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As the global population grows from 7.3 billion today to more than 9 billion by 2050, greatly increasing the demand for food, water and energy, nature’s ability to provide for people will be further tested. Remarks at Council on Foreign Relations – Conservation International Washington, D.C. imgMarginRight = imgMarginRight.replace("px",""); dom_i.query = jQuery.noConflict(true); The LWCF was permanently reauthorized in 2019. If you have a preexisting contract, agreement, or easement with NRCS in one these programs, you can still refer to the program pages: Wetlands Reserve Program  (WRP) restored, protected, and enhanced wetlands on eligible lands. Symposium – Global Resources, the U.S. Economy, There is a direct connection between international conservation and America’s economic and national security interests. } //

"); } Farm and Ranch Lands Protection Program (FRPP) protected agricultural productivity and related conservation values of the land. Hosted by the Council on Foreign Relations in partnership with Conservation International. This has resulted in an increased U.S. military presence in the area to safeguard international sea lanes off the Horn of Africa. Land trusts that work on agricultural conservation rely on funding from the Farm Bill, but all Americans benefit from its conservation programs. var imgWidth = dom_i.query(this).css("width") == undefined ? You can follow the links to more in-depth information. ​Our Direct Connection initiative works to raise awareness on the vital role of nature in promoting economic, national and global security, and in This program helps prevent the fragmentation or destruction of environmentally significant forests, at a time when we’re losing over half a million acres of private forest land every year! Over the past five decades, LWCF has touched every state and helped protect America’s most treasured places, from the Grand Canyon National Park to the Appalachian National Scenic Trail, to your favorite neighborhood park or playground. Energy infrastructure projects pose complex challenges and unavoidable conflicts for land trusts. } Get the latest updates on our work delivered to your inbox. The Land Trust Alliance works with the land trust community in countless ways, demonstrating how we are all stronger together. Symposium – Global Resources, the U.S. Economy, and National Security. if(imgMarginTop.indexOf("px") > 0){ The 2018 Farm Bill was a big win for conservation! conservation, providing key information and advice to the U.S. legislative and executive branches on congressional appropriations and other policy priorities such as ocean health, wildlife trafficking, fisheries management, conservation finance, sustainable if(imgMarginLeft.indexOf("px") > 0){ } These programs offer financial and technical assistance to help eligible agricultural producers: In specific States and locations, funding may also be available for priority issues such as air quality, agricultural energy management plans, seasonal high tunnels and organic operations may be available during fiscal year 2014. imgWidth = imgWidth.replace("px",""); Richard N. Haass, President, Council on Foreign Relations and Conservation International Board Member. In 2010, the U.S., other countries and NATO spent an estimated US$ 2 billion on piracy prevention and enforcement efforts in the region. imgMarginTop = imgMarginTop.replace("px",""); These accounts have been crucial sources of funding for our efforts and other partners on field demonstration, enforcement capacity, science and conservation finance. dom_i.query(this).css("float","none"); Examples of U.S. government funded programs currently being implemented by CI and partners include: var dom_i = {}; Federal Land Conservation Programs Farm Bill. The U.S. government is a major contributor to international conservation programs, notably through the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and the Development Assistance Account administered by USAID. Because of the enormous economic and geopolitical influence of the United States, addressing the world’s most pressing environmental challenges requires deep engagement with the U.S. government. Better Business Bureau: Accredited Charity. [CDATA[ dom_i.query(this).addClass('img_'+count); NRCS Home | | Site Map | Civil Rights | FOIA | Plain Writing | Accessibility Statement, Policy and Links| Non-Discrimination Statement | Information Quality | | This overview of five major conservation programs may help you find the right match for your conservation project. The Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) was established by Congress in 1964 with a strong bipartisan commitment to protect natural, cultural and water resources including national parks and forests, land by rivers, lakes and oceans, working forests, farms and ranches, fish and wildlife refuges, trails, and state and local parks. 202-638-4725, Zenda Farms in New York has benefited from the Farm Bill in the past through the Wildlife Habitat Incentives and Environmental Quality Incentives programs/Thousand Islands Land Trust (accredited), On a cattle ranch protected by a Farm and Ranch Lands Protection Program easement held by Eastern Sierra Land Trust, volunteers install perch deterrents on fence posts to reduce predation by ravens on sage-grouse. But public funding for conservation is never guaranteed. Fish and Wildlife Service, NASA and NOAA. dom.query('img').each(function(){ Its legacy is outstanding: more than 3 million acres enjoyed by over 500 million people every year. }); Unfortunately, the reauthorization did not include full and dedicated funding so it is likely Congress will continue its practice of diverting as much as two-thirds of the funding elsewhere. The link between the loss of natural resources and the likelihood of conflict in the developing world has never been clearer. var imgMarginRight = dom_i.query(this).css("margin-right") == undefined ? The loss of natural resources — such as forests, fresh water, fertile soils and natural pollinators — and the resulting competition for these increasingly scarce resources, can lead to instability, conflict, radicalization and even failed states. LEARN MORE: }else{ Voluntary program that encourages creation of high quality wildlife habitats that support wildlife populations of National, State, Tribal, and local significance. } To apply for similar, easement conservation opportunities in the 2014 Farm Bill, please see the ACEP home page. Get our e-newsletter filled with tips and info about the places you love. The program protects privately owned forest land through voluntary conservation easements or sale of land to the U.S. Forest Service and state governments. imgMarginBottom = imgMarginBottom.replace("px",""); In fact, many of our nation’s most important conservation programs are seriously underfunded or in danger of expiring! var imgAlt = dom_i.query(this).attr("alt") == undefined ? '' Over half of currently listed species rely on habitats on private land — which can be protected with funding through Section 6 of the Endangered Species Act. Visit your State's EQIP page for more information. Other Alliance priorities reflected in the final bill will make the Agricultural Land Easement program more effective and efficient — remove the Agriculture Land Easement plan requirement, allow landowner donations and expenses to satisfy match requirements, grant the secretary waiver authority from the Adjusted Gross Income limitation and allow certified entities to write their own minimum deed terms. The initiative’s education and communication efforts are backed by documented examples of natural resource impacts and security risks resulting from illegal logging, wildlife trafficking, fresh water scarcity, soil degradation, illegal fishing, piracy and other threats to the world’s ecosystems. var imgMarginTop = dom_i.query(this).css("margin-top") == undefined ? "none" : dom_i.query(this).css("float").trim(); 10 : dom_i.query(this).css("margin-right").trim(); Our Direct Connection initiative works to raise awareness on the vital role of nature in promoting economic, national and global security, and enhancing the well-being of people. Maintaining these programs requires dedicated, coordinated, and effective political advocacy, by the Alliance and our partners. March 20, 2013: Washington, D.C. Results achieved by many our programs have been made possible by support from USAID, the U.S. Please visit the EQIP home page for wildlife project conservation opportunities. The Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) was established by Congress in … dom.query(this).attr("alt") : dom.query(this).attr("title").trim(); dom_i.query(document).ready(function(){ Grasslands Reserve Program  (GRP) restored and protected rangeland, pastureland, and other grasslands while maintaining the land’s suitability for grazing. enhancing the well-being of people. } Contracts, agreements or easements entered into before the 2014 Farm Bill enactment date (February 7, 2014) are still valid. Protecting the nature we all rely on for food, fresh water and livelihoods. 10 : dom_i.query(this).css("margin-top").trim();

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