how to attach fence capping

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Putting fence extensions on top of a color bond fence is something that we have customers do in the past. Thick, heavy bamboo canes need more support than narrower, lightweight canes and rattan canes. Hot dipped galvanised steel anti climb, wall or fence spikes, barbed wire and rotary systems. Fence pliers are multi-functional, allowing you to twist, tie and cut wire with a single tool. Watch the video to learn how to install a fence post capital on a fence post.To view the full range of fence post capitals available, head to our online shop: Hammersmith DIY channel is the YouTube channel for the Australian business, Hammersmith.Situated in Adelaide, Australia; Hammersmith was established in 1946 as predominantly a wood turning company, but in more recent years has expanded the range of products that it sells to include building, staircase and furniture components in both timber and steel.All of these products can be found on our online shop, and can be delivered to anywhere in Australia.Shop online : our history : our blog : with us on Facebook : with us on Instagram : us out on Pinterest : Just remember to finish your wooden post caps - including the underside - before installation. Installing post caps couldn't be easier. Commonly used as driveway gates or field gates. In addition to looking good, they also serve the purpose of protecting your post from the elements. © 1999 – 2020 Deckorators, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Solar post caps can also add helpful illumination when you enjoy your deck and outdoor living area at night. Once you choose your product and its specifications, you need not worry about its handling because we will deliver the product for your convenience. View any job vacancies that we have available.     03 9462 1899 Make sure you visit us for treated lattice, bamboo screens, fence extensions, hardwood lattice, Timber slated screens, premium hardwood batten screens, decorative screens, decking and Merbau gates. Fences are important borders for yards and gardens. Push the extra length of wire through the wooden fence panels or through the chain-link fence, grasp the ends of the wires with fence pliers and twist several times to tighten and secure the cladding to the fence. There are two methods of extending fence posts to attach a trellis to an existing fence the first is by joining an extra length of post to each existing post with wooden battens. Metal post caps come in a variety of shapes, from a simple pointed cap to an ornate ball design, and finishes, such as copper, stainless or pewter. We offer the longest guarantee in the industry for manufactured timber products. The third style comes in one option as it is a capping rail that fits the exact width of a fence panel. If the trellis is not already made of treated wood this step is critical otherwise it is more of a ascetic choice. We offer an installation service for all our products. Become part of the Jacksons family. It's as simple as looping your zip tie around the fencing and around the chainlink and tightening the zip tie to secure. We do not believe in high pressure sales tactics, so please feel free to give us a call, send us an enquiry or use our live chat. For best results, try to wrap the wire around a horizontal support beam on the fence; wooden privacy fences usually have two-by-four horizontal supports at the top and bottom of the fence. Enter the run length and height, to calculate the items required: You will need bays consisting of  posts,  pales,  rails and  Gravelboard(s). Additionally, we also recommend skilled experts for installations if we are unable to do so from our end. Wooden post caps are available in a range of designs and can be finishedto match your deck. Some capped fences will be slightly angled on top this wont matter when installing extensions, unless you have triangular capping which isn’t very common. Pre-drill your hole before securing with one screw. Use finishing nails as needed. Though our specialization lies in the products of hardwood in Melbourne and lattice in Sydney, with time, our products of Merbau in Melbourne have also gained momentum. Ok this depends on a few factors, such as, how high you are going on top of your fence, the design of the extension you are after and the area they are being placed in and how exposed to winds the area is.

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