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Both Nádasdy and Bathory enjoyed spending their time torturing the servants in their care. [33], Most of the witnesses testified that they had heard the accusations from others, but didn't see it themselves. [47] The story came into question in 1817 when the witness accounts (which had surfaced in 1765) were published for the first time. Her family was very influential, her cousin, Stephen Bathory Since there were several plates of food untouched, her actual date of death is unknown. Witnesses included the castellan and other personnel of Sárvár castle. Báthory was raised a Calvinist Protestant. Countess Elizabeth Báthory de Ecsed (1560-1614) was a Hungarian noblewoman and reputed serial killer of hundreds of young women in the 16th and 17th centuries. At the age of 12, Erzsébet was engaged to Nádasdy Ferenc. The investigation into Báthory's crimes was sparked by complaints from a Lutheran minister, István Magyari. The widow was detained in the castle of Csejte for the rest of her life, where she died at the age of 54. They included no references to blood baths. Between 1602 and 1604, Lutheran minister István Magyari complained about atrocities both publicly and with the court in Vienna, after rumors had spread. A trial was held on 7 January 1611 at Bicse, presided over by Royal Supreme Court judge Theodosious Syrmiensis de Szulo and 20 associate judges. In 1602, Nádasdy finally bought the castle from Rudolf II, so that it became a private property of the family. Even before obtaining the results, Thurzó debated further proceedings with Elizabeth's son Paul and two of her sons-in-law. [13][12] This has led to speculation that Báthory's killings during her later life were part of her efforts to cure the illness she had been suffering from since childhood; however, there is no hard evidence supporting this speculation.[12]. [41] The location of her body today is unknown. They were the king's witnesses, but they were executed quickly. Because her husband was a lot of time away studying in Vienna or fighting battles, she was in The Csejte church or the castle of Csejte do not bear any markings of her possible grave. The couple married on May 8, 1575, in the little palace of Varannó. - Privacy Policy - The estimates differ greatly. In those times, women were not considered able to run estates, but Elizabeth proved to be google_color_border = "940000"; Thurzo ordered two notaries to collect evidence in March 1610. The result of this affair was Elizabeth’s first child, Anastasia Bathory. [27] In the last month of 1614, she signed her arrangement, in which she distributed the estates, lands, and possessions among her children. The theory is consistent with Hungarian history at that time, which included religious and political conflicts, especially relating to the wars with the Ottoman Empire, the spread of Protestantism and the extension of Habsburg power over Hungary. All of her children were cared for by governesses as Erzsébet had been. Her father was Baron George VI Báthory of the Ecsed branch of the family, brother of Andrew Bonaventura Báthory, who had been voivode of Transylvania, while her mother was Baroness Anna Báthory (1539–1570), daughter of Stephen Báthory of Somlyó, another voivode of Transylvania, who was of the Somlyó branch. The girls had been procured either by deception or by force. [16] The child, said to have been fathered by a peasant boy, was supposedly given away to a local woman that was trusted by the Báthory family. Her husband died in 1604, leaving her to manage alone the family affairs. Báthory Erzsébet was born on a family estate in Nyírbátor, Hungary, and spent her childhood at Ecsed Castle. She was buried in the church of Csejte, but due to the villagers' uproar over having "The Tigress of Csejte" buried in their cemetery, her body was moved to her birth home at Ecsed, where it is interred at the Báthory family crypt. The accusations of murder were based on rumors. She remained there for four years, until her death. [31] According to the Budapest City Archives, the girls were burned with hot tongs and then placed in freezing cold water. Thurzo, along with Paul and her two sons-in-law, originally planned for Elizabeth to be secreted to a nunnery, but as accounts of her murder of the daughters of lesser nobility spread, it was agreed that Elizabeth Báthory should be kept under strict house arrest, but that further punishment should be avoided. Abductions were said to have occurred as well. Thurzó ordered two notaries, András Keresztúry and Mózes Cziráky,[27] to collect evidence in March 1610. It seems most likely that the claim of Thurzó's discovering Báthory covered in blood has been the embellishment of fictionalized accounts. google_ad_format = "160x600_as"; According to testimonies by the defendants, Elizabeth Báthory tortured and killed her victims not only at Csejte but also on her properties in Sárvár, Sopronkeresztúr, Bratislava, (then Pozsony, Pressburg), and Vienna, and even between these locations. [40] She was buried in the church of Csejte on 25 November 1614,[40] but according to some sources due to the villagers' uproar over having the Countess buried in their cemetery, her body was moved to her birth home at Ecsed, where it was interred at the Báthory family crypt. [28] By October 1610 they had collected 52 witness statements;[27] by 1611, that number had risen to over 300. Priests, noblemen and commoners were questioned. Another proposal made by some sources in order to explain Báthory's cruelty later in her life is that she was trained by her family to be cruel.

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