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"After World War II, S.H.I.E.L.D. His eyes were cold steel traps, imprisoning his emotions behind them as completely as his mask hid his identity. The month before that she was sick, and you won't allow me to check her, and before that, I couldn't come because I had a job interview, what the fuck Tony? Physical...incentives. Humanity needed to surrender its freedom willingly. A ghost story, the man with a metal arm & a whispered name: The Winter Soldier. Steve didn't relax his guard or lower his shield, but he held out his free hand, open and unthreatening. ", Steve's mouth was dry. Winter snarled as he pulled his hand away from the cupboard, glaring at Steve in the eyes when Steve's breathing hitched. "Natasha, what's wrong?" "Cut off one head, two more shall take its place. Bucky visits Steve and talks with his doctor who can now try a different approach with the man who has clearly had a breakdown. Bucky first meets Steve in the Spring. There are two of them, as long as Bucky remembers. For a moment, he thought he'd actually managed to get through to the Winter Soldier. When Steve realized what happened, tears start streaming down his face as he wept, trying to cover himself with his ripped shirt. "We were so worried. Work Search: Winter questioned as he returns to his tapping as he waited for the blonde's answer, and it was only a minute before the blond man in front of him swallowed and nodding his head slowly, making Winter smile and lean to his ear, whispering "Good boy," before he backed away from the shivering man turned to the door, slamming it shut and locking it when he was out…, …Another time, Winter wouldn't have cared to make a deal with the frightened blond, he would have opened Steve's slack mouth, not caring about how shaky he was, nor the salty tears that were running down his face, he would have held Steve's tongue and cut it out, uncaring of the blood that flooded Steve's mouth, uncaring when he swallowed and choked on some of it as the rest rushed down his face toward his clothes, soaking them red… but Steve wouldn't have done anything other than shake in his place, not even letting out a noise of pain… because Steve… he knew this was his fault, his father did warn him that he will get his tongue ripped off if he made a peep… he did…. This tag belongs to the Additional Tags Category. Natasha called out happily as she thrust the door opened, making Peggy and Tony jump from their places to look at the redheaded woman with wide eyes, rushing behind Natasha as she ran outside of the room, hearts pounding in their throat until they reached the room that Steve was inside. Then, wings shining white like an angel, Sam soared up towards him, towing the Winter Soldier by his metal arm. That was Jarvis' emotionless voice as he gazed at Tony with so much disappointed in his eyes, and Tony wanted to open his mouth and defend himself, but he knows that if he did, no one will believe him, after all, it seems that he lost more than half of his family when he left Steve… "Do you know young Miss that your grandfather is a big fat liar and that your father stole something very important from Mister Rogers?" "Why? So Steve renewed his efforts to break Hydra's hold. (I gabble on for quite a bit in this author's note; feel free to skip ahead to the chapter if you want.). After they rescued her from SHIELD at age thirteen and she underwent training in the Red Room, she joined their ranks. No pairings. He'd simply snagged it out of the air with his metal hand, and thrown it back to him with such force that Steve skidded backwards several feet. Steve asked, feeling a little crazy for asking that question because he is sure that this was the same person who kidnapped him and threatened to cut his tongue, he was sure he was the same one who took his shirt and smile gently at him… but he seems different every time he saw him… like there were many people trapped in his body…. Steve barely even had to glance over to know that Sam had thrown him his shield. He still clutched his knife, still watched Steve with wary, calculating eyes. "Those are Steve's jackets… we found them beside the dead bodies…" Seeing those two familiar jackets… Tony felt his world was about to end…. This is a story about a young girl whose life is turned upside down when she's kidnapped by The Winter Soldier. This tag belongs to the Additional Tags Category. "You promised to let me see my daughter this time, Tony!" And Tony. Tony knew Steve was endangering himself if he went after the Winter Soldier. I don't want this, don't want this!" Steve couldn't pry those steel fingers away from his throat. Steve choked on his sobs as he tried to pull away from Winter who was towering over him with wild eyes. He was obviously not thinking straight, completely blinded by the need to keep his soulmate away from anyone who can potentially harm him. "Her… her grandfather took her… said I am not a good Mommy because I take a lot of medicine…" Steve offered, not knowing why he was telling the man in his arms all of this. Like the Winter Soldier with only slight differences. He groaned, rolling his shoulder. James told him that killing people was a wrong, but why? The man questioned in a husky voice, his eyes going wide when the blond let his tears fall faster at that…, …Unknowing to many, the apartment complex that the soldier chose, once upon a time, housed a blond man and his best friend. Author's Note: Say hello to my baby :3 I've been working on this story practically non-stop for a little over a year now, so I'm really excited to finally send it out into the world! "They torture him. Steve's pacing took him behind the machine, where he could see the databanks that held Zola's brain stretching into the darkness. Steve barely even had to glance over to know that Sam had thrown him his shield. Not to say that Peggy, Jarvis, and Natasha's disapproval didn't hurt, it did, especially when Tony thought of them as a family since he was young, but the three of them stopped even caring or asking about him ever since he ended things with Steve, and it hurt, and in a way it made him resent the blond, after all, what did Steve have and he didn't?

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