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Roblox SharkBite Codes (November 2020) – Shark Week Update! ET): Four survivors share stories about how they came face-to-face with sharks and lived. Devine, Anders Holm and Blake Anderson learn about what makes this "tiger shark party" so unique. Tuesday (August 11) "Extinct or Alive: Land of the Lost Sharks " (8 p.m. ET): Scientists believes that an 18-foot-long, one-ton great hammerhead named Big Moe lives under the Old Seven Mile Bridge. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. ET): Shark Week celebrates 20 years of flying sharks with Kurr, Fallows and Chivell as they revisit the most popular "Air Jaws" moments. Scientists believe that monster sharks make their home under the Old Seven Mile Bridge. "Alien Sharks: First Contact" (8 p.m. "Air Jaws 2020" (8 p.m. Official description: “Shark expert Riley Elliot and underwater cameraman Andy Casagrande are on an epic expedition to uncover the mysteries of the mako shark in one of the last places on earth where these apex predators rule the waters.”. Josh talks to boxing legend Mike Tyson about overcoming his fear of sharks and tackles Air Jaws with Allison Towner and Jeff Kurr. Adam Devine and a team of experts found a secret shark lair that may be the world's largest gathering of tiger sharks. "Monster Under the Bridge" (8 p.m. Georgia Aquarium, Credit: Fishermen claim that one of the sharks is a 18-foot-long, one-ton great hammerhead named Big Moe. "Naked and Afraid of Sharks 2" (8 p.m. ST): Five Naked and Afraid veterans -- Matt Wright, Jeff Zausch, Serena and Amber Shine, and Alex Manard -- try to survive on a remote strip of islands surrounded by shark infested water known by locals as "shark alley." Your escapism — and, yes, your white-knuckling — begins now, as EW exclusively brings you the Shark Week 2020 schedule. The team must brave the elements and venture into treacherous underwater caves to find out for themselves. Investigators use an otter dummy to witness "one of the most spectacular attacks in Shark Week history.". Official description: “Scientists believe that monster sharks make their home under the Old Seven Mile Bridge. Official description: Legendary boxer and entrepreneur Mike Tyson is taking on a new challenge… and he picked the most unlikely training partner. Official description: "A team of experts attempts to find out why a population of great whites off the coast of Western Australia is so much more aggressive than others. Why you should watch, in 20 words or less: “A new team of shark experts explores a haunted Caribbean island. Marine Biologist and Ph.D. Alison Towner details how the worldwide shutdown has given sharks the opportunity to return to their natural behaviors and reclaim the oceans. Iron Mike will go head to head with some of the ocean's top apex predators, including the black tip reef shark. Nothing can hide and the chase to feed the growing populations of humans never ends. Marine biologist and Ph.D. Alison Towner lists 5 ways the pandemic is impacting sharks. And, in Abandoned Waters scientists study how Covid-19 has affected the massive great whites at Australia’s Neptune Islands. What makes this such a great shark party?”, Why you should watch in 20 words or less: “Me and the guys in shark-infested waters?” says Holm. This year's 'Shark Week' includes over 20 hours of programming. To Adam and friends Anders Holm and Blake Anderson, it's the ultimate shark party, and they want to know what makes this party epic. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. "Mako Nation" (10 p.m. Are Shark Attacks on the Rise? SHARK WEEK returns August 9 with special appearances by stars like Mike Tyson, Will Smith, and Shaquille O'Neil! These huge fleets can process all the meat fins and other body parts of sharks out of sight. ET): Snoop Dogg learns more about why Great White Sharks are living along America's shores. Reviewed in the United States on August 15, 2020. “The guy is actually terrified of sharks — and the process he puts himself through to swim with them is pretty damn powerful.”, Official description: “The Great White Serial Killer returns and it's on a killing spree that may push the California Sea Otter to extinction.

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