how to make an anemometer

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An AnemometerIs a device that is used to measure wind speed. wikiHow is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. Calibrating your anemometer gives you a basis to compare your collected data. Take one of the cut sticks and push each end through both sides of a cup. ] "@type": "WebSite", window.Edu.isProduction = true; To create this article, 33 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. Disposal chopsticks would work as a great replacement to a pencil. The speed of rotation of the anemometer blades directly depends on its geometry. To measure the wind speed, count the number of spins the anemometer makes in one second with the help of a stopwatch. How can I let the anemometer stand on its own? This is a fun way to encourage children to thnk about how to measure wind direction, and why they might want to measure it. Make sure that you’ve maintained the same direction for each cup. Test your anemometer in front of a table fan or else blow on the cups to make sure the cardboard spins around freely on the pin. They should cross in an “X.”. Tape the sticks together in the middle so all the cups are facing the same direction. Use the hole punch to make 4 holes spaced evenly around the rim of the last cup. What does the article mean by intersecting straws? "", You will end up with a very rough answer but a good understanding of how a real anemometer works! Isn't that the whole point of the project? An anemometer measures wind speed and making a DIY anemometer out of cups is a great school science project. We enable strictly necessary cookies to give you the best possible experience on Obviously you don’t want to be driving and sticking your arm out the window counting anemometer cup revolutions so you’ll need two people for this step. Slide 2 of the wooden dowels through the holes in the center cup. What is the Best Wireless Anemometer & Wireless Wind Speed Meter? Stand the anemometer outside where it can catch the wind. Anemometer An anemometer is a device that measures the speed of the wind. The number of times that the wind pushes the cups around in a circle is then translated into the wind speed by the anemometer’s calculator into a unit like miles per hour, meters per second or whatever unit is desired. (See our related article: the best anemometers for kids). All about anemometers: what they are, how they’re used & much more, The Best Portable Anemometers & Portable Weather Meters. Tested. Stand the anemometer outside where it can catch the wind. Take the last wooden dowel and make a hole in the bottom of the center cup. A cup anemometer is commonly called a Robinson anemometer. For the purposes of this article about how to make an easy anemometer, we’re making a four cup model since that’s easier to make. Cup anemometer A cup anemometer is a specific type of anemometer that measure wind speed by counting the number of rotations that a set of cups makes when the wind blows. "legalName": "", Use these vocabulary cards with the EL Support Lesson: Steps to Make an Inference. The main work in this project is to construct a mounting block which will hold the wind cups and switch in the proper positions, and allow the wind cups to rotate freely. Poke it with a small screwdriver and then cut it with scissors. Here is a brilliant scientific craft / experiment - making your own anemometer out of paper cups and sticks, and them learning how to measure the wind speed. Use the following chart below to calculate roughly how fast the wind is blowing. Put your anemometer in soft ground and then put wood around it so the wind does not blow it away. What is the difference between a 3 cup anemometer and a 4 cup anemometer? It also allows you to compare magnetic north and geographic north. Alternatively you can “calibrate” your anemometer by driving exactly 10 miles per hour and seeing how many times your cups rotate when held out the window. In this activity, you'll not only make your own bouncy balls at home, but your child will also learn how polymers are made. Simply put, the cup anemometer definition is: a wind speed gauge that uses rotating cups to measure wind speed. You will not be charged extra by purchasing through these links. To make an anemometer, start by punching a hole under the rim of 4 plastic cups. Hold the anemometer out the window and count the number of rotations in 30 seconds. By measuring the number of cup rotations within a period of time (for instance within 30 seconds), we can calculate how fast the wind is blowing. Use a knife to make the holes and measure the distance from the rim with a ruler. How does an anemometer work without a large amount of wind speed? Copyright © 2020, Inc, a division of IXL Learning • All Rights Reserved. What is your favorite part about Next, push 2 straws into the cup through the holes so that they’re intersecting each other. window.Edu.cdn = "https:\/\/"; When all the cups are added to the ends of the straws, all openings of the cups should be facing the same direction.

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