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Encyclopaedia Judaica. Industries here include sawmills, flour mills, and machinery factories. Norway is a very small country, with a population of 4.3 million and a GDP of just over 700 billion Norwegian kroner or $108 billion (about 1.8 percent the size of the U.S. GDP). Norway is one of the world's richest countries in per capita terms. including folktales, architecture, customs, clothing, mythology, music, and peasant dialects. (October 16, 2020). Freshwater - water with very low soluble mineral content; sources include lakes, streams, rivers, glaciers, and underground aquifers. 2, 1986; second edition, 1987), Oskar Mendelsohn, was awarded a knighthood, 1st Class, of the Royal Saint Olav Order in 1989 for his work on the history of the Norwegian Jews and in 1993 he received the gold medal of the Royal Norwegian Society of Sciences and Arts, the oldest Norwegian society of science (founded 1760), for his "comprehensive scientific work in the investigation of the history of the Jewish minority in Norway." During the late 1940s, Norway abandoned its former neutrality, accepted Marshall Plan aid from the United States, and joined NATO. Countries of the World and Their Leaders Yearbook 2009. . Since 1976, the upper secondary school system has also included vocational schools of various types, operated by the state, by local authorities, and by the industrial sector. Norway's climate is generally healthy. The maximum legal blood alcohol content level for driving a car in Norway is 0.2 per cent. 1967. Norway – 25,148 km, 9. Over the past 20 years, the Norwegian economy has grown steadily without heavy-handed government intervention. No automatic weapons are allowed into Norway for use or sale by private citizens or visitors. During that year, the institution may or may not reserve a place for the student in their chosen department. Orthodontic work is good and usually costs less than in the U.S. to explore North America. The quality is excellent, and frequent sales do appear for these items. The value-added tax (known in Norwegian as "VAT") is 23% of sale price and is paid on all goods and services, including food and clothing. The city has a disproportional large number of restaurants for a place of its size. The fund is primarily designed to help finance government programs once oil and gas resources become depleted. Until 1984, there was only a single radio channel. They are not likely to respond to offers of gifts or special privileges. Required Documents: Documentary requirements include, but are not limited to: a social report detailing the prospective adoptive parents' background, marriage, everyday life, interests and motives for wanting to adopt a child from abroad; Royal Norwegian Embassy inWashington 2720 34th St., NWWashington, D.C. 20008Tel: 202/333-6000Fax: 202/337-0870Email: [email protected]Web site:, Norway has Consulates General in New York, Houston, San Francisco and Minneapolis. Leisure time is an important resource for industrial workers, who in 2002 will have five weeks of vacation annually. The BISC has wide powers of intervention. Norway is also Europe's largest natural gas producer, and one of the largest natural gas exporters in the world. Upper secondary teachers must have a full university degree or professional experience in a vocational field, along with pedagogical training. There were 99 males for every 100 females in the country. All income from capital is taxable at 28%. 39. Norway's emergence as a major oil and gas producer in the mid-1970s transformed the economy. Many hunting areas are controlled and access can be expensive. *Cities: (2004) Capital—Oslo (pop. The kindergarten received some financial support from the city and soon became an important entry point for Jewish children and their parents into active participation in community life. Other trade goods receiving gradual tariff reductions were fish, agricultural products, and wine. See 47/2244-8550 (24 hours), consular fax 47/2256-2751. The Norwegians have for centuries been a population with only one ethnic heritage. At the United Nations, Norway frequently came out in support of Israel. Banking in Norway is very modern, automated, and computerized. In 2003, about 6.8% of the total land area was protected. Kjevik Airport is about nine miles from the center of town. Although students do not usually complete upper secondary school until 19 years of age, most put off higher education for a few years while gaining work experience. 202-333-6000) and consulates in Houston, Minneapolis (may be closed in 2008), New York, and San Francisco. Current enrollment at International numbers 95, with the many students from the United Kingdom. Scenic fjord, or sea inlet, winding deep into the mountainous coast of western Norway. Prices are 30-50 percent higher than in the U.S. for comparable "top-of-the-line" items. Known deposits of other minerals were small; they included limestone, quartz, dolomite, feldspar, and mica (flake). There are also a number of smaller private Norwegian airlines, the best known of which is the Braathens, serving both domestic and international destinations. “Allemannsretten” is a term which says that every man and woman in Norway has the right of public access. Nongovernmental organizations play an important role in supplementing this welfare system in partnership with the government. Oslo University Library (founded in 1811), has the largest academic library system in the country, with four libraries and a central administrative unit. Recent liberalization throughout Europe promises to change radically the structure of the Norwegian insurance industry as foreign firms tap into the market. Other policies include support for electric vehicles which means that half of all new cars bought in Norway are electric or hybrid . However, in December 2002, Prime Minister Kjell Magne Bondevik stated a new referendum would probably be held on EU membership. A Sampler of Norway's Folk Costumes, 1996. Examinations may be written, oral, or some combination of the two. 1914. Hordaland is the county with the most schools (350), and Nordland, More og Romsdal, Akershus, and Rogaland have more than 200 schools. Declines in petroleum extraction revenue may be offset by increased revenue from the extraction of natural gas. In total, 78.2% of all Norwegian exports are traded with the EU, and Norway receives 70.8% of its imports from the EU. ." 16 Oct. 2020 . A centrally organized and comprehensive school system was thought essential for this and to make a cohesive nation out of such a dispersed population. The Ministry of Justice and Police, the Department of Civil Affairs, has been designated as the Central Authority for Norway for the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction. However, the Norwegians rose in protest against this agreement and demanded their national right to self-determination. HOLIDAYS: New Year’s Day, 1 January; Labor Day, 1 May; National Independence Day, 17 May; Christmas, 25 December; Boxing Day, 26 December. Founded in 1966, it is situated on 15 acres in the western part of the city. Norwegian Trade Council in North America. posted its worse performance since World War I. Bondevik once again became Prime Minister, this time as head of a minority government with the Conservatives and Liberals in a coalition heavily dependent upon the right-populist Progress Party. The Norwegian economy is characterized by strong socialist and labor union traditions. Norway, country of northern Europe that occupies the western half of the Scandinavian peninsula.

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