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Reduce the collateral consequences of juvenile interactions with law enforcement and the justice system. “There can be no keener reflection of a society’s soul than the way it treats its children.”  – Nelson Mandela. They are also 36 times more likely to attempt suicide. This results in a lack of any training or engagement in the critical differences between youth and adults, and effective responses to delinquent behavior. All Rights Reserved. One of the crucial problems with the current prosecutor’s practices is the revolving rotation of new prosecutors in and out of the juvenile courts after serving a year or two. Participants develop understandings and agreements to hold youth accountable to repair the harm they caused to the victim, the community, the family and themselves. How many electoral votes does each state have? [1] Los Angeles lags far behind a national movement recognizing the import of linking criminal prosecutions to positive societal outcomes. Copyright © 2020 KABC-TV. This facilitates prompt and just resolutions and ensures the reliability of convictions. LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey on Friday conceded to former San Francisco DA George Gascon after a high-profile race that was bitterly contested. I would support targeting foster youth for special treatment to ensure they do not enter the juvenile justice system, especially for incidents resulting from AWOLs, group home placements, changes in school settings, or conflicts with caregivers. We are mindful of the potency of “scientific evidence” before lay jurors and the extent to which it has contributed to wrongful convictions. To more effectively promote youth success, probation roles should be clearly circumscribed, and practices redesigned, including the length, type, and conditions of supervision. Photo by REUTERS/Robert Galbraith. [2] Dick Mendel, “Case Now Strong for Ending Probation’s Place as Default Disposition in Juvenile Justice,” Juvenile Justice Information Exchange, (2016). In San Francisco, I pioneered the Make It Right program as a restorative justice alternative to incarceration for young people. 3. Establish charging practices that reflect an emphasis on measurable positive societal outcomes. Rather than lead a movement away from costly punitive, prison-based alternatives for youth, Jackie Lacey remains committed to a “lock ‘em-up” approach, squandering countless opportunities to cheaply and effectively redirect youth away from the criminal justice system. Recognizing and responding appropriately to trauma during charging, plea negotiations and sentencing reduces recidivism by avoiding unnecessary re-traumatization of youth. 7. East LA man apologizes for video threatening violence if Biden won, Joe Biden declared winner of Pennsylvania, set to become 46th president, Scott Peterson murder conviction could be overturned, Suspect in custody after erratic chase in South Gate area, Trader Joe's reports 1,250 COVID-19 cases over 8-month period. George Gascón Wins Race for Los Angeles D.A. This broad approach to discovery serves to promote justice while at the same time facilitating early and fair resolutions to cases. Dick Mendel, “Case Now Strong for Ending Probation’s Place as Default Disposition in Juvenile Justice,” Juvenile Justice Information Exchange, (2016). This antiquated approach has only served to make our communities less safe while simultaneously increasing racial disparities in the juvenile justice system. The following are principles that underlie the key initiatives I would implement: 1. Challenger George Gascon has established a sizable lead over incumbent Jackie Lacey after about 2.8 million ballots were counted in the race for Los Angeles County district attorney. Consistent with the ABA rules and best prosecutorial practices, our office will approach discovery in a manner that maximizes transparency and accountability. The collateral consequences of juvenile court involvement creates barriers to education, employment, housing and other pathways to stability and success. George Gascón’s policies have resonated with progressive voters in Los Angeles who have been disappointed by Lacey’s continued effort to seek death penalty sentences while declining to charge police officers for shootings. As Los Angeles invests in a growing infrastructure of organizations to provide programs and supports like peer support, mentoring, arts training, education, vocational training, and leadership development, I will seek to develop stronger relationships with and funding for community-based diversion providers, Los Angeles County’s Youth Diversion and Development (YDD) and any other effective diversion initiatives. I will support prosecutorial decisions that seek justice, while minimizing the long-term consequences of juvenile court involvement. Support the efforts to transform Probation to Align with Existing Best Practices. A career cop, Gascón, 65, rose through the ranks of the Los Angeles Police Department, becoming an assistant chief. This avoids the harms associated with justice system involvement, reduces system costs, and improves public safety. Our policies as prosecutors in Los Angeles will be driven by the most current understanding of trauma-informed care and practices. Leverage the rich and expansive network of community organizations in Los Angeles to assist in promoting therapeutic, child-centered and evidence-based responses. [3] Michael P. Jacobson et al., “Less Is More: How Reducing Probation Populations Can Improve Outcomes,” Papers from the Executive Session on Community Corrections, Harvard Kennedy School, (2017), p. 1. Click on an option to get started. I will end the ineffective practice of sending youth to the adult court system to be sentenced to prison. George Gascón appears to be the winner of the Los Angeles County district attorney race, a victory for the coalition of activists who have organized for years to oust the current top prosecutor, Jackie Lacey, who conceded Friday morning. Adult prisons are no place for youth as they are bereft of age appropriate treatment, education, or any other rehabilitative services. in Major Victory for Progressive Prosecutor Movement Los Angeles County, with the country’s largest jail system and largest local prosecutor office, is considered a crown jewel in a nationwide push for criminal justice reform. Locking up children in juvenile halls, boot camps and prisons, has never been shown to increase public safety, but is correlated with higher rates of recidivism and trauma. On the morning of November 6, 2020, Jackie Lacey conceded the race for Los Angeles’ next district attorney to George Gascón. For decades, criminal justice experts have known that Los Angeles’ approach to prosecuting youth has been mired in a “punish first” mindset, anchored in the failed prosecution policies of the 1990s.

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