market, without any outside influence. May 6th 5-7pm County Administration Bldg. Property in our County must be assessed at four, five or six year intervals. Back to Top. The 3% fee is a convenience fee for using credit/debit cards. A team of appraisers makes every effort to ensure that all unique characteristics of a property are considered in establishing market value.When property owners have a concern regarding their appraisal or classification and do not agree with the Assessor's value, they should request an Informal Review. Once enrolled, the owner is not required to re-apply each year, but is required by law to promptly notify the assessor of any change in the use or ownership of the property which would affect its Greenbelt eligibility. Back to Top, What types of properties are eligible for enrollment in the “Greenbelt” program? It is important to fill in all fields to allow you to proceed to the next page. How does the assessor determine market value? Reopening Sumner County; How Do I… 2020 Holiday Hours; Elected Officials; County Commission; Courts; Voter Registration; Bid Notices; Public Notices; Schools; Licenses and Tags; Property Taxes; GIS Property Search; Boards & Committees ; Public Records Request ; County … All applications and supporting documentation should be filed by May 20th of the tax year for which the exemption is being sought. If a mobile home is located in a mobile home park, who is responsible for paying the taxes, the home owner or the park owner ? The Sumner County Board of Equalization consists of five members appointed by the County Commission for two year terms. There are 3 types of land which may qualify for greenbelt classification:  More commonly referred to as the “Greenbelt Law”, it is tax law enacted by the state legislature to encourage the retention of green spaces around urban areas, and to prevent the loss of family farms due to property taxes based on development speculation values, rather than current use. Back to Top, Are active duty military personnel required to pay property taxes on their mobile homes? Phillip Bradshaw- County Appointment Cash Payment: You may bring a cash payment to our office at the address located above. Site By Keystone, 355 N Belvedere Drive, Gallatin, TN 37066. Back to Top. May 6th 5-7pm County Administration Bldg. The first step, although may be bypassed directly to County Board, is an informal discussion of your value with our assessment team. If you feel aggrieved by your valuation or classification, you may assemble all documentation that supports your conclusion of value that is different from the assessor. If you would like to appeal your appraisal please contact the Tax Assessor, John Isbell, at 615-452-2412, 615-788-0865 or In 2009, the Tax Assessor, John Isbell, increased home values overall by 11%, in 2014 he decreased overall values by 3%. How is my home appraised for property tax purposes? Here are times you can appeal your property value in person or make an appointment to meet with the Sumner County Board of Equalization. You are urged to contact your County Commissioners to request the next reappraisal cycle be shortened to four years. Every business owner in Tennessee, whether incorporated or not, is required to file the schedule annually with the Assessor of Property for the county in which the business is located. The values assigned for tax purposes are developed using uniform standards for quality, size and depreciation. In 2014, the Sumner County Tax Assessor, John Isbell, and his valuations/process were taken in front of the State Board of Equalization. Repairs such as a new roof, fresh interior/exterior paint, or landscaping neither add to nor detract from the value in the Assessor's records. To appeal simply call our office or submit your request online. If you believe your value is incorrect after exercising the above steps, you may contact the assessor's office to request a review.If you are not satisfied with the results of that review, you may appeal your property to the Sumner County Board of Equalization which meets in June of each tax year.

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