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Zoroastrianism is a largely forgotten faith at the heart of Persian identity, centring around the delightful trinity of good thoughts, good works and good deeds, and placing importance on truth, order and harmony. Ferdowsi died bitterly disappointed. But the wider universe — the struggle between the Rebellion and the Galactic Empire — was so much bigger than the rules that held Luke back as a teenager. For at least 2,000 years, Iran, has been an important source of turquoise – initially named by Iranians as ‘pirouzeh’ meaning ‘victory’ and used to cover palace domes because its intense colour was a symbol of heaven. A girl who wants to forge her own path and who has to decide if she is going to stand back up when she gets knocked down. But the resonance of this story isn’t limited to just people who look like Maya. Have something to tell us about this article? Khayyam was the first person to prove Earth spun on an axis, while his poems helped maintain the popularity of Persian literature, despite their fatalistic language being banned in Islam. ", Love, Hate & Other Filter by Samira Ahmed, $18.97, Amazon. These audiences will surely see themselves in the main character — Ahmed put a little of herself in Maya, after all. Young adult author Samira Ahmed remembers her first experience with racism vividly. Young adult author Samira Ahmed remembers her first experience with racism vividly. The masculine version of this name is Samir. Here are the headlines and all the best facts from the second instalment of BBC Four’s Art of Persia. It is sunset and I am standing on the top of one of the Towers of Silence — a massive rock citadel where the Zoroastrians once laid out their dead for the vultures, to avoid contaminating the air with cremation, or the earth with burial. Taking your employer to court possibly isn't great for long term job prospects. It took him three decades and he fully expected to get rich from it but by the time he finished, the Persian dynasty that commissioned the book had expired and the new ruler wasn’t so into it. ", This dynamic is especially important when it comes to the children of immigrant parents, something Ahmed wanted to explore in her first novel. Furloughed writer and magazine editor from Bristol, specialising in food and drink, music, travel, arts and lifestyle. In Persian language and heritage it is associated with the meaning princess and is derived from the name of an ancient Assyrian princess Semiramis. After the invasion, remnants of the Persian army went figuratively underground for centuries and continued as a resistance movement called the Zurkhaneh or ‘House of Strength’. It is to our detriment as a nation to ignore those experiences.". “I had to juggle the expectations of my parents and my own dreams — I actually think that is something that is quite universal,” Ahmed says. Islam was born and so began the battle to forge the Arab empire. [1][2][3][4] In Indian languages it is derived from the Sanskrit word Samira (समीरा) meaning gust of wind or gentle breeze. It was a tiny little theater in a small town next to the one I grew up in. "I used to say that my parents used up all their sense of adventure just to get [to America] and then the greatest thing they could do for us was to give us stability and comfort because they willingly gave up their own to come here," she says. They turned my way. They have expectations of what he should do even though they know it’s not truly what he wants and that he is destined for more.". Persia’s dirham coins remained in circulation too, depicting the ancient fire from the great Zoroastrian fire temple and pre-Islamic gods, although the names of Arab governors were added as a compromise. It’s important that teenagers of all skin colors can see themselves in the books they read and the media they consume. Star Wars mania was at a fever pitch and I don’t think I will ever feel again the exact degree of joy and anticipation I had as I did waiting in that long line. Islam’s beautifully elaborate architecture is exemplified by the colourful Jameh mosque in Yazd, one of the oldest mosques in Iran. He penned its 60,000 lines in Persian to preserve the language and stories like a time capsule. Exercising and practising fight sequences to songs and poems that date back to pre-islamic Iran – activities which continue today, along with Persian calligraphy – was intended to strengthen their souls and keep their customs alive. All rights reserved. Still, at least his life’s work is widely read, 1,000 years later, all over Iran – he has a few statues in his image and a few subway stations are named after him, too. His stories, such as that of Rostam – the biggest figure in the Shahnameh and, as Samira Ahmed describes him, a cross between Hercules, Hector and Incredible Hulk – also live on through street art. "I was a kid. The book centers on 17-year-old Maya Aziz, who has the most normal of aspirations: She wants to have a regular American childhood, and she wants to fall in love and pursue her art. "One of the first movies I ever saw in the theater was Star Wars,” Ahmed says. But where does that leave the children who have grown up in American culture? There was quite a bit of anti-Muslim sentiment in America at the