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John wanted to point out that it wasn't his fault that he'd never grown taller than the average Omega, and that many Omegas appreciated his unintimidating height more than they did 'real' Alphas who towered over them with aggresive displays, but knew from long experience that if they didn't simply ignore him then they'd get angry and try to 'prove their Alphaness'; and that usually meant beating on John until their fragile egoes felt less bruised. A Measure of Sanity by antietamfalls Summary: Sherlock doesn’t notice he’s been shot. Jim's sigh sounded almost painful on the other end of the line. Picking up a new magazine and another gun, Alpha pulled Omega through the building towards the exit, taking out two more Alphas on the way. No Alpha could withstand an Omega's Scent forever, especially not when they were in a Ghost Heat. That is no way to talk to your host, I just called to see how you are liking your room after all." What happened on base was supposed to stay on base, damn it, no matter if it was a classified mission or something embarrassing to pass the time! John was just about to say yes to the proposition, realizing he'd been silent too long, when something occured to him and everything else was pushed out of his mind as a wave of worry overtook him. Flooding Omega Heat Pheromones into a room with an Alpha was a tried and true method of breaking down an Alpha's control, doing so in a group of two or more Alphas- like the one John was in right now- was a surefire way to cause infighting and bloodshed. "And there it is! And the armed and surprisingly impressive Alpha in front of him, Jim amended as he took several more slow steps back. You are an anomaly. Have for a long time, probably. ... so he decides to admit his Feelings to her. When do you think we should do formal introductions?" Growing serious, John honestly considered the offer even though he already knew what his answer was going to be. He'd be a fool to turn down such a powerful, brilliant and sexy Omega that was actively pursuing him, and John was not a fool. What was wrong with him? A 'sacrifice' indeed. "Oh, Johnny, you are a delight!" With horror Jim realized he wouldn't have time to pull his weapon and make effective use of it before they were on him- he employed the best for a reason and knew just what they could do- and was just calculating how much damage he could do before they subdued him when a blur of motion came from behind them. Jim's night was going well: dear Sherlock had set up the predicted meeting, the pet had been caught without problems and all his plans were coming along swimmingly as his minions called to give him the all clear to come and inspect his trussed up hostage. But if he did choose to answer you before kiling you then he would admit to not liking feeling so out of control of his body as a Heat made him feel. It took Jim two days of digging through medical databases to find a reference to what John had been talking about, but only a small and vague one as they seemed to have buried it as deep as they could- and Jim could understand why, he may not deal in the slave trade himself but he knew how much an Omega that couldn't Bond would be worth on the Black Market, it made him sick just to think about it- though it took Sebby only an hour to get the information out of the doctor who had done his surgery once he knew what to ask for, but only after assuring the medical man that they weren't using the information to harm Omegas. 40 Sherlock fanfiction tales. After all, he knew who would win in a fair fight: the Alpha that had learned to think with his brain and not his Knot. Jim hadn't been off his suppressants in five years. John grit his teeth and tried for a semblance of calm, the faint traces of Heat Scent in the air fraying his nerves quickly after his recent Feral incident and making it harder than it should be to remain calm. Jim ignored him. The standard denile!" "Tell me, John, how many Alphas do you think could not only resist an Omega in Heat in close proximity to them, let alone one in a Ghost Heat, but could also kill a dozen highly trained men to protect said Omega?". John rolled his eyes as he picked up a can of beans and debated getting them or not while giving a bland smile to a tall Omega who had just walked up and seemed to be doing the same. Opening his eyes Jim was met with the sight of a panting Alpha with lust blown eyes, clad in only a towel that was already impressively beginning to tent and giving off delicious wafts of pure Alpha scent that made his mouth water and his slick flow faster. You are in danger! Mouth full of hard chocolate, Sherlock rolls. Sherlock went to defend himself and say the Omega had attacked him when said Omega came in and handed John a mug of tea with kiss. John hates helpless Sherlock, hates that Sherlock dares to use this against him again. Sherlock leaned down and pressed a gentle kiss on John’s lips. 5 Times Sherlock fainted and 1 Time John Just Smacked Him in the Face by merill_chan Summary: Exactly as the title says. And judging by the twin growls from his guards, they smelled it too. Climbing off the bed with the intent to search the room for either more Scent Neutralizer or a weapon- he just knew leaving the room wasn't an option, he wouldn't get even close to an exit before the Feral State overtook him and he went off looking for the Omega- John was just taking in the sight outside the, apparently third floor, window when his phone, unnoticed on the bedside table until then, went off. Then the Alpha was kissing him as his hands caressed every inch of skin he could reach and Jim's brain finally ceased to work as Instinct took over. Trigger Wraning: Vague metions and allusions to rape, nothing explicit or stated outright. Though neither solution was viable while he was trapped in a building with a dozen- well, ten, seeing as two had already been killed- heavily armed and impressively skilled Alphas. Jim said back with a matching grin, awed as always that all he'd had to do to keep the Alpha as his own was to ask. Pulling out several blankets to add to the bed, as well as snacks and drinks that went into the nightstand that turned out to be a stocked mini fridge, and closing the windows and curtains, John began getting ready for when Jim was to join him. Alpha growled, looking over the Omega to ensure he'd been unharmed. One did not just lose a dozen highly trained men without some repercussions. Taking deep yet quick breaths to calm himself, like he'd been trained to do in medical school- so he could treat distressed Omegas who might give off false Heat pheromones to try and protect themselves from their pain- John tried to keep himself calm for what was likely to come. The Alpha reacted immediately to his cry by climbing fully into the bed with him and covering his body with his own. "Depending on your point of view the answer could be yes or no. 4 Patch Problem by storylover18 Summary: Sherlock is faced with a 4 patch problem. Stepping into the room with a pleased grin on his face Jim didn't at first noticed anything amiss, that changed quickly as he noticed the heated looks he was getting from his Alpha minions just before one growled and they both began to move to corner him. Was all John could get out, knowing it was a betrayal to Sherlock but not letting that stop him. Jim's grin only widened. There's nothing to worry about." ", "Ah, you do care.

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