how to become a clayton homes dealer

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There is no definitive manufactured home license that applies to all fifty states. Schedule Appt - Main Thank you for reaching out and connectin... John Fedro: Hi Laura, The largest parent company, Clayton, makes 41 percent of the manufactured homes made in the U.S., under several different builder brands. You can reduce your customer’s time significantly when all you need to provide is a home foundation and civil works. The more model homes a dealership stocks, the more likely it is that the dealer's financing costs will be included in the price you pay. As with any product you buy, the mass production used for manufactured homes often means a dramatically lower price, since they are created in the controlled environment of a factory where labor can proceed effectively and quickly when compared to the traditional method of building a home on-site, stick-by-stick. These dealerships are usually very nice establishments with homes set up and staged perfectly, including skirting and decking, furniture, and interior décor. Community See All. [CDATA[>*/ From our home to yours – click to read a note from Clayton regarding COVID-19. How you know. Homes available at the advertised sales price will vary by retailer and state. Choose your manufactured home brand. Purchase your manufactured homes. This marketing strategy is meant to entice consumers on an emotional level, allowing them to envision actually living in the space.

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