scott turns into a full wolf

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“Did you tell Scott you’re planning to kill your mother?” Theo asks. Chances are he'll end up being a normal wolf though. Don't forget, the alpha shift isn't really a good thing. Will it be like Derek',( the more humanoid form but with red eyes instead of yellow) like Peter's (more-wolf-beast-than-man Alpha) or the full wolf form like Talia and Laura Hale ... maybe bigger or stronger because of that "True Alpha" status? I think that'd be kinda lame and I feel like it would also take away from it being a special and rare thing that not many werewolves can do. 5. At the start of the season four finale, the wolf pack went searching for Scott and Kira after Dr. Deaton and Lydia told them that Kate took the alpha and his girlfriend to Mexico for some kind of dastardly deed. With the supermoon in full force, the werewolves were more on edge than ever, and they weren’t the only ones. 'Teen Wolf' Season 5 Finale Theories: What Creature Is Parrish? a human turns into a wolf (especially if that human has lycanthropy) 0 0. Imagine in S1 when Peter turns Full Alpha monster......say that happens and Scott turns into an actual wolf. A human that is bitten by a werewolf. “I’m the first chimera,” he explains. That line finally revealed what Peter and Kate had been planning all along: They were hoping for Scott's friends to kill him, so that the reveal that he was the berserker they killed would ruin their spirits for good. 6. He brings her to the nematon and she falls to the ground with a blank expression. 10. 4. Obviously only the audience knew at the time that Kate had turned Scott into a berserker. #TeenWolf Like GrumpySatan said going full Alpha is becoming a monster and that is what Scott is trying to avoid. It seemed more of like a joke. He somehow gained the strength to turn himself into an actual wolf and attacked Kate during the siege on the church where she had taken Scott prisoner. He saw Scott's glowing red eyes swimming with fear. Paws. 0 0. I remember those Van Helsing werewolves! While I would kill for a MUCH bigger budget for Teen Wolf, it simply isn't there on a network like MTV - although since they are no longer paying the jersey shore kids maybe they can restructure some funds TWs way. 'Teen Wolf' Finale Sneak Peek Shows Theo Confronting Lydia. Theo gives Stiles a choice: he can either tell Scott about Parrish finding new bodies or he can save his father. He looked up at Scott for the first time with the complete transformation. Since werewolves form is all about inner selves and we have seen that being evil can warp your form I want them to show that being pure of heart can give you a uniqe transformation as well. ^ The ability to turn into an actual wolf has never been stated as being an ability that runs through the Hale bloodline. He couldn't breath. The supermoon enhances Liam’s anger and makes him want to kill Scott. The night you do this spell you should have a dream about a wolf. The two engage in an epic battle. Remember when Scott and Stiles found Lara Hales, who turned into a Wolf creature, like Peter did when he was an Alpha. He puts his claws into her neck to access her memories of the nematon. I feel like it would fit if season 6 was the final because it could deal with scott becoming a bestial alpha fucking shit up. She hits him in the chest one last times and he comes back to life with a roar. He finds out where the magical tree is, but Lydia doesn’t look okay. Jeff Davis said he would love to try out more stuff if he had an HBO size budget.

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