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"Masking up as a Black Bloc encouraged popular participation in public property destruction and violence against the state and capitalism. ‘Toronto Tomorrow’ Book Design Design of the four-volume proposed masterplan by Sidewalk Labs that will transform the city’s eastern waterfront into one of the most innovative districts in the world. The first thing to know in this regard is that "black bloc" is more of a "what" than a "who": it's a tactic used by groups of protesters who most-often identify as anarchists, anti-fascists, anarcho-communists or anti-capitalists. A warning was issued that a group by the name of Black Bloc will be coming from Quebec to riot. The team built an overarching framework and template structure that supports narrative logic and visual consistency across the wide range of content. These groups are known for infiltrating large street protests to vandalize, loot, perpetuate violence otherwise cause damage to society. This is not what George Floyd would have wanted. Protesting During Coronavirus. "As everyone quickly figured out, having a massive group of people all dressed the same with their faces covered not only helps in defending against the police, but also makes it easier for saboteurs to take the offensive against storefronts, banks and any other material symbols and power centers of capitalism and the state," the piece continues. You can find additional webinars here. The Women’s March is proud to support The Movement for Black Lives in their call to #DefundPolice. ... — Toronto Police Operations (@TPSOperations) September 26, 2020. Browse Events ✌ Post Events✊Contact Us✌Subscribe✌2020 Now, in 2020 we know that sewing can be more than just unifying, it can be life saving. For people quibbling w “actual protesters” - the black bloc types aren’t attached to a cause. Rumours are swirling that "Black Bloc members" or "a group called the Black Bloc" will be descending upon Toronto from Montreal this weekend to raise hell under the guise of protesting. Digital Defenders will learn everything you need to know about online advocacy so that you can fight for progressive values without getting out of your pajamas. You have to keep your eye out for these Black Bloc anarchist dbags at every protest. Anti-war rally? Want to see more? InRead More →, 10am • Pershing Square • 11/7 Trump has been stealing the election and threatening violence for months, with all this rising to a crescendo in the days before the election. Want to learn more? But we can’t do it alone. Defund the Police. Organizers can post information about protests and rallies and spread the word Their hateful post are not simply “one-off” remarks (though even then, they would not be acceptable) to be ignored. A warning was issued that a group by the name of Black Bloc will be coming from Quebec to riot. Act Now To Oppose Trump’s Attempt To Steal The Election #TrumpPenceOutNow. We’re mobilizing. DO NOT PROTEST SATURDAY NIGHT! "In response to violent state oppression radical activists developed the tactic of the Black Bloc: they went to protests and marches wearing black motorcycle helmets and ski masks and dressing in uniform black clothing," reads an account by the multi-lingual anarchy resource A-infos. We continue to monitor and will respond, if necessary, to ensure the safety of everyone involved.". Mayor John Tory revealed on Wednesday the city had recieved unspecified threats from people who "want to wreak havoc downtown" this weekend. They are not allies. 2020-03-19. "* Toronto's initial protest was held on May 31, after the death of 29-year-old Regis Korchinski-Paquet. Protest held to 'end the lockdown' in downtown Toronto. "I can tell you that through my frontline officers the vast majority of people that have gone to protests in the City of Toronto have been peaceful," continued Saunders. The intersection of race, class, sexuality, and gender is the foundation of that future. comments, Toronto and American celebrity chefs bicker over winner of U.S. election, Toronto just broke a surprising weather record, Ontario is moving Peel out of Stage 2 and into the COVID-19 red zone, Toronto's new Science Centre subway station is shaping up to be gorgeous, Toronto startup launches toolkits for raising anti-racist children, One of Toronto's most dangerous streets for cyclists is getting protected bike lanes, TTC is shutting down 7 subway stations all weekend long, Craigslist apartment ad skewers Toronto's response to the affordable housing crisis, Sign up for our free email newsletter. ", They are Black Bloc. Large protest scheduled for tomorrow in Toronto. Protesters can join a black bloc by dressing entirely in black and obscuring their identities with scarves, sunglasses, face masks, motorcycle helmets or anything else that will protect them from being ID'd (or pepper sprayed) by police. Browse Protests and Rallies. A protest is scheduled to take place through downtown Toronto today to honour Black lives that have been lost at the hands of police. At you can Find Protests and Rallies happening Nationwide. This is not what George Floyd would have wanted. Organizers can post information about protests and rallies and spread the word TPS Chief Mark Saunders said similarly yesterday during a press conference that his officers have the resources necessary to defend against whatever threats to public safety may surface. When asked about rumours of black bloc tactics being used to potentially incite riots during peaceful protests locally on Saturday, Toronto Police Services said the following: "We are aware of various social media posts regarding protest activity in the city. AFT Nurses & Teachers: Frontline Responders to a Pandemic, How to Talk to Your Kids About Coronavirus, Disability Justice in the Time of Coronavirus. Large protest scheduled for tomorrow in Toronto. Modern "black bloc" groups have been making headlines in North America since at least 1999, when a mob of black-clad anarchists intentionally damaged the locations of several multinational retailers in downtown Seattle during protests against the World Trade Organization. Check out the map below to find a Women2Women Circle in your community or click here to start your own. Vocabulary and behavior change for white women who want to work to dismantle white supremacy, and support for BIPOC women during a time of social change, Excitement around organizing to build new systems of public health and community safety while changing existing ones (i.e. is calling on everyone to meet this unprecedented, screaming emergency with massive, non-violent protests in every city and town that continue until the Trump/Pence regime is gone. Join the movement: We’re marching. Sounds like window-smashing time. Sticky. We are focusing on lifting up the following themes from our ongoing work: Resonance around embodied and spirited transformation. Alt-right trolls are radicalizing America’s youth online. This is our small way to channel energy into sustained organizing to bring about the new world we so desperately need. In: All States Nationwide **If you choose to attend a Rally, we encourage everyone to take precautions, be responsible in public by following CDC guidelines, observe social distancing, and to please wear a face mask. So who are these mystery d*ckheads? Tomorrow is the day to spread the message, love and peace! Here at the Women’s March we are doing everything we can to keep our community informed amid the spread of coronavirus and the changes it’s bringing to our lives. Black bloc tactics were also blamed for violence during the aforementioned G20 summit in Toronto and for riots in D.C. on the day of U.S. President Donald Trump's inauguration, among other major events. Police already know. Get all the swag you need to be ready to flood Washington! Large protest scheduled for tomorrow in Toronto. This is not what George Floyd would have wanted. 4 min read ... “Tomorrow I will host and gather with more than 25 friends, an offence under these authoritarian laws,” said Hillier on Tuesday.

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