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Most popular Most recent "Yeah," he says softly reaching out with the hand he still has on the bed, his fingers brushing against the hand Stiles has at his side, studying him when he looks back at him surprised. Derek heard the shower click on above his head, as he stood alone in the living room of Stiles' house. ", Stiles opens his mouth and then closes it again, licking his lips, eyes blown wide as he takes him in tracking the movement. Stiles is too tired to pull him on it so he lets it go, but third time lucky is all he can think. Derek looked at the fading bruises remorsefully. 'But we could help the pain.' Stiles tried to backtrack. 'Well, after your operation you're still nil by mouth so just a sip of water. Stiles imagined Derek gleefully stringing the hunter who hurt his pack member up by the thumbs like Filch often threatened to do in Harry Potter. Derek smirked at the whine he heard coming from Stiles' mouth and he stripped himself quickly of his jeans and boxers, his cock standing erect in the night air. He was currently standing in a bus shelter near the Beacon preserve while rain came down in heavy waves around the shelter. Until Derek's glaring at him with a wet cloth in one hand and Stiles' arm in the other. There was the snarl Stiles had been expected the whole ride to his house. Crossing the room; he sits at Stiles side on the bed, his hands on either side of him. The two stood there staring at each other for what felt like an hour before Stiles smiled. Stiles can think of a million things to say but he doesn't because Derek's hand is on Stiles' other ankle now, working its way up, still with the awesome scratching. And now his dad worked hard and Stiles tried to take care of him and himself, but who would take care of Stiles? And Jo, cant forget Jo (although she was more technichal advice and no, dont put that bit in.). If you could just drop me by my house I promise I'll be quiet the whole way.". ", He presses his lips into a thin line to hide the small smile that threatens to break through but allows the momentary camaraderie to continue. His head jerked to the side to see Stiles standing in the doorway, clad only in a towel. Stiles breathed out, he had done his research and he knew what that meant. Lydia glares at him like he's just told she missed a sale at Macy's. "Well good! It hits Stiles. Teen Wolf – Taking Care. He wants to giggle but he doesn't. Stiles sighed in defeat. "You know werewolf eyes don't really work on me anymore." If I can give you that happiness than I'm damn well going to try because I love you Damnit!" 'How do you feel?' Scott and Jackson glower at each other and Stiles wonder's if Derek's right, maybe they do need to fuck and get it out of their system. 'So who all's been to see me? Chat. Stiles asks. When Derek finds out what Peter offered to him and what Gerard really did to him in that basement, it caused him to finally act on his feelings for Stiles. He pulled out his phone to check the time, hoping his dad would be getting off work soon and could maybe swing by and pick him up. There's a stranger looking down at him with panicked eyes. Most popular Most recent. Derek heaves out a long suffering sigh and moves off him. I never thought that I would be able to have you, so I did my best to keep it at bay…" Derek admitted. Derek breathed out, licking a fading bite mark on Stiles' neck. His…something. "I know," he gets in return from the bed where Stiles hasn't moved other than to look in his direction, another first since this is the most at ease he's ever felt Stiles be in his presence, maybe it just goes to show how tired he is too. My shifts almost over, someone will be here soon to relieve me.' 'Ok, we'll just get this out and your boyfriend can do the rest.' Stiles waved his finger in Derek's face. "It doesn't look good when the sheriff's son is a criminal who steals police property and has a restraining order against him," Stiles answers with a bitter smile, like he's remembering a past conversation. Derek says then looks like he wants to take it back. ", Derek doesn't answer, instead he looks at the boy in front of him, his head to the side exposing his neck to him without realizing what it could mean to him as the Alpha and in that moment he realizes how close they are since Stiles sat up on the bed. Stiles screamed the alphas name as he came hard and a few more thrusts and Derek emptied his seed into his mate. But he knows he not really alone, he knows that in the morning Derek or Jackson will be there, and maybe Danny with breakfast. "We've been looking for them… We can't find them anywhere…" Derek mused sadly. Also there's a catheter in a place it shouldn't be and it's lying across the top of his thigh and that's just gross. And that, the knowledge that the boy in front of him now had taken the time to make sure the others were okay had made him seek him out, the last member of his pack and obviously the one that wasn't okay. Whatever. 'Your right.' You never make sense to me! He doesn't know what it means so he ignores it. He should deny it, ignore it, if he doesn't give voice to it, it won't matter, but he can feel Stiles tension and hesitation hitting him in the back, ready for rejection. Derek says. Sterek, lemon. Stiles says. "That was kinda awesome," Stiles concedes grinning. His Dad says and Stiles turns his head. Stiles glared at Derek, whose eyes were stuck to the injury on his cheek. Another heartbeat louder and slightly faster in the room with him, awake but not scared like other times when he's broken in. They spoil him when he gets home. Maybe one day he would. Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Wolf. "Stiles, fuck!" Your review has been posted. Filter by post type. And that's ok because that's what Derek does and Stiles really hopes Scott will stop screaming soon because he's too loud. "Usually you don't make sense Stiles, but now you really don't make sense." Derek asked, not moving the car from its spot by the bus shelter. Well after Peter attacked Lydia, he dragged me along with him to track Scott's cell so he could find you. Clips and music aren't mine. Derek growled lowly at the sight of the long fingers working at his belt, he grabbed Stiles' wrists and pinned them to the bed beside Stiles' head. Stiles explained. Stiles knew he wouldn't last much longer at this rate and with hard suck and bit of Derek bobbing his head Stiles was arching upwards as he came in Derek's mouth with a shout of the werewolf's name. 'I spoke to a physiotherapist this afternoon to discuss what happens when he tries to walk. Stiles mentioned but moved out of the way to let the werewolf into his house. "What do you mean by8 that?" His poor jeep had broken down a few miles back. Anything Derek had left in the column of self-control shattered and Derek pushed his cock into Stiles' ass. His dad laughs and Stiles fights to keep his eyes open. "I'm going to take care of you Stiles, no one is ever going to hurt you again." Danny says. 'And I asked you how you felt and got a smart answer. "Paid vacations? When he finally gets himself under control he takes a deep breath and asks, 'You didn't do anything stupid did you?'. Derek said huskily. Stiles grinded his hips back against Derek. "What." Only me. 'I think you're hurting and you're not admitting it. 'I spoke to Argent before I came over here.' When Derek goes to the bathroom, Jackson is there plumping Stiles' pillows. Derek's going to roll his eyes and cuff him around the side of the head, glare and call him an idiot. Lydia snorts and tugs her pink phone out of her pocket to send off a text. Derek was inspecting the many posters that were scattered around the room, not noticing the shower had clicked off. Danny arrives with pizza for the pack and the Sheriff heads out to work. Peter was also making some cameos in his nightmares and that equaled not a lot of sleep for Stiles. "No, but Gerard didn't seem to mind when he was beating the shit out of me." Derek's voice was low and had a dangerous tone to it. 'Someone mistook you for a werewolf and shot you.' Stiles is sick, but doesn't want Derek to see him this way so he goes to his old house and puts mountain ash around it to keep Derek away. Stiles snapped before rubbing his eyes with his hand. Derek snarls when he comes back into the room, wiping his hands on his jeans. Like the time Stiles fell off the roof of his dad's cruiser when he was seven, all he could think of as his mom buzzed frantically around him was that he was supposed to bake cookies this afternoon, she had promised and now he couldn't move his arm. "You're pack." The breath Stiles lets out is audible; the tentative hopefulness in the air causes his wolf to hum with satisfaction. Thankfully it did, Derek settled on the chair he used when he was hiding out there from the police. 'I'm going to check his wound.' Derek says. Derek's beaming at her. "I love you too Stiles and nothing is going to happen to you again, I promise." Why didn't he think of that? "Oh god Derek!" He heard Derek huff at the dog reference, making the teen laugh as he went to get warm and dry. Derek nipped Stiles' neck playfully, letting his eyes go red. His heartbeats increased and Derek's eyebrows rose up. Derek his Alpha. He smirked when he heard Stiles' heartbeat spike dramatically. "How? Derek grunted and changed their position, Stiles was on his back with his legs propped up on Derek's shoulders and he rammed himself back into Stiles' hole faster than before. He feels groggy, his head is heavy. Stiles breathed out, exhaustion evident in his voice. "You know you make the dog jokes easy when you tilt your head like that," he gets instead of a greeting. "Y-Yeah… Sorry Derek… I just thought I was… You know what! Lydia looks curiously at Derek as Danny heads down the stairs and Jackson's back to hovering at the door. Stiles looks up at him with wide eyes, his heart speeding up just a bit, a slight hint of fear permeating the air, still he pushes on. "I love you too Stiles." Then Scott's there and he's panicking more than the stranger and crying and screaming for Derek. 'That's the best plan you've had since skipping first period English on Tuesday to get breakfast at Lori's.' Stiles felt the pain coming from his ass slowly fade away and an intense urge for more covered his body. Jackson doesn't offer to leave when Scott arrives but the Sheriff takes off. Not a death fic cause I'm weak! 'Your gown suits you.' Stiles gasped into the kiss and Derek lowered him back onto his back on the bed. "No one knew, I thought… I thought Scott would find me ya know?

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