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You can see it, you can certainly hear it, but when you can just feel it, then it becomes real. Join to Connect. After their debut album “I Am” in 2014 and a few years cutting their teeth in dive bars, dancehalls, and honky tonks, the band decided to go all in. If I’m angry I like performing angry songs. Band Members Matt James: I think, probably Glenn Fry. I think it really helps keep that consistency in between the two records. Then our guitar player wrote “Why” from the first album. Is that a bad thing? Our drummer wrote “Back Home” on the last album. AH: What about another song then from the album? Matt James: Yeah. 1, video games, quarantine snacks, and much more. Obviously, you’ve done touring for [inaudible 00:01:39] Playing an arena show is going to be quite a step up for you guys. Not at this point yet. Send over your questions, comments, and concerns to [email protected] Follow Mark on Twitter and Instagram @MarkRadlund. AH: Touring wise, I just wondered just to follow along from what I said, have you any plans to bring your band overseas, maybe on another major support or anything? Matt James is the lead vocalist and frontman for Blacktop Mojo. Matt James: Oh, absolutely. It’s fun to perform them kind of all and see how they all fit together during a show and kind of go through that range of emotions while you’re performing. Matt James: I didn’t. Maybe a brother’s record collection. Who would you have liked to have sung with? Matt James: Older rock fans are fans that might not give us a chance otherwise with… give our original stuff a chance. Chuck Wepfer – Guitar, Blacktop Mojo Online He changed rock, metal, and the way the instrument was played forever. That one was one of the fun ones that was a collaborative effort with everybody in the room just kind of… and it snapped together just perfectly with everybody almost instantly. On the Rocks Podcast is on all major social media: Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram. York, PA heavy rock band SMALL TOWN TITANS have paired front-man Phill Freeman with BLACKTOP MOJO’s Matt James on an extraordinary cover of the TEMPLE OF THE DOG classic hit, “Hunger Strike.” “The stars aligned with this one. It was kind of a magic moment kind of thing where you could feel it. We have a lady working with High Road, and she’s pushing radio in the UK, so hopefully we can make it into the ear balls of some folks over there. With soaring, gritty vocals and impeccably blended heavy guitar riffs over top of a rhythm section that won’t falter, Blacktop Mojo’s live shows are sure to leave fans’ screaming at the top of their lungs with metal horns in the air.” – from Just a final one then. I think they do a good job of helping us. Matt James: Yes sir. AH: Have you got local gigs lined up for that already? AH: I checked out your first album just earlier tonight. We’re working with some folks to try to get out of state and get around the country. AH: Have you known each other a long time? There he is. (laughs). “Pyromaniac” we released that one a couple weeks ago, on YouTube, and that one came together with me and our producer kind of came up with the guitar rift. Dave Grohl loses to a 10-year old, Imploring the Mirage review, and Rick Astley does the next James Bond theme? AH: Is it difficult to sustain a living being a full-time musician? Formed in 2012 by lead vocalist Matt James and drummer Nathan Gillis, Blacktop Mojo are set to release their second full-length album, titled Burn the Ships, in March of 2017. I just wondered what you enjoy performing more? All writing is copyright of Rock and Blues Muse and may not be reprinted without permission from the publisher. Mark is a writer for Super Metal World, as well as an avid supporter of live music, cheesy power ballads, and over-the-top action movies. “Burn the Ships” comes from a story that we read about I can’t remember exactly who it was. I think it was Alexander the Great, but he sailed to Macedonia or something like that, and they burned the boats behind them so that they had to takeover Macedonia or die trying. No, I’ve watched a lot of their videos and stuff from their concerts, and they’re still phenomenal musicians and performers. Matt James: We included the cover because we had a lot of, we had a lot of success with it on the internet, and we thought we’re a new band so we thought maybe if we included something familiar that they …. It’s what we love to do so being able to do band stuff all the time is pretty nice. Website  Pretty excited. It’s been an adventure for sure. Obviously, you’ve got this album release coming out. We kind of all trade off doing the ballads and stuff. The reason behind that is our engineer, Steve Melton, worked with the Eagles and I was having trouble with the vocal part in the studio one day, and he was like, “It’s too bad Glenn died this year or I would’ve called him up and had him talk you through it.” I don’t know. We thought it might be cool, plus we love Aerosmith and we like that song. He wrote “Underneath” which is the last track on the second album. I have a hectic musical existence with regular shows and interviews. Blacktop Mojo releases the official music video for their single “Signal’s Gone” from their May 2020 EP Static.. From Palestine, Texas, modern rock band Blacktop Mojo is a blend of grunge, classic rock and Texas metal and was formed in 2012 by vocalist Matt James … Soulful and expressive, he asks where he went wrong as the music turns even edgier with distortion and the video displaying haunting images. AH: Obviously, you’ve got to get out and tour to promote the album. That was one of the ballads. Matt James: It depends on what kind of mood I’m in. My music passion was first created by seeing Status Quo at the tender age of 15. Matt James: Bon Jovi’s putting on a contest where they’re choosing a local opener every town they go to, and all you have to do is submit a video of some of your original music, and we did that and we just so happened to win. We all do everything together. AH: You’ve been doing this a couple of years now. When the song “Lay It On Me” bursts into its main theme you’ll be reminded of Audioslaves’ Cochise. AH: Did you get to see Sabbath on the final tour there? Matt James: Just never get off my computer, I guess. Matt James: The album release coming out. Kind of a little bit here and there of the long trips and the long runs, but where we live in Texas, we live about 2 hours from Dallas and 2 hours from Houston, which are 2 of the big, major music markets here in Texas. In 2017 they teamed up with famed Muscle Shoals Sound producer Jimmy Johnson (The Rolling Stones, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bob Seger) and his long time engineer Steve Melton for their sophomore outing entitled, “Burn The Ships” at Sound Emporium in Nashville., Interview: Rock Legend David Coverdale of WHITESNAKE, Interview: Guitarist LANCE DOWDLE of FROM ASHES TO NEW, Interview: Rock Legend JOE BOUCHARD formerly of Blue Öyster Cult, Interview: Wacław “Vogg” Kiełtyka of DECAPITATED at Bloodstock Open Air 2017, Interview: A Conversation with LOLA BLACK, Concert Photos: ALTER BRIDGE in San Francisco, Concert Photos: SONS OF APOLLO at the Gramercy Theatre in New York, Concert Photos: HEILUNG at WEBSTER HALL in New York City, Concert Photos: METAL ALLEGIANCE at House of Blues Anaheim, Forget the Sexy, Half The Animal Are Bringing Back the Bad Bad Love, Interview: Deen Castronovo of THE DEAD DAISIES. We’re kind of right in the middle so we get to hit both often. Somebody that’s seen a lot. We’re trying to put a tour together right now to run around the United States. Matt James: We’re supposed to have a few people when we get to the arena tomorrow do some interviews and stuff, so we’ll see. Which classic band would you most like to join? I'm a 40+ music fan. The album has received positive response and experienced success, reaching number 19 on the Billboard Hard Rock albums charts.

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