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(This post wasn’t meant to be a comprehensive analysis, I had rather focused on Hange’s intellect and on her curious, bright, rational, scientific yet full of empathy and intuition approach to the world. -Once Eren finds video games it’s over for everyone. Hange is then approached by Minister Nick who begs the soldiers to stop sunlight from hitting the Titan's face to prevent it from awakening. "Humanity is hidden behind three walls with giant monsters called titans who were formerly people trying to eat us because they're trying to become humans again. Hange orders the crystal containing Annie be removed to safety and worries for the future of the Survey Corps after this failure of a mission. Hange quickly orders that they illuminate the Titan, briefly observes the Titan, and orders them to leave it alone as it is shutting down due to lack of sunlight. [13], Hange teases Levi as they leave Trost District. You never really like him, because he always was mean and cold to everyone. Hange finds it odd that Yelena had acted so ruthlessly toward Marleyans, yet had been very outspoken in convincing the military to respect the captive soldiers' human rights. even if it means letting her comrades die. It was a handful of recruits from the 104th. Hange Zoë He always admires you when you smile or talk and loves to see you. He will use it like an old man on a social media site meaning that he will think that comments are private messages. Even though Reiner and Bertholdt can change into Titans, Hange suspects that other Titans will still be a threat to them. His lips twitched up as he recognised her stuborness that stuck from when she was a child. You gave her stank face and tried to smile at her bluntness. ' losing his friend and colleague Mike, losing, His father was a teacher who got disposed of by the Central Branch of the Military Police because. This girl looks A LOT taller than she is. “Survey Corps. Because of this action, Levi winds up giving this to Armin instead. There wasn't time to think about that now though. [31], Hange holds Nick over the edge of the Walls as he accepts death. [Name] would normally spend it with Thompson, out in town or in her dorm, napping or reading a book. Hange is later present at a Military meeting headed by Darius Zackly. With Eren's treachery and plot to circumvent the military apparently exposed, Levi somberly reflects on all the times he saved Eren's life at the cost of so many of his comrades', not willing to accept that the man he believed could be the savior of his people ultimately turned out to be a liability. There were all those lights and sounds, I'm not even sure Marley has those. On the way, they are met with a crowd of villagers who give them information on the Reiss family. While being pursued by Titans, Levi orders the team to abandon the bodies of those who died during the mission so that those who are still alive can escape. They are horrified when the speaker begins calling for the hatred being shown towards Eldians worldwide to be redirected towards the Eldians living on Paradis. Hanji's reply was in a monotone, but she was giving them a terrifying death glare the entire time. [98], During the Survey Corps' attack, Hange takes command of the airship functioning as the Corps getaway vehicle. I have the serum right here. Attack on Titan Part 1: Guren no Yumiya his full name being Levi Ackerman. Meanwhile Christa speaks to Hange on Ymir's behalf, explaining that Ymir had transformed into a Titan to save them. - When she realizes she loves you, she tells Eren so she is sure of how she feels. Hange has wide, light brown eyes and shoulder length dark brown hair that she often keeps tied up in an unkempt high ponytail with bangs parted down the middle. It wasn't until Erwin Smith was named Commander that the outlook changed completely. Another precious moment is when they finally arrive at the sea. Maybe this isn't a pocket universe or Marley at all. - When she realizes she’s in love with you, she tells you immediately. I mean eren. "Levi..." She cries and screams when she conducts pain experiments on them. This claim is proven in his battle with the Female Titan, which he takes on alone and inflicts serious damage, while entire squads of highly skilled soldiers died fighting against it and failed to even injure it. He is shown to be very fond of Hange, striving to provide the care that his comrade tends to neglect. This is what, eventually, will make you free in this world. You hiss out, annoyance clear in your voice. *Levi's POV* Hanji made me hold (Y/N) while we walked to eyebrow's office, I looked down at the doll like girl. LeviXreader But when she’s tired you two can just sit there and have a deep conversation. very contemptuously antagonizes Levi about the deaths of Isabel and Farlan, the sacrifices he demanded of his soldiers ultimately did help the people of the Walls. - When Reiner realizes he’s in love with you, he occasionally drops hints that he feels a certain way towards you. However, Hange still displayed great empathy toward others in general, as well as high sympathy for the dead and the suffering. Zeke after the latter titanised all of Levi's men guarding Zeke and forcing Levi to kill them, Levi ties him up and attaches a thunderspear to him. The day of the operation, all soldiers are ready at dawn. It's not safe to give her another dose for a while.". Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more. Always.” Erwin watched as [Name] opened her eyes, ready to retaliate. You giggled, "I know the dance and song yes, why?" “I love you, [Name]. When the Wall Titans converge on the hangar holding the plane that's being prepared to catch up to the Founding Titan, Hange names Armin the new commander of the Survey Corps, then heads off to fight the army of Colossal Titans. [109], While helping bathe the Warrior candidate in a backroom, Hange hears Onyankopon call their name.

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