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Jared struggles and angsts over his present for Jensen and their relationship as they face their first Christmas without Supernatural. Depressed and subdued from "Heaven" and the stress it put on his already delicate relationship with Dean, he was quiet as Cas handed the amulet back to Dean with a murmured, "It's worthless" and flew off. Jared leaned in, his lips close to Jensen's ear. The two remained crying in each other's embrace, occasionally sharing kisses of comfort. A pain shot through the lower half of his body as he positioned himself on Jared's lap. Jared brought his body onto the mattress, his eyes never leaving Jensen's. He breathed in the earthy undertones of the bonsai and smiled to himself. Gen sighed and placed her hands on Jared cheeks. Jared chuckled again and trailed his fingers down to Jensen's hips. "Gosh. Jared could only nod, dumbfounded, and step away from Jensen's truck in shock. ", It took a moment for Jared to register what Jensen had said, but when it did, Jared flung his head up. Thanks for staying up all night with me to binge on Fast and Furious when I was sick. He shakily placed his coffee mug down. As Sam rested his hand on the door knob, the door flung open. But unlike in French Mistake they didn't take their bodies, they are face to face with themselves. ", But Jensen didn't take it. Throughout the entire confession, Genevieve had remained silent. Jared chuckled dryly, a smirk appearing on his face that made Jensen's insides do flips. You coming?" He turned back, to find Jensen staring wantingly into Jared's eyes. Jared gave a half-hearted laugh with him, too nervous to really let loose. Jensen asked, biting his lips and fighting to remember the night before. Something glinted in his hands, catching her eye. "No. Jared and Jensen had shared a look and a smile; they already did that with each other from time to time, although neither said a word. "I'm close. I love it.". Sam was flung back, onto the hard pavement. He'd had plenty of boyfriends, and he knew that it was best to keep his urges to himself. I was born in Coronation County to two lovely parents and I currently do not work due to the fact that I come from a rather rich background. "Just read it," Jared interrupted, gesturing to a card and flushing slightly. "Jensen likes me, right? Jared felt Jen's warm lips pressed against his, his tongue in Jensen's mouth. He would talk for 10 minutes about something funny you had said to him that morning or some prank you'd pulled on him at your house. Jensen said, walking around the chair, to face Jared. DAMN, you are tall.". Bracing himself, Jared turned to his friend holding out the present. Jensen moaned submissively, tears gathering in his eyes as Jared tugged on his bottom lip with force. ", Jared looked at her in confusion. They were looking at the end of Supernatural. Dean raised his shotgun, ready to shoot. Jared woke with a choked gasp. When Dean tossed it aside, our relationship sort of went to hell." he asked, observing Jared as he pulled his shirt over his head. As Jared worried about the next day's scene, Jensen made his way across the set, towards him. Ironically, Jensen drove an Impala. And then when you were walking back to us, Jensen just said, 'Good. Is that you?!?" -----------------------------------------------Later that evening. He scrunched at the sheets as Jared removed his tongue. Jared was digging through the trash, yanking out the amulet and clutching it to his chest, eyes closed in relief. Gen wiped away a few stray tears. "I have a feeling I'm going to love this scene." As Jensen viciously attacked his turkey again, Danneel and Jared snickered into their own drinks. Back in the present, Jared nudged Jensen. For doting and spoiling my kids as a surrogate uncle and allowing me the same privilege with J.J. For the food and the home and the gifts and the acceptance and everything I ever wanted from anyone. "Weren't you engaged to that chick?" What if he opens it on Christmas and doesn't understand why I gave it to him? "Enough is enough, man. He was still glowing inside from the warmth of Jensen just assuming Jared would go where he was going. A blush travelled up his body, lighting Jensen's bones on fire and filling his heart with an emotion he never felt before. Jared placed a palm against the wall in order to cage Jensen's body under his. Didn't work, though." He wouldn't jeopardize his friendship for a mere urge. He had saved it. he called out, his eyes frantically searching the room. We can practice our lines for tomorrow. Jared said, sexy face and all. For Good Measure. "In this weather? Danneel and I have been so busy looking for just the right gifts..." Jared listened to Jensen rant about some fit J. J. had thrown about getting the exact toy advertised. Jensen adores you just as much, Jared, and I'll bet he misses being your Dean as much as you miss being his Sam. Jensen giggled through his tears and bit at his plush lips. A/N: Proverbs 31:10- Who can find a virtuous woman? Jared asked, his eyes darting down to the table. "Yes," he replied, rubbing it between his fingers. When they were filming, there was no Jared Padalecki; there was only Sam Winchester and Sam Winchester's emotions. When did you become such a sap?" #IFTTT #ao3feed #fanfic #j2 #padackles #supernatural rpf. But whatever. "Can I ask you a personal question?" "So beautiful," he mumbled, reaching out to the plant and caressing the branches. "Bows and tags are in the closet. He clenched his jaw as Jensen backed up into the wall that had the Beatles poster tacked to it. The fact that he was referred to as 'sir' nearly threw Jared over the edge. As they said Grace and began to eat, Jensen raved to Jared about his new car, gifted to him in prime condition by the owners of Supernatural- the 1967 Chevy Impala affectionately called Baby. "Well, that's a wrap. What if he doesn't feel the same way? As soon as Jared could see the shapes, he would look up the name and story and relay it to his friend. It had happened to him before and he wasn't looking forward to it happening again. Jensen said, turning his back from the suspended gun to face the camera. "Oh, Damn it!". "You're like a bonsai plant. Nothing specific. Reading the words, he slowly sank down to sit on the couch-card in one hand, the opened box and necklace in the other. Gen studied the dangling piece for a moment. Jensen obediently slipped off his underwear and positioned himself on all fours. He felt the cooled texture press up against his spine. ", Jared smiled brightly at his best friend. ", His wife looked at him with sleep-dulled eyes, clearly not convinced, but trusting him anyway. When he called to congratulate the couple, the conversation was short and stilted. But as he stood to walk out with Jensen and Misha, one of the prop girls, Emily, stopped him. She came up behind him and stood there silently, watching him watch the stars. His eyes landed on Paul as Jared kitten-licked at his hole. Jared... Oh, my sweet Jared. "Well, judging by the reports of exploding windows and burning wood, isn't there a lack of broken windows and ash?" When he opened his eyes, Jared found that everyone was looking at him strange. They were both great actors, playing their parts so well that they couldn't help but to carry it over into their real lives. Gen let out another laugh. "I'm sorry, man, but Danneel and I have plans to be in LA for a while. Then he resumed unwrapping. "Thanks!". Jensen asked. Sitting on a bed in the motel he and Dean were currently staying to hide from Zach and his posse, he listened to his wonderful, brave, empathetic older brother comfort Cas from the blow his faith had taken. ", Gen gave a small laugh. Then... um... so- so what about in a couple of weeks when we're back in Texas? "Sam gave this to Dean because he was always around to make it better and less scary. Sam would follow Dean anywhere and Jared would go with Jensen to hell and back if that's what it took to stay his friend. I got a little caught up in the moment. And for my first scene as just Jared, this is for you, as reminder that the show may be over, but as far as you and me are concerned, you still have a little brother who worships the ground you walk on. Take off your underwear and get on your knees," he ordered, giving Jensen a sloppy kiss. I love you, too, but that's enough for me." "Dinner?". "Uh.... yeah, sure." As he watched Dean shut the door on Sam, all Jared could see was Jensen driving away, never seeing him again. Jensen looked away timidly, overwhelmed with the sudden change in temperature of the room and the mood. How he wished he could just grab Jen and kiss him so passionately that the world would stop spinning, even if only for a moment.

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