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Rain was always one of the things I liked in school. I often find it difficult to actually concentrate on something when not in library but somewhere else for example at home or any other public place. This sound generator has helped me a lot since it reduces extra stress and helps me concentrate. I only use this at night because it doesnt work when the sun is out. 1.Download and Install Android Emulator on PC,Laptop,Tablet.Click “Download Emulator” to download. This is fantastic, I have trouble focusing really bad on tasks, and the subtle rain sound, along with some lo-fi really helps me get work done! Ease away into a relaxing night of sleep with Rain Rain. Relax your body & mind with the beautiful high quality rain sounds. She could see the beautiful city glowing as she walked out to her deck. ♥  When the rain droplets sing, I feel peace. So many people said this before me BUT, I cannot stress enough how well it helps. This has helped me find myself as I always turn to myNoise when I need to meditate, reminisce or introspect. Not much helps with my sleep insomnia, but last night I had such a deep sleep, not even my family snoring in the next room woke me up! I was able to tune this generator to mask the frequency of the noise. 2.Run Android Emulator on PC, Laptop or Tablet. 250Hz • ♥  When the rain droplets sing, I feel peace. I used rain noise mainly to mask my tinnitus, but a year later I noticed - I could sleep without it. Sometimes, nights where I live are really really windy. I am so lucky to have discovered this website and thankful to Dr P for creating this, it has helped me concentrate and study for my exams despite all the distractions. The white noise setting (and the high frequencies in general) is very helpful for blocking out mouth noises in audio recording of people speaking, which is good for youtube and podcasts! It also includes lots of minor improvements throughout Rain Rain for an overall better experience. The rain noise is honestly so calming and helps me focus when I am studying. This helps me soooo much, I never thought it would since little things like even the sound of a fan would do a good job of keeping me up at night, but I was quite pleasantly surprised by this. But I have realised something as I lay away my life on this deathbed. Doing so achieves a higher efficiency, and quieter masking noise levels. You can even customize the sounds as you like! Perfect for getting out the midday stress. I can finally get normal sleep again thanks to you. Helps me focus while working on schoolwork and very relaxing. Nowadays, I still use it for schoolwork, but I found that its fantastic to fall asleep to, especially when paired with rain.today. Thank you so much! Insane Aquarium Deluxe - Feed Fishes! The sound of rain is one of the most relaxing sounds in existence. The best sleep has been made by this wonderful website! Paired with some relaxing piano, this sound generator has helped me fall asleep, study, and relax during a panic attack. I made this to go with "The Pilgrim" noise generator. But due to the internet I have been on a not so structured sleep schedule like I used to be I find myself up all night on my phone tablet or computer all night texting searching or finishing work. I feel like it is raining outside my window! You can enjoy twelve different rain sounds: ★ Perfect Storm★ Rain on Window★ Rain on Leaves★ Light Rain★ Evening Lake★ Rain on Roof★ Rain on Sidewalk★ Calm Beach★ Peaceful Water★ Rain on Tent★ Ocean Rain★ Rainy Evening★ Thunderstorm. I've used static sounds before now but find them a little irritating. This is amazing, I have been using your site for a while, and could never find just the right sound, but this one, is so relaxing. Gentle Rain at night (No Music, No Thunder) Steady Rain for 3 Hours with a Dark Screen - the Rain is just visible. ♥ I feel more concentrated when doing my work with this because it's relaxing. → Enjoy the free web version, or try the iOS/Android app with additional features. So I turned to this site and play the rain as loud as the music. Thank you for maintaining my sanity! When the thunder roars, I get nothing but shudders down my spine. It's the perfect background noise for focus, and for drowning out those peskey key slammers that I find so distracting. Walking down the street, under an umbrella. I listen to it with Mozart to help me study :). ♥  This has been truly helpful to me, I've been having the worst day today, and I was so happy to come home and listen to this. By adding tag words that describe for Games&Apps, you're helping to make these Games and Apps be more discoverable by other APKPure users. The rain is calming and really helps me focus. ♥ This website is the best, I love using it when I need