red lantana varieties

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Evita Red. Details . Help to improve soil organic matter as it breaks down. The great majority of cultivars are clonally propagated from division, cuttings, and tissue culture so that they remain true to type so have the same desirable traits as the parent such as growth habit, flower, fruit, or foliage form. Perennial lantana can grow as tall as 6-feet, and as wide as 10-feet if they have the right growing conditions. Full Description. Little Lucky Red belongs to the Little Lucky Series lantanas which are noted for being more compact and heavier bloomers than many other varieties. Height/Spread: Lantana can reach 2 to 6 feet tall and 3 to 10 feet wide when grown as a perennial. Tolerates heat and drought. Plants that have PPAF(Plant Patent Applied For) or PP followed by a set of numbers, are illegal to propagate clonally for commercial purposes without the implicit permission of the patent holder. US$0.00. Plants may be both patented and trademarked. Find plants you love and create idea boards for all your projects. Lantana Horrida refers to a species of flowering plants that belong to the verbena … Zones 9-11 as a perennial, but you can treat it like an annual in other Zones. Red Spread Lantana produces clusters flowers that open orange and then darken to deep rich red on a mounding to spreading plant. The blooms are a mix of orange, red, and yellow on plants that grow 24 inches tall and 36 inches wide. Lantana are only second to Porterweed in our garden for their ability to attract butterflies! This is the average expected mature height by width in feet or inches. Sku #5661. Lantana. Blooming continuously for months in a warm combination of gold, glowing orange and velvety red, the blooms attract butterflies and hummingbirds. Click here to find your USDA Cold Hardiness Zone. Camellia Japonica By Flowering Season (Early-Mid-Late)... Camellias - Early Season Flowering Japonicas, Camellias - Exceptionally Long Flowering Japonicas, Camellias - Late Season Flowering Japonicas, Camellias - Midseason Flowering Japonicas, Dwarf Sasanqua Camellias (2 to 5 feet high), Fragrant Camellias, Sasanquas, and Hybrids, Hardy Hibiscus (a.k.a. Provide soil microbes, mycorrhizae (beneficial fungi), earthworms,and even nematode predators the necessary organic matter and ecosystem to thrive while their actions aid in improving soil tilth and or friability (think of this as the ease with which roots are able to penetrate the soil). Zones 9-11 as a perennial, but you can treat it like an annual in other Zones. Provide soil temperature moderation preventing premature soil warming in winter and providing a cooler root zone in summer. Useful as a substitute for annuals in sunny flower beds or containers. Perennial Hibiscus), Chartreuse Foliage/Stems or Marked with Chartreuse, Maroon, Burgundy, or Purplish-Red Foliage/Stems or Marked with those or similar colors, Orange Foliage/Stems or Marked with Orange, Purple Foliage/Stems or Marked with Purple, Silver or Gray Foliage/Stems or Marked with Gray or Silver, Yellow Foliage/Stems or Marked with Yellow, Shopping Cart Items: 0 The flowers are a gorgeous mixture of coral, orange, pink, and yellow. Annual in Zones 1-8, perennial in Zones 9-11. If you do not know your zone you can find it using the link below. This information is based on our years of experience both gardening and growing plants, input from other horticulturists, nursery people, gardeners, and research. Bandana ® Lemon Zest Lantana camara. Details . Lantana. Lucky Red. Details . you will see these abbreviations usually between two lower case words at the end of the botanical name. Details . Evergreen in frost-free areas; treat as … An excellent choice for attracting butterflies and other pollinators to your garden. Dallas Red Lantana has long been popular for its profusion of flowers that open a dark orange and fade to a brilliant red. Lantana. It is a reliable bushy form which can get 5 to 6 feet (1.5-2 m.) tall in one season. In many parts of the US and Canada lantana function as an annual. Lantana. They may be propagated via division or cuttings but can also be grown from seed depending on the plant and what is required to maintain them true to type. This is certainly on of the best larger growing red flowered Lantana cultivars. Under poor growing conditions plants may be slightly to significantly smaller, whereas excellent growing conditions can produce larger more vigorous plants. Each zone is separated by 10oF and the map was updated in 2012. Some varieties act as a tender perennial in Zones 7-8. Little Lucky Lantanas bloom up to 3 weeks earlier than other compact lantanas and set few seeds, which means they have far fewer berries, and therefore remain focused on flowering their heart out. Provide shade for the soil to help reduce moisture loss and prevent weed seed germination. Lantana camara 'American Red'. Varieties: Lantana Little Lucky Peach Glow, Lantana Camara Landmark Citrus, Lantana Camara Landmark Peach Sunrise, Lantana Little Lucky Red, Lantana Lucky Lavender, Lantana Lucky White, Lantana Athens Rose, Lantana Silver Mound, Lantana Texas Flame, Lantana Bandana Red, Lantana Radiation Lantana can be trimmed back at anytime to shape or to promote increased branching. Luscious ® Royale Red Zone ™ Lantana camara. If the plant is a true species and not a hybrid or cultivar this shows where it is normally found naturally. So which mulch is our favorite? Lantanas are excellent free flowering perennials that love the heat and the sun. Acidic or Strongly Acidic - pH less than 5.5; Mildly Acidic - pH 5.6-6.5; Neutral - pH 