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Also some of the sites listed are more focussed on professional users rather than the general public. It should show the proposed development in relation to the site boundaries and other existing buildings on site with the dimensions specified including those to the boundaries. F91 PP44. It’s easy to forget things are different north of the border! View our guidance to help you better understand what your location plan and site plan should look like (PDF). In another you say that purchasing a map from OS (directly or otherwise) would mean compliance with the regulations. Louth County Council has implemented a new intuitive map based planning application viewer. Pre-application consultation (PAC) Highways planning liaison Hi Dave, I’ve passed this on to my colleagues in Customer Services as they’re best placed to answer your series of questions. Hi Tom, not sure what comment you are referring to. Apologies, I’ll get that fixed now. EPlan - Online Planning Search; Online Planning Maps; News & Publications; Heritage and Conservation; Development Plans ; Enforcement and Unfinished Estates; Quarries; Council Proposals; Environmental Impact Assessment Reports (EIAR) UK Planning Maps is a quick and easy source of maps and plans for your planning applications. What a surprise. The link to Ordnance Survey Mapping and Data Centres on this page ( is still broken! National Planning Application Map Viewer. Your email address will not be published. We do not sell planning application maps ourselves, but large scale OS maps, centred on a location of your choice, are available from a number of our Partners. The search did have our address as the criteria? Planning news - 24 September 2020. Hi, Any questions, please give us a call. Search for planning applications using our interactive map. Many thanks, Jocelyn, I have a large development next door to myself and on the far side my neighbor for 2 years the developer has used false block plans and has moved my and my neighbors house by 1meter further forward and has claimed a false building line this has been refused 4 times by building control but our council would like it accepted, on questioning, the architect insists these are O/S maps ,these plainly are not is this not illegal to use false documents to gain planning approval, Thanks for the message, but unfortunately we cannot advise you on boundary disputes. Hope this helps, Jocelyn. The boundaries are marked on my map but which fence am I responsible to renew please. You can highlight areas in a red or blue boundary and add your own notes. It only takes a couple of minutes to register and when doing so you specify a … Local Authorities and Land Registry are aware of this so it should not affect planning applications or land registration. Tel: 090 6637100. I regularly supply maps to clients that are not representative of the actual boundaries because the OS mapping needs updating. Need a planning permission map sample before you buy? Most planning applications need a location plan which shows the proposal in its surrounding context and a site plan (also known as a block plan) which shows the development in more detail, it needs to display any roads and/or buildings on land adjoining the application site. 1920 Local Elections Commemorative Booklet, N4 Carrick on Shannon to Dromod Project - Constraints Public Consultation, Part 8 Harristown Traveller Accommodation Project, Business Restart Grant - Important Information. Search for a planning application. Email: In addition to Planning alerts you can also choose to receive other types of alerts (E.g. THANK YOU Explore. Please check out our range on ‘My Online Services’ available above. I hope that’s a useful guide, but if you have any thoughts, opinions or advice to share on making a planning application please feel free to leave a comment. View our guidance to help you better understand what your location plan and site plan should look like, Buy a location or site plan to support your application, Department for Communities and Local Government, The size and position of the existing building (and any extensions proposed) in relation to the property boundary, The position and use of any other buildings within the property boundary. City Hall. If that seems like a lot to get right (and it is! All buildings, roads and footpaths on land adjoining the site including access arrangements, All public rights of way crossing or adjoining the site, The position of all trees on the site and those on adjacent land, The extent and the type of any hard surfacing. Decisions Accompanied by EIS. If you are not sure whether your plans are suitable or require further assistance you should contact your Local Planning Authority for advice. In Wales, the official guidance does not allow applications to be invalidated on any of those grounds – the validation requirements WG specify state ‘a location plan’ and it seems different authorities interpret this differently. Extensions to existing private houses/garages, other minor buildings within private gardens and internal fences, are currently outside our revision policy. Why do you think there are only 4 approved planning map providers. (2) When was the 2012 “current” Ordnance Survey data (used by HM Land Registry) on the Title Plan for LAN129530 in 2012 superseded by the data issued to HM Land Registry and used thereby in the creation of a Limitation Plan on 23 July 2013? Any questions, please give us a call. Most planning applications require a location plan and a site plan (also known as a block plan), to be submitted as supporting documents. Thanks for getting in touch. Subscribe to Galway County Councils FREE MapAlerter service to receive a weekly notification email of any Planning activity relating to a location of interest. Some local authorities might also require a ‘Block Plan’ (sometimes called a site plan) which outlines the development in a larger scale, but not necessarily in greater detail.

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