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Tell us which is your favorite and what we missed! Remember when we said that one of these memes started a widespread social movement? OMG! Originally sourced from a single piece of fan art that went viral, this meme – depicting Sherlock as an otter- became widely popular as an adorable way to depict Sherlock without stepping on any copyright. Officially, the series is done – maybe. "Yeah," Sherlock responds, "Definitely stupid." Sherlock thereafter tries to test actually how smart she is. That’s all of them! The Personal Guard [Johnlock AU] 11.5K 430 336 This meme was born long before BBC ever made the show Sherlock. Fan artists provided an answer in the form of the emergency comb! The result? One started a widespread social movement inspiring graffiti, t-shirts, and role-play that harkens back to a rumor from the 1800s. Read John from the story 221c - A Sherlock Fanfiction by EtheriumArt (Mason James) with 2,920 reads. Sherlock fanfic; Sherlock Fanfiction; Hurt John Watson; Suicidal Sherlock; Suicidal John; save John Watson; Awesome Mrs. Hudson; Summary [TRIGGER WARNING: Contains self harm, suicidal thoughts and acts, descriptive scenes of gore, cuts, and scars. Remember how we said one of these memes was acted out by Benedict Cumberbatch on the Graham Norton show? When John's wedding gets horribly derailed on the big day itself, it falls to Sherlock to help him pick up the pieces, even if it means letting others do the sleuthing for once. "No," he cries. ☾Harry Potter⚡️, Sherlock and Doctor Who ☽. a/n: This is verry verry verry sad peice, and it is mirrored off of personal events. Please do not read if you will be triggered by these scenes] _____ "Goodbye, John." Sherlock Holmes is depicted as a shark throughout the Fandom, in fan art, fanfiction, and more. Spoiler Alert – the meme made it all the way onto the movie The Hobbit! Thank you thank you from me and all of my cats! This meme was born from Sherlock’s mysterious power to look perfectly groomed even in moments of emergency or incredible-hair-trauma. Get New Fanfiction Recommendations Every Week! Featured Art:  Embroidered Smaug by Iggystarpup, Featured Art: Sherlock Shark by Sarah McIntyre, Featured Art: Sherlock Falling by Tsarmikhail, Featured Art: I Don’t Shave for Sherlock Holmes by M-Chi, Featured Art: To John Watson it is always theeeee jumper by Nunar, Featured Art: That Cat Jumper by ~johanirae, Featured Art: Jawn by consultingdetective, Featured Art: Red Pants Blend by Areyoutryingtodeduceme, Forbidden Lover Fanfiction for Twilight Fans, Mysterious Twilight Fanfiction to Get Lost in This Week, The Best Twilight Fanfiction We’re Reading This Week, Twilight Fanfiction That Will Leave You Emotional, Romantic Twilight Fanfiction for Jacob and Bella Shippers. "Don't." Sherlock, John, and Rosie quarantining together because of Coronavirus would include: There being almost no new crimes for Sherlock to solve, as fewer people go outside and everyone is super careful as to not get to close to others, Sherlock checking the news in his cell phone and the Tv every half an hour and being disappointed when he sees that there are no new murders, Mrs. Hudson visiting Sherlock to cheer him up and offering him a cup of tea and some biscuits, John worrying about Sherlock relapsing into his drug addiction, John noticing how badly Sherlock takes care of himself and leaving food around the flat in the hope that Sherlock would eat it, Mycroft using the state apparat to supervise Sherlock and Johns flat and make sure Sherlock doesn’t go outside, Sherlock finding out about it and leaving the flat just to irk Mycroft, Sherlock making crazy experiments in the kitchen and blowing up the microwave, John running into the kitchen, thinking Moriarty set up another bomb for them, Sherlock becoming so fed up with quarantining that he decides to research on a vaccine himself, Rosie being confused as to why she isn`t allowed to go out anymore, Sherlock frowning upon face masks as they hinder his deductions, Sherlock and Rosie playing together pretty much all day long to occupy themselves, John watching the two of them from the Sofa and smirking about Sherlocks playful side, Sherlock teaching Rosie how to play the violin, even though her first attempts sound like charivari, Rosie getting fed up with the violin and Sherlock urging her to continue with at, as he wants to pass his passion for it on to Rosie, John finally stepping in and telling Sherlock to let it be, The three of them watching silly television together in the evening and Sherlock complaining about the stupidity in it. Find out more about where this meme came from and how far it went. This meme was born from a single character clothing decision that the Sherlock Fandom latched onto like a kitten with string. The Sherlock community is jam packed with memes, inside jokes, and hilarity. Ever wonder what happens when you force an avid, artistic, and active Fandom to sit for years without new content? It was sparked by a few lines of dialogue from the show, grew into a firestorm of milk-based memes, and was then featured on BBC’s Sherlock website,! Featured Art: “How Many Sherlocks?” by Cumberbatch Holmes, Featured Art: “Now You Will Never Have to Leave Jawn” by Sherlockwillneverdie, Featured Art: “We’re out of milk” by Blue-Fox, Featured Art: “Not Our Division” by Unknown, Featured Art: “Not Our Division” by Tarrbear, Featured Art: this drawing of otter-Sherlock and hedgehog-John by Happysketch, Featured Art: Martin Freeman is a hedgehog – Believed to be Katrinat46. johnwatson, mycroftholmes, lestrade. A fan response to the Otter!Sherlock meme (we told you that one was popular! Let us know in the comments whether they’ve satisfied your cravings or merely whet your appetite for more. It was sparked by a few lines of dialogue from the show, grew into a firestorm of milk-based memes, and was then featured on BBC’s Sherlock website,!

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