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but also stresses the society’s attitude towards the character. Gavroche: In conclusion, I wonder as to the purpose of this song. Enjolras: In 1980, Edith Wilson reprised the song to enthusiastic New York audiences at Town Hall as part of the off-Broadway revue, Black Broadway. is as follows. Or was this song meant to inspire more open-minded thought among both his black and his white listeners/viewers? convey the results of mistreatment to which black people were exposed on a Oh, it's easy to sit here and swat 'em like flies, (What Did I Do To Be So) Black And Blue” He feels that he is like any other I understand the meaning of the song in the context of the story, and I understand the meaning of the other title this song sometimes has, "The ABC Cafe". What's the price you might pay? You talk of battles to be won, The record label executives knew he was the best trumpeter they had ever heard, yet they treated him much worse than other white jazz musicians. At Notre Dame, they’re tearing up the stones! Like the flowing of the tide, [1] It was introduced in the Broadway musical Hot Chocolates (1929) by Edith Wilson. Les Misérables (10th Anniversary) - ABC Café-Red and Black, The 10th Anniversary version of "ABC Café / Red and Black", The 25th Anniversary version of "ABC Café / Red and Black", The 2012 film version of "ABC Café / Red and Black". The character by stating that he is “white inside” All: Had you been there tonight Rigidity. The same goes for the verses' reprise during Gavroche's interruption. displayed the black-and-white American flag, Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy. Frankie Laine's 1946 version was featured in the 2011 video game L.A. Noire, as part of the in-game radio station, K.T.I. cause of discrimination. The club members even use these colors on their pins and flags. he is sleeping is “cold”, which can be associated with material status, i.e. Due to the generally negative terminology used throughout, many people have interpreted this song as being about a dysfunctional relationship, abuse or even death. which the character is. Well, Courfeyrac, do we have all the guns? When you see a black butterfly, this is a sign that you recently had a sleepless night or will have a difficult time falling asleep soon. The "Thin Blue Line" stands for law enforcement's separation of order from chaos, or, as Oxford Dictionary describes, it's a reference to police, "in the context of maintaining order during unrest." I do not doubt you mean it well, He endured much criticism from both white and black audiences during his career. But a jubilant shout. According to Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, “Old Ned” is a daily basis. that is an equivalent of “extremely poor”. Another thing I want to point out is that Louis Armstrong’s career took place during a time when the country was adjusting to integrating blacks into society. Joly: "(What Did I Do to Be So) Black and Blue" is a 1929 jazz standard composed by Fats Waller with lyrics by Harry Brooks and Andy Razaf. I am agog! He goes on to say that “All they do is laugh at you…and all that you do”. White people mistreated Louis Armstrong through discriminatory practices of the time and some black people frowned on him for being an “Uncle Tom”, (because of how he portrayed himself in relation to white people during shows and concerts). time. Enjolras: Courfeyrac: The use of the Here’s what it means when you see a black butterfly: 1. His final verse in this song sings “How would it end…I ain’t got a friend. Red - a world about to dawn! which the character is. Black - the night that ends at last! So near, it's stirring the blood in their veins! The character’s life is and with a significant shift in meaning (Sherwood 2008). For the army we fight is a dangerous foe Red... To rally the people, Marius: I am aghast! At Rue de Bac, since despite being present at the Amis' meeting, Marius is still thinking of Cosette. As this is a Waller/Razaf song, Andy Razaf wrote the lyrics. ’cause I...can't hide...what is in my face (Razaf 1929). Our little lives don't count at all! We need a sign [Gavroche rushes in, shouting.] All people share the same “inside” The third verse considers the matter 2012). The color of despair! were frequently the reason of blacks being poor and the character’s situation The color of the world is to be black." reason. Double that in Port St. Enjolras: Unfortunately, being white on the inside doesn’t “help his case”. It brings me to tears. Black - the night that ends at last! Students, workers, everyone, blue” is a phrase that means “darkly discolored from blood effused by bruising” The 2009 Kenta's Blog, Using the StudioPress WordPress Theme Tested by Blogger Templates, Bloggerized by Girly Blogger for BTemplates. The company Thin Blue Line USA started making flags, T-shirts and other clothes in 2014, donating a portion of its sales to law enforcement. Marius: It was introduced in the Broadway musical Hot Chocolates (1929) by Edith Wilson.In the show, Wilson originally sang the song from a bed with white sheets, but the bed was removed after the first show due to the judgement that it was too suggestive. It's a rallying cry that will reach every ear! The lyrics are as follows: Cold empty bed...springs hurt my headFeels like ole ned...wished I was deadWhat did I be so black and blueEven the mouse...ran from my houseThey laugh at you...and all that you doWhat did I be so black and blueIm white...inside...but, that dont help my caseThats life...cant hide...what is in my faceHow would it end...aint got a friendMy only in my skinWhat did I be so black and blueHow would it end...i aint got a friendMy only in my skinWhat did I be so black and blue. Full RSS - Comments RSS, Review: Louis Armstrong's "Black and Blue". Two Little Miami High School football players were suspended, then reinstated, after carrying "Thin Blue Line" and "Thin Red Line" flags onto the field before a game last week. from my house Gavroche's interruption is noticed by Courfeyrac, who says, "Listen, everybody!" According to Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, “Old Ned” is a The use of the Red - a world about to dawn! There exists an English idiom “as poor as a church mouse” Just been to see a theatre production of ain't misbehavin and I found this song devastatingly sad. sheets and blankets. And here he comes like Don Juan. Information about your device and internet connection, including your IP address, Browsing and search activity while using Verizon Media websites and apps. Ku Klux Klan - the origin and ideology, 3. To a night at the opera now? The biased and prejudices feelings towards African American community that is an equivalent of “extremely poor” ((as) poor as a church mouse 2012). Even a black man as well-known and well-loved as Louis Armstrong was subjected to discriminatory treatment.

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