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● Jimin falls into the bathtub and wakes up in bed - this is his transition into the next stage of life. Jimin drowns himself in the bathtub and V is seen jumping into the water and then drowning. ● J-Hope is Jimin's Demian. [ In the book Sinclair makes up events like stealing apples in order to make people notice him. They are sponsored! Zodiac Sign: Pisces People thought he called Jin, which is wrong. It means that the lie or the illusion he has been living in has been lifted. This signifies the end of his role in Sinclair's life. It was written during his most difficult times, and it explains what he was thinking at that moment. Some fans see him as a songwriter and some as an idol, but he hopes fans can enjoy his image the way they best can. foreverkpopping {s/h} 09/25/16 . Jungkook dies in a car accident. – The song on his Soundcloud called ‘Romaine’ was a song he wrote before he signed with the company. ● The book is written in Sinclair's point of view. Mother and father, love and strictness, moral behaviour and school.' 4. The same idea has been put forth by Herman Hesse in his book 'Demian'. Alabama Shakes – Gimme All Your Love ● Jungkook was seen holding the same letter and he even puts it into an envelope. [I'm reminding you again that Demian is Sinclair's subconscious.]. U can see that the rest of the members are just standing behind Jin and they don't do much. ● Let me start off with the 7th wings video itself before I say anything. ● The painting catches fire and the glass shatters. In RUN you can see the friendship between Jhope and Jimin and how Jimin is right there when Hobi wakes up at the hospital and hits him with a pillow. Hesse veröffentlichte das Buch 1919 unter diesem Pseudonym, das er 1917 erstmals für einen politischen Aufsatz verwendet hatte. ● The painting- a blue scenery, same one Jimin saw. Stacey Kent – This happy madness Therefore he sees himself the way you see him. Since Yoongi is JK himself, he is like Jk's reflection. Without his mom, dad, or brother knowing, Demian wrote a song for the wedding. ● We see Yoongi walking on the road in the short film and then we hear the shattering of glass. The dream is the world as we see it. Only thing I left out was in prologue, V calls up Namjoon and says "hyung, I miss you hyung" or something like "I want to see you". Affection – Cigarettes after sex ● This is evident when a puppy slips away from Tae's hands and a cage falls on top of him. . It might even be Jin who killed his own childhood self in order to attain something greater. ● Demian leaves Sinclair for a few years and doesn't stay in touch. The one that represents Jin remains the same while that of the other members' is patterned of bears a flaw. Kpop Discographies -He always wanted to be a songwriter, not a singer, because when he played his songs to his friends, they always told him that they liked the songs, but not his voice. This can be seen when Jimin has a pillow fight alone, all by himself. More like, Jungkook breaks out of his childhood. He himself is Eva as well. This signifies that Namjoon (Pistorius) is transitioning to the next phase of his own life and is no longer a part of Sinclair's (V's) life. After Demian, Pistorius is Sinclair's (V's) second mentor. – He buys a lot of his clothes from Andersson Bell and from Juun.J. I copy pasted the above passage directly from Wiki. – He can’t drink coffee well because it contains caffeine. Jin is the one who builds the house of cards. Hey guys! . By the end of this blog you will be able to tell what the boy meets as well *wink wink*. 3. He was philosophical, smart, a leader but a drunkard. A loud mixture of horrendous, intriguing, frightful, mysterious things, including slaughterhouses and prisons, drunkards and screeching fishwives, calving cows, horses sinking to their death. ● 'It was the first fissure in the columns that had upheld my childhood, which every individual must destroy before he can become himself. He has a sense that there is more to the world than what he learns in school and from his parents. Official Instagram: @demian_isme It shows that he is always ready to help Sinclair but when Sinclair(V) finally calls for help, he is unable to receive the call. 2.In INU, we see Yoongi laying on the bed alone. Demian Facts: Birthday: March 12, 1994 1. He also admires BTS‘ V. – Favorite dish: His mom’s Galbi-Jjim (Braised beef short ribs) Throughout the HYYH era you can see Jungkook acting innocent, staring ahead aimlessly. Reporter Shim Yeon Hee points out that sales of the novel “Demian” by Hermann Hesse have increased since BTS used excerpts and themes from the book in the concept for their recent album. In the book, Sinclair paints a sparrow hawk and mails it to Demian. In INU, we even see Joonie writing a message on glass, saying "you must survive" which was meant for Sinclair (V). Emil Sinclair is a young boy raised in a middle class home, amidst what is described as a Scheinwelt, a play on words that means "world of light" as well as "world of illusion". He walks out looking happy and content. This must've taken a lifetime to write! – Favorite fruit: Green grapes. ● The book 'Demian' is also known as 'The story of Emil Sinclair's youth'. That's why he eats the chocolate. If so, why doesn't Sinclair know how Demian got the bully to leave him alone? Rihanna – This is what you came for ● The book is written in Sinclair's point of view ● Emil Sinclair is the protagonist of the novel. Nam-tae or VMon is the ship since the beginning of the era. ● Pistorius(Namjoon) leaves Sinclair as well and now since the boy is alone all over again, he starts regretting everything and desperately wants to go back home, to his childhood. Personal traits & Facts Shattering of glass can be considered a transition from his childhood to his adolescence. But when he meets Pistorius and tells him about Abraxas, he discovers that he isn't alone. I'll explain it in the coming chapters. ● Letter - In the book Sinclair receives a letter from Demian saying 'The bird struggles out of the egg. Thank you for taking time to organize everything and jot it all