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Stars: Nicolas Roeg $101.07M, PG This is his story. Pierce Bailey, R Action, Adventure, Fantasy. 157 min zergnet.src = (document.location.protocol == "https:" ? Christina Ricci, A washed-up musician teams up with a teacher and a kids show personality to protect young children from a sudden outbreak of zombies. Brad Greenquist, Votes: Director: 2553 watched 136 wanted: 3. | Jordana Brewster, Tom Atkins, | | Gross: Director: | 89 min 146 min | Dennis Widmyer John Boyega, "Days of Future Past" is a popular storyline in the Marvel Comics comic book The Uncanny X-Men issues #141 and #142, published in 1981. Celina Martin, Ellen Adair, PG-13 | Gross: | | Jessica Williams, | | A master magician named Eisenheim vies with Crown Prince Leopold of Vienna for the hand of noblewoman Sophie, the girl he once loved. 100 min Tom Holland Director: 100 min Ever since the first Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! | Director: Dale Midkiff, When a woman learns of an immortality treatment, she sees it as a way to outdo her long-time rival. He changes when the person he saves helps him improve his public image. Three former parapsychology professors set up shop as a unique ghost removal service. Jackson Robert Scott, Stars: Kat Graham, R | Stars: Stars: Soon they find their lives spinning out of control and their bond tested as they embrace their darker sides. 130 min | | | | Sarah Jessica Parker, Summer Lenton, R Director: | Abigail Breslin, Votes: a high school girl played by Susan Myers who is bullied because of her being overweight (but not obese) gets revenge against her classmates by using her supernatural telekinetic powers, which her mother, played by Lelia Goldoni, also has, but not, it turns out, as powerful. Wes Craven John Hannah, Harry Potter Series 6. Billy Burke, | Sky High (2005) 5. A young boy and his grandmother have a run-in with a coven of witches and their leader. $28.05M, R 87 min Jolene Anderson, Stars: | Keith Thomas Stars: Fantasy, Horror, Thriller. Henry Thomas, Enzo, a lonely and misanthropic small time crook, uses the superpowers gained after falling in the Tiber river to chase down a crazy gangster called “The gypsy”. Grant Gustin, | Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi. Suraj Sharma, Votes: Tim Burton 55,616 | Stars: They set out to find the origin of Elsa's powers in order to save their kingdom. $101.07M, R $82.52M, PG Stars: 71,006 Action, Adventure, Horror. | Gross: Stars: Stars: Johnny Depp, Votes: Chloë Grace Moretz, $29.21M, R Stars: 193,747 PG-13 | Anthony Russo, Harold Ramis, Votes: James Cosmo, | National Geographic. Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi, Follows 20-year-old Drea, who reluctantly takes a job babysitting for a professor of a college she hopes to attend. | Finn Wolfhard, Christian Bale, 42,890 116 min Elizabeth Reaser, TV-14 | Christina Ricci, Adam Driver, Votes: Malky Goldman, Drama, Horror, Mystery. Mike Flanagan After hearing a young boy's cry for help, a sister and brother venture into a vast field of tall grass in Kansas but soon discover there may be no way out...and that something evil lurks within. | | Director: | However, he soon finds that every change he makes has unexpected consequences. | Horror, Sci-Fi. Kyliegh Curran, Marisol Ramirez, Votes: "https:" : "http:") + '//'; Andy Muschietti Eric Sykes, Votes: Anne Hathaway, | | Director: Carlos Valdes, R Cliff Curtis, R 435,752 | | Comedy, Family, Fantasy. Horror. Director: 124 min 151,592 Adventure, Drama, Family. Lars Klevberg | | Gross: Finn Wolfhard, Directors: Adventure, Family, Fantasy. Emilio Buale, Not Rated Director: Theo Rossi, Jamie Kennedy, | 108 min | Anna Kendrick, Votes: Directors: | Erin Moriarty, PG 350,705 Matthew Vaughn $211.59M, PG Jamie Dornan, | $44.02M, TV-MA Horror, Thriller. Geena Davis, Horror, Mystery, Thriller. | Stars: | | zergnet.type = 'text/javascript'; zergnet.async = true; 403,033 | | | As the fate of the Earth hangs in the balance, Raven with the help of Professor X must lead a team of young X-Men to stop their greatest nemesis and save mankind from complete destruction. Comedy, Fantasy. Stars: Horror, Mystery, Thriller. Ruby Modine, R Stars: Dianne Wiest, Votes: Beatrice Straight, Votes: Ian Somerhalder, Ethan Hawke, Action, Adventure, Drama. Stars: $504.01M, PG Danny Lloyd, Stars: | | Horror, Mystery, Thriller. $325.10M, PG-13 $238.63M, PG-13 92 min William Ragsdale, Stars: Meanwhile, the Resistance prepares for battle with the First Order. | | | Johnny Depp, 189,864 90 min | | | Gross: 103 min Stars: A teenage fugitive with an incredible secret races to stay one step ahead of the mysterious forces seeking destroy him in this sci-fi action thriller. Kyliegh Curran, A teenager with teleportation abilities suddenly finds himself in the middle of an ancient war between those like him and their sworn annihilators. Their lives irrevocably upended, the team must learn to harness their daunting new abilities and work together to save Earth from a former friend turned enemy. Kaya Scodelario, Horror, Mystery, Thriller. $75.08M, PG | Rian Johnson David Yarovesky Peter Capaldi, Stars: | Kat Stewart, R | Gross: Matthias Schoenaerts, 350,705 5.1. Years following the events of The Shining (1980), a now-adult Dan Torrance must protect a young girl with similar powers from a cult known as The True Knot, who prey on children with powers to remain immortal. Drama, Fantasy, Romance. Lili Taylor, Votes: Directors: Action, Adventure, Fantasy. Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi. 42 min | Jennifer Laporte, Animation, Family, Fantasy. Paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren work to help a family terrorized by a dark presence in their farmhouse. | KiKi Layne, 638,741 A young man must survive an island retreat while a sinister force hunts him, leaving bodies in its wake. The lives, loves, dangers and disasters in the town, Mystic Falls, Virginia. Millie Bobby Brown, Helena Bonham Carter, Votes: 84 min | Director: $327.48M, R Stars: Katja Herbers, 275,093 Apparently there are so many supernatural themed anime that tells about angels and demons . | Director: A man and woman are drawn together, entangled in the lifecycle of an ageless organism. 132 min Andrew Crawford, PG-13 Tom Hiddleston, (Photo by Fox; Hulu; WB) 12 Supernatural Teen Dramas by Tomatometer. Marwan Kenzari, PG-13 117 min | When a young boy disappears, his mother, a police chief and his friends must confront terrifying supernatural forces in order to get him back. Eddie Redmayne, Isaiah Mustafa, Votes: 95 min | Gross: | David Yates Stars: | 97 min | 85 min | Gross: 128 min | Shannon Elizabeth, Action, Comedy, Fantasy. Stars: Tell us what you think about this feature. | Adam Driver, Plagued by hallucinations and flashbacks, Singer rapidly falls apart as the world and people around him morph and twist into disturbing images. | Gross: | | Karan Soni, PG-13 Kelly Reilly, Director: Lana Parrilla, | Kurtis David Harder | | Domhnall Gleeson, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy. Mckenna Grace, Six strangers find themselves in a maze of deadly mystery rooms and must use their wits to survive. Daniel Radcliffe, | Director: Stars: Sheri Moon Zombie, | Michael Gambon, Votes: Action, Comedy, Fantasy. Family, Fantasy, Musical. 112 min

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