6.6-7.3; Mildly Alkaline - pH 7.4-8.4; Alkaline or Strongly Alkaline pH higher than 8.4. USDA Cold Hardiness Zones were established to give gardeners, horticulturists, farmers, nurseries, and landscape architects a universal way to describe where a plant will survive with regard to average winter lows for a region. Container Plant Growing Guide - includes uppotting, repotting, potting soil selection, proper watering techniques for containers, what does brown or yellow foliage and green soil indicate, and more, See our Planting A New Plant In the Garden or Landscape, How To, and General Growing Guide for basic planting, initial watering and estabishment watering in instructions. There may be some variation in species that are seed grown, which many of our 'species plants' often are, in order to help maintain genetic diversity. Its coloring is just right for adding brilliance to the tropical-inspired landscape. Details . Profuse red and yellow color year-round! They can be cut back to near ground level in winter. Rest assured, when you buy cold hardy perennial Lantana plants for sale online from Wilson Bros Gardens, we safely ship the highest quality container-grown specimens that are ready upon arrival to plant and thrive for years to come in your gardens - Guaranteed! Acid loving plants that are grown under alkaline conditions often exhibit nutrient deficiencies since the roots are not able to draw some types of minerals from the soil. ), and subforms (subf.) These plants grow very fast to fill in a young landscape, or use as a single-season makeover plant. Bandana ® Cherry Sunrise Lantana camara. Lantana 'Evita Red' Evita Red is a strong grower with lots of flowers -- in fact, it's one of the better-performing lantana varieties in our Trial Garden! An excellent low hedge or accent shrub. Bandana ® Cherry Lantana camara. ... Luscious ® Royale Red Zone ™ Lantana camara. Provide a protective mulch in winter where hardiness is questionable. Full Sun - 8 hours or more of direct sunlight; Partial Sun or Partial Shade - 4-6 hours of direct sunlight; AM Sun or Morning Sun or Cool Sunlight - cool sunlight but usually in the shade during the heat of the day; Light Shade - Bright indirect sunlight for much of the day; Filtered Shade - may receive some amount of direct moving sunlight like through trees but usually not for any extended period especially during the heat of the day; Shade - no or very little direct sunlight, especially not during the heat of the day. For elegant red, orange and yellow blooms, try ‘New Red.’ ‘Samantha’ is bright yellow and has variegated foliage. Check size and habit information for the specific variety you are choosing to make sure it fits your needs. Lantana are loaded with flower power and normally flower continuously from late spring to frost. Showing 1 - 15 of 18. Lantana are only second to Porterweed in our garden for their ability to attract butterflies! Red Spread Lantana produces clusters flowers that open orange and then darken to deep rich red on a mounding to spreading plant. Vigorous, Lantana 'Little Lucky™ Red' (Bigleaf Lantana) is a sun-loving evergreen shrub forming a compact bushy mound of dark green foliage which gets abundantly covered with brightly colored flower clusters from late spring to fall. Gardenias, for instance, may need to be sprayed with chelated iron. This durable and reliable perennial is moderately drought tolerant, deer resistant, salt tolerant, and is generally pest free. Spring through summer, infuse your perennial border with incredibly dense coverage of passionate color. With cultivars you will also typically see the cultivar name in quotes at the end of the botanical or scientific name. If this does not say specifically that a plant is resistant to windborne or aerosol salts then we simply do not have that data available at this time. The blooms are a mix of orange, red, and yellow on plants that grow 24 inches tall and 36 inches wide.   Sub-Total : The flowers typically change color as they mature, resulting in inflorescences that are two- or three-colored. If the plant is a "cultivar" (CULTIvated VARiety) and if the data is available, it shows who developed, discovered it, hybridized it, and introduced it as well as the year it was introduced. Feet are represented by a single quote and inches by a double quote. Our zones do not always agree but we try to use our own experience as to what can be depended on to return or have known reputable gardens and or horticulturists to reliably grow that plant in zones that are usually colder but sometimes warmer than what other resources have available. For more on stretching your cold hardiness zones see the "Do you know the many benefits of an organic mulch" below. In areas where treated as an annual, plants can reach 3 to 4 feet tall and 1 to 3 feet wide in a single growing season. From spring into summer, this stunning introduction infuses with incredibly dense coverage of intense, passionate color. Exposure: The information listed above that has a black arrow symbol, ‣, before the property name is expandable (just click on it anywhere) and it will contain additional details and a more in-depth description of the terms that we use in this plant's description. Lantana Horrida. The plant prefers morning and afternoon sun, with shade in the midday heat. With forms (form or forma), varieties (var. Other colors exist as new varieties are being selected. Provide insulation to protect the crowns of tender perennials and die-back perennials giving gardeners up to an extra half a zone of winter warmth allowing us to grow that which we normally could not.

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