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He was wondering where Yuuma was when a he sensed a woman walking towards him. The Demonic Kusanagi in its released form greatly resembles the Durandal, as one of its components is a Holy Sword itself. During the club meeting held in Issei's house due to the cleaning of the old school building, Issei's mother shows Issei's childhood photos to his friends; among them include a photo of Issei and his childhood friend, Irina Shidou, which has a Holy Sword in it, with Kiba seeing the photo and remembering his revenge. "Buchou*, what shall we do?" They make it to where Diehauser and Rizevim are where Issei and the sudden arrival of Vali face them respectively but are overwhelmed by their power, things got more complicated when Rizevim brought Issei’s parents to witness their son in confusion, he then has Diehauser force Issei to drink Dragons blood, turning him more Dragon-like in front of his family who were in shock, especially when Rizevim reveals to them that Issei and his friends are not human. Issei asked about Balberith being on the surface or underground, which Magnus confirmed him being on both until Bennia clarified to them about Balberith being Hades from her father Orcus. He is, however, oblivious to the feelings of the girls around him (save for Rias after his confession), often believing they are simply teasing him. The immensity of Issei's power was showcased after he defeated the Fallen Angel Kokabiel, with the latter referring to him as "the most terrifying being he had ever come in contact with". Issei goes on a date with Akeno, but with their club members noticeably watching from a distance yet the two still proceeded to enjoy their time. I'll see to that myself," Rias said and she smiled. Chanting into his DxD form Issei noticed his countdown changed from 10 to 88 countdown and sent Vidar’s kick back with his punches and threw him off balance and as he closed the distance between them Issei summoned Ascalon to appear from his left hand and attempting to slash Vidar but he dodged the attack and jumped back as he pulled away from Ascalon and then he summoned his Ascalon II. Following his victory, Issei cannot hold back his feelings for Rias and confesses to her, calling her by her first name for the first time. Issei was facing against Bova as Evil Dragon General Vabo but was struggling until he was aided by his former enemy Kiba as Darkness Knight Fang. As the game goes on, Dulio's team exploited the weaknesses of Issei's team under Rudiger's strategies, in his case he was trapped in a bubble that showed a recording of Gabriel chaining swimsuits completely mesmerized, though he was soon broken free by the combined attacks of Ouryuu and Bova. As the two fought Erebus inquired that despite Issei's strength that why is he pretending to be a children's hero instead of trying to become King of the World and destroy the other mythological systems. When around his family and allies, Issei shows an honorable and gentle spirit, and maintains an unwavering desire to protect the people around him. The team started eating their morning breakfast and continued their training, with Issei wearing his armor in the mountain to boost his stamina and finishing their training, they watched the match between Sairaorg and his team against Team Shooting Star, with Sairaorg emerging as the victor of the match. No information Irina reveals to Issei that she turned down to join the Brave Saints team and happily accepted when Issei asked her to join him. Issei became terrified when he learned Ingvild’s Nereid Kyrie can make dragons powerless or be enslaved by her voice. In contrast to the original Issei Hyoudou, this Issei initially possesses a shy and reclusive nature, and is often alluded to being an introvert. There is a Norse symbol on its middle piece, with the mark representing one of the Demonic Kusanagi's components, Balmung. Issei was rewarded with silence. On the day of Rossweisse marriage interview, Issei and the group went to a Japanese restaurant in Tokyo and there they greet Göndul who apologize to Issei for being unable to reject the Norse higher-up’s idea about the marriage and he witnessed the argument between Rosswiesse and Göndul and was asked by Koneko why didn’t he do perverted things to Rossweisse, shocking Issei on how bold she became after that proposal and says he if he could do perverted things he would but his status as a high-class devil, Oppai Dragon, and his participation in the International tournament made him quite busy. I got to get home!" When they asked about him marrying them, Issei energetically told them that he still plans to marry them and become a Harem King and they all give him big hugs and kisses. Issei asked. As a result of the souls of Ddraig and the Yamata-no-Orochi existing within the Holy Demonic Sword, the Demonic Kusanagi retains the ability to create a Dragon Armor that surpasses its Holy Sword component.

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