how does garth die in supernatural

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After learning that the next person possessed headed for the hospital, Dean goes there to stop them while Sam and Garth go to the library to try to find out who the Unknown Soldier is. Garth later informed Sam of Michael going after Alternate Kaia and her spear. Dean calls Garth for information on the Thule Society, but neither Garth nor any of his contacts have even heard of it. Following the invasion of Michael, Garth was called out of retirement to assist in obtaining information on the latter's monster army. Henry also states that he bought John a little music box which played \"As Time Goes By\" fro… Read about how Garth originated in the writers room. They learn a theory that it is Vance Collins, a Confederate soldier who was killed by his Union soldier brother. After the Winchesters are captured to be pitted against the massive vampire Maul, Garth shows up to rescue them, explaining that he got worried when they didn't answer his phone calls. Since filming his first appearance in Season 7, Qualls has only appeared in three additional episodes, but his character Garth has been mentioned in countless more. Garth Fitzgerald IV (born 1983) is a hunter turned werewolf whom the Winchesters first encounter in the episode Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!. Garth theorizes that God had made the Winchesters immune to regular people problems so as not to slow down the story, but since they have fallen out of favor, downgraded Sam and Dean to normal people. In Twigs & Twine & Tasha Banes, it is shown that the British Men of Letters have been keeping tabs on Garth. He went to college and dental school, becoming a dentist for awhile until he got his first case in which he claims he killed the Tooth Fairy. After retiring from hunting, Garth returned to school, became a dentist and opened his own practice. While Sam and Dean are confused as to why Garth has a houseboat as a safe house, they decide not to dwell on it given Garth's personality. When the Winchesters arrive, Garth notices Dean's issues with his teeth and offers his help, explaining that he had returned to dental school and became a dentist, opening his own practice. He tells Sam and Dean that Bobby left it in the back of his car after a rugaru hunt they went on together. But will Garth be able to evade the BMOL long enough to return in Season 13? Garth is the third hunter shown to be turned into a monster: Garth is able to play the piano very well. Sam and Garth rush off to let Dean know after he doesn't answer his phone, only to find him possessed by Vance and waiting to kill Sam. This website is made for the fans of the show Supernatural by fans. Saving people, hunting things, the family business... Garth Fitzgerald IV is a hunter. Bobby: Yeah, Garth, what do you got? "I have no idea what's happening with that show. While Sam investigates, Garth and Dean go through Bobby's journal for information on what they might be dealing with, Garth pointing out the noticeable tension between Sam and Dean and explaining why he has taken over Bobby's role, saying that Bobby belonged to everyone, not just Sam and Dean and is visibly upset while talking about Bobby. 4. And despite not appearing in Season 12, Supernatural left off with Garth in a very precarious situation, with him being targeted by the British Men of Letters. Posing as press, they head to an insurance company where a man was just promoted from junior salesman to CEO, thinking he might be the next victim in their case.

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