to drown out the sounds of my classmates in school when I have a headache. Thank you so much!!! I found this thanks to Jacksepticeye playing The final station! Perfect for pairing with piano music and ocean waves. I am grateful for this website! Very cool studying vibes. I am an insomniac and have had trouble sleeping, but playing this through the speaker has allowed me to sleep better. It's running day and night. Requires iOS 11.3 or later. ♥ I've always loved the sound of the rain. Thank you so much! I always feel more upbeat when it's raining, and just the sound definitely helps keep me upbeat. Definitely de-stresses me and helps me get work done! So I did! I think you have created a new art form. © 2013-2020 Dr. Ir. To mask undesirable noises, focus on bands sharing the same tone as the noise you want to cover. ♥  Download Rain Sounds apk 3.5.1.RC-GP-Free(61) for Android. Great website, really immersive atmosphere. So relaxing! ♥ Amazing! I was doing my homework and unable to focus. I found this thanks to Jacksepticeye playing The final station! Appuntamento allo stand n° B55 del pad. It's running day and night. I love customising the rain sounds as it helps me play the sounds depending on my mood, like with a bigger bass when I am sad or a higher treble for something face-paced. I absolutely love this website! This helps me relax and focus. 125Hz • If you have any comment or suggestion please let us know so we can make this app better. Rain Noise + The Fireplace + Distant Thunder + 88 Keys. The Fade-out Timer learns your preferences and automatically starts the next time you use Rain Rain.BEDTIME REMINDER: The first step to a better night's sleep is a healthy sleep schedule. This is really relaxing and helps whenever I'm doing something and need background noise to help me focus. Alone, the rain is a soft, low, and comforting. i'm not really sure how vulgar I can be in these or not, but The rain noise is honestly so calming and helps me focus when I am studying. ←. I'm in such a good place listening to this. Rain Rain® helps you fall asleep fast! Thank you so much!!! Love this with the fire noise generator. I could still hear my tinnitus, it just didn't bother me anymore. Megan just moved into her dream apartment in New York City. ♥  I use this noise generator every single day in the office and it is absolutely fantastic. ♥  Would definitely recommend this! ♥ ← This setting makes you feel like there's a storm gathering, but you know your safe. I really enjoy this generator! This setting has a fairly even spectrum of rain, with a good bit of thunder that isn't too loud. I know what my triggers are, but I can't always prevent a headache from cropping up. “There has to be something” I siad to myself day after day scrolling my phone for an app that would help me fall asleep and stay asleep. :) This is only half of it, hope u like it! They really calm me down and help me pay attention. ♥  Decided to give it a go myself. I don't react to the sounds of doors slamming and angry muttering much any more. This is fantastic, I have trouble focusing really bad on tasks, and the subtle rain sound, along with some lo-fi really helps me get work done! This is by far the most relaxing noise, that I can make by adjusting the sound. Nature Melody — Soothing, Calming, and Relaxing Sounds to Relieve Stress and Help Sleep Better (Free), Relax Sounds - Relaxing Nature & Ambient Melodies - Help for Better Sleep, Baby Calming, White Noise, Meditation & Yoga. If you like this generator, try Rain on a Tent, White Rain or Distant Thunder, the other rain noise generators available from this website. I have heard other Rain generators online as well but this is so natural, the best of all of them. ♥ I have really bad adult onset ADHD, which causes me to not be able to focus on reading very well. Thanks so much for creating this!! A real lifesaver for my at-home work. Put any relaxing music in the background with this. myNoise's rain generator has worked wonders for my hyperactive brain. My productivity and stress levels thank you, and I cannot recommend this site enough! It's still a struggle, but Rain Noise really helps! Helpful tools to hone your sleep schedule. ♥ I couldn't concentrate on writing my essay due tomorrow, so I turned to this generator to block out background talking and clear my head, and I was surprised by all the settings, and I absolutely love it! I've used static sounds before now but find them a little irritating. This setting has a fairly even spectrum of rain, with a good bit of thunder that isn't too loud. ♥  I love this one! I have more homework than I ever had in my life. Show More. Ever since I found this site, my essays and assignments have been so much easier to complete.

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