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An REU student would help construct and study additional indenofluorene scaffolds, thus further refining their design for optimal semiconductor properties. Tough class, tough grader - office hours are essential to attend as often hints/answers to quiz/exam problems are given.     Eugene, OR, Ph.D. 2013       Oceanside, CA, M.S. 2012 Hendrix College       Western New England University 2013 University of Oregon   Assistant Professor of Chemistry Overall, good class, learned a lot. He received both his Bachelor’s (1987) and Ph.D. (1991) degrees from Rice University working with Prof. Ed Billups on the chemistry of cyclopropenes and cycloproparenes. He gives lots of opportunities to prepare for exams, including 3 years of past exams to practice and an exam review session where he basically tells you what will be on the exam. His lectures are easy to follow.     Gunnison, CO, Ph.D. 2014 Land Law 1; Land Law 2 (Module Leader) Equity 1 (Module leader) Equity 2; Business Leases (Module Leader) Further information.       Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany, Ph.D. 2014 He does a great job at explaining the material, he is very willing to help, holds great review sessions, and his lectures are engaging.     Gunnison, CO, Ph.D. 2013   CEO   Senior Chemist View Michael Haley’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Formation of the donor-acceptor charge-transfer exciton and its contribution to charge photogeneration and recombination in small-molecule bulk heterojunctions Journal of Physical Chemistry C. 116: 18108-18116. 2010 University of Nevada, Reno He's tough but he truly cares about his students doing well. I have never been treated so unfairly at UO in my four years here. He curves the class at the end which is nice.       Organic Consultants, Inc.   Staff Scientist He gets upset when students understand things, and has actually refused to answer a student's question in office hours because he thought it was stupid.   Lecturer of Chemistry and Biology The professorship honors a senior faculty member in any sub-discipline within the Department of Chemistry and …   Staff Researcher Memorize everything and it will be easy as pie.       Organic Consultants, Inc.   Lecturer of Chemistry       Brewer Scientific, Inc. Haley is a great professor with lectures that are easy to follow.       Co-advised by Darren Johnson A challenging but great class. Prof. Haley is knowledgeable about o chem. Indenofluorene project, University of Copenhagen     Jean-Luc Brédas, KAUST He will tell you what you need to memorize, but he wants you to understand whats going on.       Los Alamos, NM. He doesn't care about students, and manipulates exams. Sensing project GO TO OFFICE HOURS.       Co-advised by Darren Johnson     Thermo Fisher, Inc. The trick to doing well: book problems, and practicing the reaction summary worksheets over and over again. well-recognized expert in the synthesis and study of aromatic and carbon-rich molecules with potential applications in materials science.     TranquiloChem       Los Alamos National Laboratory       Suprasensor Technologies Hometown: Reno, NV, G5 PhD Candidate       Pittsburgh, PA, Ph.D. 2008 While Professor Haley uses the slides the book gives him and isn't very original in his lecturing style, he's very very clear on what he excepts from his students. For Ochem his lectures were entirely taken from the book and he just read what was written on the slides. We have shown that IFs can be prepared gram quantities in good overall yields and in excellent purity. Prof Haley is organized but seems to thrive off students failures. He annotates the book, which is barely helpful and has a holier than thou attitude when it comes to student's questions. Given that our syntheses are modular (think molecular level Legos or Tinkertoys), most of the starting materials are readily available; thus, construction of the compounds would be straightforward. That being said, if you want to get an A in his class you have to do a lot of practice.       Suterra LLC Hometown: Houston, TX, G4 PhD Candidate Hometown: Conway, AR, G3 PhD Candidate Haley's tests will make your head spin. The course was very difficult but he did not make the material interesting or come up with his own notes. Going to office hours and reviewing as much as you can goes a long way. B.S. He also served as Head of the Department from 2008 to 2014. He joined the faculty at the University of Oregon in 1993 where he is   Assistant Professor Indenofluorene project, G6 PhD Candidate       Midland, MI, Ph.D. 2016   Post-doctoral Fellow   Assistant Professor of Chemistry       Bend, OR, Ph.D. 1999   Group Leader Hometown: North Bend, WA, Post-doctoral Fellow 11/2010-11/2012       Abu Dhabi, Ph.D. 2007 Electron-Accepting Organic Semiconductors That being said however, Haley does a wonderful job in preparing his students for their futures (some test... starts with an "M"...). Level of Difficulty.       Weinheim, Germany, Post-doctoral Fellow 07/2001-06/2002 If you're not good at chem like me, get a tutor (it made a big difference for me). He is very smart and he keeps his lectures interesting with how he presents the material.       Tacoma Community College He was a great lecturer and you can really tell that he cares about organic chemistry and wants his students to succeed.   Chemist Review sessions before the test were helpful and keep up with the material outside of class.       New York University - Abu Dhabi       Springfield, MA, Ph.D. 2008       Los Alamos, NM, Ph.D. 2001 He posted publicly on Facebook that we are "the worst class in 25 years and we refuse to study". Kendrick MJ, Neunzert A, Payne MM, Purushothaman B, Rose BD, Anthony JE, Haley MM, Ostroverkhova O. Haley then pursued his postdoctoral studies with Prof. Peter Vollhardt at the University of Haley isn't going to hand you a great grade on a platter. 4.6. Office hours are crucial and necessary to do well. Threw a tantrum on facebook after the majority of the class bombed an exam. Hometown: San Diego, CA, G2 Graduate Student He will give you all of the tools you need to succeed.   Instructor       Brewer Scientific, Inc.       University of Washington   Post-doctoral Fellow   Research Scientist 65%. He's done some field-advancing work in the field, & has been teaching this class for decades.       AstraZeneca   Professor California-Berkeley from 1991 to 1993 studying [N]phenylenes. That said, he is rather unkind to his students; he throws chalk, tells them to shut up, you get the idea. When not on campus, Great lectures, office hours, practice exams, review sessions, etc. Rate Professor Haley.   Extraction Consultant Michael has 1 job listed on their profile. Michael Haley. Ask questions, dont get behind, and youll do great. The lectures were helpful, and he tells you exactly what will be on tests and quizzes which is nice so you know what to expect.       Albany, NY, Post-doctoral Fellow 06/1999-05/2001 Kept telling the class that it was possible to raise their grade, only to take away the final points entirely (which was worth more than half of a passing grade).

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