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Are local governments considering remote telework policies for the long term? U pdated May 21 to reflect Facebook's decision to make telework permanent.. T elecommuting is the new reality for many U.S. employees. These early-career leaders already are having an outsized impact on government IT. A new emphasis on telework at the Defense Department in response to the COVID-19 pandemic could change work culture at the Pentagon, officials said. Ellen Ishimoto made the comments Tuesday as part of the two-day online California Virtual Digital Government Summit, presented by Government Technology* magazine. The Telework Essentials Toolkit is designed to assist business leaders, IT staff, and end users in their transition to a secure, permanent telework environment through simple, actionable recommendations. All company employees can continue working from home as long as they see fit, even after stay at home orders are lifted. What is Channel Shift and Why is it Important for Local Government? The Marines increased their virtual private network capacity to 60,000 simultaneous workers, up about 80%. A Government Accountability Office report released April 13 found that DOD has fallen short when it comes implementing proper cyber hygiene methods across the organization. The pivot to telework-friendly tools seems to be spreading in the national security arena. Ellen Ishimoto, the state's acting chief technology officer, said the remote-work convention, forced by COVID-19, has been a success for the state and is changing norms. The new capability would need an Impact Level 5 that keeps the "same functionality" as CVR, which allows communication between access levels and with users outside of the Department of Defense Information Network, and permits users to bring their own approved devices. It now has 900,000 user accounts with 250,000 added in a single day, officials said at an April 13 briefing. That process will take several more months as the standards are being vetted with the public employee unions representing state workers. In fact, 61% of local governments allowed staff to work from home when possible during the pandemic, according to survey research from American City and County. The Defense Department wants to convert its key telework tool, the Commercial Virtual Remote (CVR) environment, to a permanent capability by next summer, according to John Sherman, DOD's principal deputy CIO. We are leaders in government software solutions and services. It’s more important than ever for local governments to use technology that’s scalable and flexible in the face of disruption. For example, if a telework employee with a varying work location works at least twice each bi-weekly pay period on a regular and recurring basis in the same locality pay area in which the established official worksite is located, the employee need not report at least twice each bi-weekly pay period to that official worksite to maintain entitlement to the locality payment for that area. "There is going to be an enhanced teleworking capability that will be sustained at the end of COVID-19," he added. Permanent Telework? (DOD photo by Marvin Lynchard). The State Telework Guide has now been posted online. Our development services provide the customization our clients require. CVR currently holds a cloud security level of Impact Level 2, which is sufficient to support telework, he said. In a letter responding to the report, Deasy said DOD would combine existing scorecards to improve data needed for senior leadership's decision making, but that it was not possible to eliminate risk. 5 U.S.C. Their resources were stretched as well, so I really appreciate what they did for us,” she said. She can be contacted at [email protected], or follow her on Twitter @lalaurenista. These early-career leaders already are having an outsized impact on government IT. Now, some cities, counties, and municipalities are facing big questions about the future. COVID-19 precautions pushed many cities and counties into widespread remote work as well. This article was first posted to FCW, a sibling site to GCN. The GAO said DOD had not fully implemented cyber training briefings for DOD leadership or developed educational and training requirements for cyber workers. Over half (52%) of federal employees in this survey agreed that the pandemic will change how their agency views the value of telework. Sherman said that trend has continued with new threats increasing. California Virtual Digital Government Summit. Long-distance telework, also referred to as remote work, is a flexible work arrangement in which an employee works most or all of the time from a different geographic area. This goes beyond laptops and remote meetings. The Navy's telework capacity grew 150% to 250,000 workers due to COVID-19 measures, and there are additional plans to bring the total to 500,000 remote workers. But a permanent version of the capability has different security needs, Sherman said.

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