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Warning: long post. The Haunting of Oikawa Tooru and A Haunted Home is a Happy Home by Esselle, A Murder of Crows and Two Crows Shot of a Murder by Mur, Have a Seat (While I Take to the Sky) by umisabaku, Don't Make Me Walk When I Want To Fly by MissKiraBlue, He Waits For a Miracle by ich_bin_ein_stern, cool teens don't wear skinny jeans by ebenroot, Wingmen are supposed to be supportive by Codango, Hold On To Me, Just For A Little While by petmunchkin, Lips Like Sugar (and Salt) by fivehorizons. In which Kenma ends up being sorted into the wrong group and has to endure his new, exhausting lab partner for the next month. ( Takanobu thinks he falls in love with Kenji all over again, just from this. Like how that smile lights up his whole damn face. Synopsis: Things like this didn't happen in Karasuno. Terushima cutting Futakuchi's hair. Proof that the remaining 10% is worth surviving training camp for here.. “Yeah,” he said, smiling through the steam rising in front of his face, “I know.”. So yeah, thanks for paging this fic :) I'll check out the rest of your IwaOi recs as well. i was working on this for hours and things started to blur. Where your future ended before it had begun? i put my hand out, unfolded, into the sunlight, forever is a long time but i don’t mind spending it with you, that’s what you get (for waking up in vegas), On A Willful Afternoon When I Thought Love Could Choose, i only tagged ships i recced at least 5 fics for. It's just so good! I've read very few fics in general, but my friend had me reading this really good Pacific Rim crossover fic. This one is soft and gentle, a thousand words in one upturned mouth and shining eyes, a soft flush high on his cheeks. i’m the satellite and you’re the sky by sugacookie, That made it finally dawn on Iwaizumi how much Oikawa wanted this. Next Generation Captains (Haikyuu!!) -Alternatively: “I am not in love with my best friend!” says Hanamaki Takahiro. when all the songs are through by thewindraiser (T). That's literally it, nothing else. When Tanaka receives a letter in his shoe locker, from a girl, confessing her feelings, he is over the moon about it (even though he doesn’t even recognize the name of the girl in question). Comments: I freaking LOVE Haikyuu quest and this gem it the BEST! come and take a walk on the wild side by Authoress. shit-abu: wtf . Last but not the least, in defense of our overgrown garden feat. Tags: Friends to lovers, College AU, Humor, Fluff, Mature content. I could go on. When it rains… by Karasuno Volleygays (ToBeOrNotToBeAGryffindor).

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