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How to prepare Environment and biodiversity for Prelims – 2021? Sir you have not mentioned the sources for how to prepare for Prelims 2021 Seems all that R&D quota of MCQs were exhausted in the. Copper slag is a by-product obtained during smelting and refining of copper. It is a measure, in monetary value, of the. Difficulty:  Medium to tough, Depending on your knowledge about the State-wise elephant population in India. It provides technical services to the Ministry of Environment and Forests under the provisions of the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986. GuessMaster-GiriTM: Fully Possible. Helping the state and the central government in the management of tiger reserves. Among the States in India, the highest elephant population is in Kerala. A Concise Report on Biodiversity Loss Due to 2018 Flood in Kerala and the Key Achievments books are released by Hon'ble Chief Minister of Kerala . Biogeographically, India is situated at the tri-junction of three realms namely Afro-tropical, Indo-Malayan and Paleo-Arctic realms, and therefore, has characteristic elements from each of them. Investigation and research project for improving the quality of water and creating public awareness to use water conservation practices. How to prepare Environment and biodiversity for Prelims – 2021? Risa John, Project  Coordinator, Kerala State Women's Development Corporation, Dr.Usha Titus IAS Biodiversity Management Committees Biodiversity Management Committees are to be established under Section 41 of the Act at local level. Considering these interpretations, A is the closest option. Biodiversity Act, 2002 has created NBA and state biodiversity boards and biodiversity management committees. Program for skill development for forest personnel. NBA gives approval for transfer. Belhaven Gardens, Kowdiar P.O Following are the functions of authority in the act: Decide minimum standards for zoos and ensure all services to take care of animals. 1 : CDS 2020 3rd Statement is right. Wildlife Park and Sanctuary related questions are asked from obscure and contrived angles. Development of the river basin is the core approach for management. Provide information related to the estimation of population of tiger, natural prey, habitat status, and disease outbreak and mortality survey. About National Board for Wildlife: It is a “Statutory Organization” … With reference to India’s biodiversity, Ceylon frogmouth, Coppersmith barbet, Gray-chinned minivet and White- throated redstart are. Therefore, new buildings or recently redecorated indoor environments have been associated with high concentrations of benzene from materials and furniture. 2017: Supreme Court ordered the government to provide such facilities to them So,#2 as wrong. If Sundarbans critical Tiger Habitat is smaller than Nagarjunsagar then remaining options are unlikely to have a bigger size than Nagarjunsagar so answer should be C. Caurvery basin lies in the States of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala and Pondicherry. In 2020, similarly excessive focus on flora-fauna-parks. List of Shortlisted candidates based on the minutes of the Online Interview held on 13.10.2020 &15.10.2020 at KSBB Head Office for the  Post of Assistant Programme Coordinators Currently there are SBBs in 26 States, and around 33,426 BMCs. Accordingly, in all the 29 States, SBBs have been established.. Read More . "Capacity building, Awareness campaigns and Sensitization programmes in the year 2017 by HP State BIodiversity Board" One Day Training workshop on “Mainstreaming Biodiversity: Sustaining People and their Livelihoods” in District Sirmaur on 1st May, 2018 at SFDA Hall, Nahan. World Environment Day, 5 th June, 2020. -2018: 3 Easy, while the rest of the environment MCQs were in the medium to tough category. Wildlife Protection Act, 1972, has six schedules. So, elimination we arrive at the correct answer “C” without studying anything. High ash content is observed in Indian coal. Provide all types of measures like sheds, food, water and veterinary assistance. The maximum gestation period can be 22 months. Advises to the state government on selecting areas as heritage sites which are important biologically. Kailasam,T.C.4ll679 (l), 232 : Prelim-2021 CHAIRMAN, KSBB (Additional Charge), KERALA STATE BIODIVERSITY BOARD Shortlisted candidates based on the Online Interview held on 06.11.2020 at KSBB Head Office for the Post of District Coordinators in Pathanamthitta District Normally human activities are not allowed in National Park but many villagers lived inside Desert National park, and they did not have access to even basic facility like road, electricity and water. India has the largest area under groundwater irrigation in the world. -ShankarIAS book could solve just 2-2 MCQs in 2018 and 2019’s prelims. Sir prelim 2021 environment ki preparation k liye koe source bataye pls….No link given for prelim preparation…. Which of the following are the reasons/factors for exposure to benzene pollution ? Kindly provide that Sir, Sir…Please include Strategy for Prelims -2021. Which one of the following statements best describes the term ‘Social Cost of Carbon’? But beyond a point, it gives poor cost benefit in investing your time in this. Read about Biodiversity Conservation, the importance of Biodiversity, Loss of Biodiversity, and more. (Pre’20-SetB) Q.61. So, #2 and #3 are correct. Government has allowed the use of coir based geotextiles for construction of rural roads under the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana in 2020. 