down, this helps me a lot. In this desperation, he tries to ink the bird on his own skin and tries to become Abraxas himself. I will explain the phone call later in Namjoon's chapter. At one point, as much as Sinclair loves Demian, he hates him too. In INU we can see them hanging out together. – Demian said that he loves mint chocolate! ● Since childhood is represented by JK, Yoongi (sinclair) is the one who's most affectionate towards him. BTS was featured on KBS’s “Culture Plaza” on October 17, where they sat down with a reporter to talk about their recent comeback with “WINGS.”, Reporter Shim Yeon Hee points out that sales of the novel “Demian” by Hermann Hesse have increased since BTS used excerpts and themes from the book in the concept for their recent album. ● This is why during the inquiry, when the police officer asks Tae about his parents he answers saying "I have no such thing". ● In the 6th short film, you see him sitting in a bedded room, expressionless and emotionless. Instead, he likes to drink tea. You'll see how. ● In other words, other members' circles originate from Jin's circle. – He doesn’t really watch dramas, but he makes sure to watch them when Kim Soo Hyun is starring. He’s a senior at his university, so he’ll graduate soon. The bird flies to God. Who is it? He has a jumble of thoughts, but no real sense of what to make of them. Such fissure and rents grow together again, heal and are forgotten, but in the most secret recesses, they continue to live and bleed.'. In INU Jungkook walks around carelessly but does nothing suicidal, while the rest of the members try to kill themselves. I'm not including the quotes that Rap Mon narrates though. The rest are gone and are a part of his own past. – Demian started his music career at the age of 22 (Korean age). 7. – If he had to choose between a cat or a dog, he’d choose a cat. This is where his life actually changes. But on the inside he seems to be struggling and strangling himself. This can mean that jhope now sees the true form of the painting. ● Namjoon keeps doing the nasty with his drinks and we see him drinking coke/alcohol.He hangs out with V more, like they go out to do that graffiti thing together and they even get arrested together and in INU they walk and sit together so it's obvious how close Pistorius is to Sinclair. Winner – Hold As we already know, each member of Bangtan represents a certain phase of Sinclair's life. The characters Demian and Eva aren't real people, they are Sinclair's subconscious. Kpop Boy Group Profiles But then when he looks at it, it is only him in the photo. According to him, the heaven is where his parents are. Jin curled up in bed, as if he knows that the world is an illusion. In the course of the novel, accompanied and prompted by his mysterious classmate 'Max Demian', he detaches from and revolts against the superficial ideals of the world of appearances and eventually awakens into a realization of self. This Syndrome is a psychiatric disorder where someone will make up events or illnesses to draw sympathy to himself. Sinclair thinks that Demian is a different person, but in the end he realises that he is just his own subconscious. Kpop Facts ● Taehyung (Sinclair) finally notices the cage/world around him and in order to be free, he must break out of it. Soundcloud: DEMIAN ● Further down the hallway he sees the painting of a sparrow hawk. Demian ist die Geschichte des Knaben Emil Sinclair, der an den Begegnungen mit Max Demian, seinem Dämon den Namen fand Hesse in einem Traum -, sich von seiner Kindheit löst und in den Auseinandersetzungen mit ihm die unendliche Welt seines Innern entdeckt. V makes it fall but that doesn't bother Jin at all. Suggestions, About Us Suga admits, “I didn’t enjoy the book [at first], but when I read it again I really liked it.”. In place of the burnt petals we now see 6 photographers representing each member. Someone has sent him the picture of a sparrow hawk and he decides to ink himself. This shows how confused he is with the world and how he is tangled in his own thoughts. A potrait of someone who looks a lot like Demian but not exactly. A boy named Kromer often whistled to summon Sinclair and threaten him. He desperately tries to go back to being the old him. – Favorite Japanese food: Sushi, Pork Cutlet and Yakisoba. ● His thoughts about society and religious practices change when he meets Demian ; Sinclair starts feeling uneasy and impure for having let those thoughts plant themselves in his mind. Demian (데미안) is a South Korean solo singer/songwriter who debuted on March 11th, 2020 under Sony Music Entertainment Korea with the single ‘Cassette’. ● 'My parents house made up one realm. It means the death or end of the phase of life they represent. Humor is also really important and since he’s not a very bright person himself, he’d like someone who’s a little brighter than him. ● Jin walks to his room and in his room there is the piano, a lighter in his hand, the potrait we saw in the 1st short film and then theres the bed. Calvin Harris feat. It's a perfect mixture of "I know what I'm talking about" and "I stan legends and speak the language of the internet". Also, Taehyung looks away when the officer starts drinking water bcs it reminds him of his father drinking alcohol. This tells us that the letter Namjoon (Pistorius) recieved is from JK. Maya means illusion. He doesn't bite onto it like Jimin(his old self) did. ● This killing of his parent shows that he killed his previous worldview of how things were and finally accepts the world as Demian says it is. According to the surroundings, we can conclude that Jimin and Hope are in the same room. At first, he wanted to go to law school or do something to do with consulting. He looks lost asf and is surprised when the members notice him. The one who awoke. The apple represents a part of him, that is Jimin. He once considered drinking a crime but now he was indifferent to it. ● Jin is the bird that broke out of the cage. In INU, RUN and PROLOGUE as well. Demian. ● Note: I'm repeating that Demian and Eva aren't actually real people.

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