time, and the Ahmeds were trying to blend in as much as possible. This kind of representation is important to Ahmed. Samira Ahmed stands beside a street mural of Rostam, a hero from the Shahnameh (image: BBC/Craig Hastings) For at least 2,000 years, Iran, has been an important source of turquoise – initially named by Iranians as ‘pirouzeh’ meaning ‘victory’ and used to cover palace domes because its intense colour was a symbol of heaven. While the process of Islamisation was quite quick, Arabisation never took off because of the power of Persian culture. Samira Ahmed v BBC The Claim. “I was about seven or eight years old, in the midst of the Iran Hostage Crisis,” she tells Bustle. The anti-Muslim sentiment is nothing new, as Ahmed points out. "It’s natural that they want to be overprotective; it’s natural for them to have fears for their children, especially when their childhoods were so different. She grew up in Batavia, Illinois, as the child of immigrants, and many of Maya’s specific experiences are based on similar events in Ahmed’s. “I believe Maya’s journey is her own, but she’s also a girl like all the girls, one who is trying to figure things out. The Arabs even celebrated Persian New Year, wore Persian costume and adopted their civil service as it was such a well-oiled machine. The masculine version of this name is Samir. Experiences like this should be universal. Congress candidate Anna Paulina Luna age, career, bio, ‘I want to be successful’: Manager responds to links with West Brom job, Who is Tooka? After the Islamic takeover, many Zoroastrians fled to India. And it must be such a strange thing to love and raise someone just to let them go, hoping they’ll never really leave. 2020 Bustle Digital Group. Chicago gang member and King Von lyrics inspiration. It shouldn’t be too much to ask, and yet Maya is constantly pulled between her all-American upbringing in an Illinois small town and her Indian Muslim heritage and culture. "We’re paying more attention to it now, perhaps, because political leaders have given permission for prejudice to come out into the light, have lauded it, have participated in it." Murder in the Car Park Channel 4 ★★★☆☆. Samira Ahmed travels through Iran, walking through the ruins of an empire that very nearly forgot itself. Many memories from Ahmed’s childhood have faded over the years, but not this one. They are not “other” stories, they are human stories, as Ahmed makes clear. The Arabic version is derived from the root s-m-r relating to the masdar tasāmur (Arabic: تسامر‎) ultimately meaning she who is of pleasant company and lovedBeautiful. "The incredibly diverse stories of Asians in America are American stories. Love, Hate, and Other Filters is not just a book for Muslim teenagers or for South Asian teenagers. The clash between the two powerful civilisations saw the Arabs bring new language, culture and religion to Iran, but the strength and character of Persian heritage endured – it simply went underground for a little while. "H. Anthony Salmoné, An Advanced Learner's Arabic-English Dictionary, سَمَرَ", "Samira - Meaning And Origin Of The Name Samira |", "Samira - Meaning of name Samira at", "The meaning of name Samira and origin Arabic",, Articles containing Persian-language text, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 2 November 2020, at 21:56. That memory is where the seed of her debut novel Love, Hate, and Other Filters originated. ", Luck Skywalker's uncle, Owen, particularly resonated with Ahmed, who saw his strict nature as a reflection of the world she knew well. This 10-year-old was the Persians’ figurehead as they went into battle with the Arabs and were subsequently annihilated. GRV Media, 18 Mulberry Avenue, Widnes, Cheshire, WA8 0WN, Is Luke Combs a Trump supporter? Produced by BBC Studios In cities such as the labrynthine Tus in central Iran – birthplace of famed storyteller and tax gatherer Ferdowsi – doors would have two separate knockers for males and females so that the occupant would know who was at the door. Example: ‘jama’ in Persian means ‘clothing’, while ‘pa’ means ‘leg’, and this is where we derive the word ‘pajamas’. “That scene is perfectly etched in my memory,” she says. Samira (also spelled Samirah, Sameera, and Sameerah /sæˈmiːrə/, Arabic: سميرة ‎ Persian: سميرا ‎) is an Arabic and Persian female given name. Found all over Iran, groups belonging to this brotherhood met in secret to ostensibly train for the day they might have to fight for Persia again, although it was about much more than that. They validate our own experiences, and confirm that our experiences are as American as they come. He wrote the Shahnameh – Persian book of kings – as a way of rescuing the past from what he saw as the over-Arabised present. In Nishapur, it’s everywhere, and the sound of grinding and polishing fills the air. I know she filmed a documentary in Iran but Newswatch disappeared in March. "A natural tension exists between parents and children," Ahmed says. I remember standing in line at the Geneva Theater, waiting to buy tickets. Better Together musician’s political beliefs revealed. Just like our histories in this country are part of the American grain, so to our stories and our bookshelves should reflect that.

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