43, Belhaven Gardens, There is no human habitation inside the Park. Download National Environment Organisations Notes PDF in English and Hindi for UPSC and other State PCS exams. The Central Ground Water Authority (CGWA) was  formed under  the Environment (Protection) Act.1986, The countries with the largest extent of areas equipped for irrigation with groundwater, in absoluteterms, are India (39 million ha), China (19 million ha) andthe USA (17 million ha). State Biodiversity Boards (SBB) has been created in 28 States along with 31,574 Biological management committees (for each local body) across India. In rural road construction, the use of which of the following is preferred for ensuring environmental sustainability or to reduce carbon footprint ? Anyone seeking to obtain intellectual property rights to knowledge obtained out of research on biological resources has to obtain permission of NBA. (Tamilnadu State Board class 11 Chemistry chapter 13), Benzene is also present in particleboard furniture, plywood, fibreglass, flooring adhesives, paints, wood panelling. Consider the following statements : Which of the statements given above is/are correct ? Mains GS Paper-3- including topicwise previous papers! All the activities and measure are aimed at reducing pollution and relevant to river ecology. Conservation and reduction of pollution in the Ganga River and using comprehensive planning and management. (Pre’20-SetB) Q.94. release toxic gases such as SO2 (sulphur dioxide), NOx (oxide of nitrogen),CO(carbon monoxide) and hydrocarbons in the air. They’re never easy. -only 1 easy, rest is environment MCQs were medium to tough. Coal-fired power plants release sulphur dioxide and oxides of nitrogen into the environment. Traditional preparation sources giving decreasing utility in Prelims. -No question could be solved from Shankar or IYB. Kerala State Biodiversity Board (KSBB) is an autonomous body of the State Government and come under the Kerala State Environment Department. 274 : CAPF-2021 Monitoring of changing the situation of land and forest resources and use it for national planning, conservation, management and preservation of forest resources. Get Detailed UPSC Prelims Answerkeys with Explanations at, Sir, how to prepare for Prelims 21 is missing, 1st to comment (Pre’20-SetB) Q.93. Collect technical and statistical data for better implementation of programs. Everything boils down to weather Statement#1 is right or not? So, Answer C. Google map and multiple pages on internet. Qualified candidates may apply in prescribed PROFORMA (attached) with copy of certificates to prove age, qualification, experience copy of PAN and Aadhaar on or before 26 March 2020 at 5:00 p.m. only hard copy of the application will be accepted and the name of post for which the candidate is applied for must be specified in the application’ The project involves strenuous field work. Among the following Tiger Reserves, which one has the largest area under “Critical Tiger Habitat”? We are 50:50 between B or C. In both of these options statements 3 and 4 are common so we have to accept them as correct without checking. Steel slag, an unavoidable by-product in iron and steel production. [Result] UPSC Prelims-2020 Result out in just 19 days: 10,564 candidates cleared for Mains against 796 vacancies! "National Environment Organisations" are important topics of environmental studies. (Pre’20-SetB) Q.65. Difficulty : Medium to tough, Depending on your knowledge about the distribution of species across parks and Sanctuaries. On local Level: Biodiversity Management Committees (BMC’s) – Prepare, maintain and validate People’s Biodiversity Register (PBR) in consultation with the local people. (Pre’20-SetB) Q.55. Strengthen research and development infrastructure and training of forest personnel in the application of technologies like remote sensing and GIS etc. [a) long-term damage done by a tonne of COշ emissions in a given year. So, #1 is correct, → Answer D. While the NIOS helps arriving at 50:50 but it does not have the elements of coal Ash. So, #3 is correct, We are 50:50 between A or B. (Pre’20-SetB) Q.92. Coal ash contains contaminants like mercury, cadmium and arsenic. In Previous years, UPSC examiners ensured that there was an internal ‘variety’ of MCQs/topics within a subject. Recommendation on the setting of areas like a national park and wildlife sanctuaries and decide all the activities under protected areas. Kishanpur Wildlife Sanctuary is in Uttar Pradesh. No TA and DA will be provided for attending the interview: Applications must be addressed to: The Member Secretary Advises to the state government on selecting areas as heritage sites which are important biologically. (Pre’20-SetB) Q.58. പിണറായി വിജയന്‍ വീഡിയോ കോണ്‍ഫറന്‍സ് വഴി നിര്‍വഹിച്ചു, A Concise Report on Biodiversity Loss Due to 2018 Flood in Kerala and the Key Achievments books are released by Hon'ble Chief Minister of Kerala, Constitution and PBR Preparation in Kerala, Biodiversity Awareness/ Education Programmes, Government Order- Authorizing designated Range Officers in the State to enforce the regulatory provisions of the "Biodiversity Act 2002", Role of BMCs in revamping ecosystems and biodiversity after flood, Kerala Biodiversity Museum - Latest Events, People’s Biodiversity Register- Submission, Meeting at Thiruvananthapuram Corporation, NBA Team Visit at Kerala Biodiversity Museum, NBA Team visit at Maranalloor BMC, Thiruvananthapuram District.

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