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The two fight but Sunny escapes. Sunny, acting as Bajrang, deliberately wounds himself and gets a lift from Shivani. [7] Filming began in March 2019 and was extensively done in Rajasthan. Rani Mukerji Starrer 'Mardaani' Had 'Breaking Bad' Connection, Did You Know? It will be hitting the theatres on December 13, 2019. I want to connect with as many students as possible through my campaign and bring as much awareness about the sharp rise in violent crimes committed by juveniles against young women in India,” she told IANS. Also Read: Mardaani 2: Rani Mukerjee Starrer Gets Into A Controversy, Kota Residents Protest. The brutality of the murder disturbs her and makes her more determined to catch the killer. The film was loved by critics and audiences alike for the realistic portrayal of juvenile crimes. [16], The film was released on 13 December 2019. In an interaction with Mid-Day, Tyagi said, “We think that because a boy is young, he is not capable of committing a crime. [Opening Credits show Police Inspector Shivani Shivaji roy clearing the UPSC exams in 2015 to become an IPS officer] Vishal Jethwa – Shiv “Sunny” Prasad Yadav/ Bajrang. Rani Mukerji reprises her role of police officer Shivani Shivaji Roy from the previous film and the film shows how she goes up against a 21-year-old rapist and murderer played by newcomer … At the time of its announcement, Rani said in a statement, “Mardaani is and will always be extremely close to my heart. Gopi has written an extraordinary script that we all love.”, #Repost @yrf • • • • • #RaniMukerji's next is #Mardaani2 | @mardaani2 #announcement #newfilmannouncement #update #ranimukerji #mardaani #mardaani2 #film #bollywood #instabollywood #yrf, A post shared by Mardaani 2 (@mardaani2) on Dec 9, 2018 at 8:09pm PST. DNA. Mardaani vs Mardaani 2: How are both the Rani Mukerji starrers different? ₹ 20 crore. If this has hurt the sentiments of the residents, we are regretful.”. , Chandigarh , Dehradun, Written By. Rani Mukerji is returning as super-cop Shivani Shivaji Roy in Mardaani 2, which explores gruesome crimes committed by minors. In the film, actor Rani Mukerji reprised her role as Shivani Shivaji Roy. Kota has been used by us only as the setting for this movie. He said that the film uses Kota as a background and hence their claim mentioned in the trailer was removed. The director said they realised that their claim mentioned in the trailer was open to miscommunication, therefore, Yash Raj Films decided to remove that line from the film for people to not misinterpret anything. She kicks him outside and continues beating him as the neighbourhood gathers to watch. Read more on Latest Entertainment News on Box office. Bombay HC reserves order on plea against illegal arrest; Arnab continues to be in custody, Bihar Exit Poll: Mahagathbandhan projected to form next govt; RJD single largest party, Veterans in Bengaluru demand Arnab's release, condemn the actions of the Maharashtra Govt. This change of place happens since Roy passes her UPSC exam and becomes an IPS officer. Jaipur, is to arrive in two days, she strives to find Sunny in those two days. Recently in an interview, the director made some interesting revelations about the film. Yogesh Pawar . See pic", "Vikram Singh Chauhan joins the cast of Rani Mukerji's 'Mardaani 2'! Mardaani 2 Review: चौंकाती है ऑफिसर और सनकी अपराधी की कहानी, डार्क थ्रिलर रानी की ये फिल्म These incidents reportedly became the inspiration for Mardaani 2. Rani Mukerji meets real Mardaani who inspired her. Chennai, Get the latest entertainment news from India & around the world. It’s a tough world that we are living in and raising our children, especially daughters, and we have to protect them at any cost,” she said. ₹ 67.12 crore. [4], In December 2019, it was announced that Rani Mukerji is set to reprise her role in the third installment of Mardaani franchise titled Mardaani 3. Also Read - Protest Against Rani Mukerji's Mardaani 2 For Setting The Story of Rape in Kota City, Kota is considered a hub for coaching classes and students from across the country come to the city to prepare for various entrance exams, especially for IIT. Now, after realising that the trailer unintentionally hurt the sentiments of the residents of Kota, the makers have decided to drop their claim of the story being based on true events from the film. Also read | Did You Know Prince Charles Was A Clapper Boy For THIS Film Of Rani Mukerji? is set to arrive in two days, Shivani has 48 hrs left to nab Sunny. शिवानी पूरे आत्मविश्वास के साथ इस शख्स के पीछे लग जाती है और प्रेस में शिवानी के ऐलान के बाद अब इस शख्स पर शिवानी को लेकर खतरनाक सनक सवार हो जाती है और वो लगातार जघन्य अपराधों को अंजाम देता है. Also read | 'Delhi Crime' To 'Mardaani 2': McAfee Lists Riskiest Shows & Movies To Stream In India, A post shared by Mardaani 2 (@mardaani2) on Aug 9, 2019 at 10:22pm PDT. He assured the people that he will look into the matter and will not let anyone malign the image of the city. इस फिल्म का स्क्रीनप्ले, डायलॉग्स और डायरेक्शन की जिम्मेदारी संभालने वाले डायरेक्टर गोपी पूथरन भी ऐसा करने में कामयाब रहे हैं. Language. इस शहर में सफलता की गाथाएं हैं तो कई स्याह पहलू भी हैं. Since the film was released in 2019, moviegoers have been curious about the film’s … इस फिल्म के सहारे देश में महिलाओं के प्रति द्वेष रखने वाले लोगों को नया नजरिया मिलेगा और थ्रिलिंग क्लाइमैक्स लोगों को झकझोर सकता है. किसी भी सस्पेंस फिल्म में एडिटिंग, बैकग्राउंड स्कोर और एक्टर्स की अच्छी केमिस्ट्री से साधारण फिल्म को नए स्तर पर पहुंचाया जा सकता है. Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited. Ranchi. Mardaani 2 was an action-thriller film released in 2019, which was a sequel of the 2014 film Mardaani. कुछ समय पहले आतंकवादी की भूमिका से अपने बॉलीवुड करियर की शुरुआत करने वाले जिम सार्ब की तरह ही विशाल ने भी बचपन की त्रासदी से जूझते एक विकृत इंसान का किरदार निभाया है. हैदराबाद और उन्नाव में रेप की झकझोर देने वाली घटनाओं के बीच रिलीज हुई फिल्म मर्दानी 2, रेपिस्ट्स के साइकोलॉजिक� He also added that the film focuses on crimes committed by juveniles … Mardaani 2 is a 2019 Indian Hindi-language action thriller film[5] and a sequel to the 2014 film Mardaani. When Shivani brings in Lahanya, a child from the slums who had witnessed the blast, Sunny kills him in the toilet. He said that Mardaani 2 is inspired by some real-life crime incidents because these gruesome incidents do manage to shock the masses when they read about it on the paper.

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