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But it’s most unfortunate that Lot persists in terming Mizrahim “Negro jews.” Clearly he does want to irradiate their kids, after all. The goal is identical to any other secret police force: to chill peaceful dissent. Johnson, who is seen falling to the ground, died after being taken off life support. That’s pretty pathetic, even for a MOT as clearly cognitively-crippled as Lot…. Oh, the horror! Those on the right tend to have authoritarian personalities, fascinated by spiffy uniforms and shiny badges. There probably aren’t many. How long would you still have a teaching job if you did? Sad. Subscribe to our newsletter and hear first about special offers and promotions. Looks like something of a split between jewish oligarchs (more pro-Eretz Israel) and average diaspora jews (more anti-White). We ‘Lizard Brains’ Love Our POTUS—Kvetching COVID Joe Must GO! The officers struck by gunfire are reported to be in critical condition with head and torso wounds, FOX News reported. This sort of behavior is not restricted to jews, or to humans, or even to higher primates. Jews have always been white in America and England before that. For other inquiries, Contact Us. For anyone who’s curious to see some more detail about the original source that appears to have inspired Mr. “Morgan’s” incoherent blabbering, you can find the eponymous hate-filled screed (as well as the rest of the notoriously anti-White series “Studies in ‘Prejudice’ “) posted on the website of (surprise!) So, with knee-jerk reflexivity, they automatically oppose the so-called anarchists. Otoh, the left “anarchists” are equally confused, as it evidently doesn’t occur to them that the sort of anti-racist “social justice” they advocate could only be attained by an overtly totalitarian government. Currently Shopping by. Then why did they actively go out of their way to kidnap those dark children? JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Still, what I don’t get is why the nascent Jewish state took those swarthy non-European Jews in. Our fathers/grandfathers were all Proud Boys. Yet the MAGAs and Antifas and BLM battle in the bankrupt streets of ‘Muhricah ! The systemic collapse of the US society has begun, Top 3 reasons to doubt the Ahmaud "Just a Jogger" Arbery narrative, The Political Bankruptcy of American White Nationalism, A 2020 miracle: vast crowds gather, but the shoe stores go untouched. Sounds legit. Muh kosher sandwich. Is Jesus real, strangling Europa under his cross? Pedro L. Gonzalez, the Assistant Editor of Trumpian American Greatness, remarked that the document shows the perspective of the typical employee in the intelligence community is very similar to that of a Black Lives Matter rioter: “white people just are objectively bad, terrorists in waiting.”. Police said Ware may have left the scene in a red Jeep Liberty driven by another person. What does the narrative template for this obvious FBI/ corporate media gay op have to due with your personal delusions, hmm? ‘Cause we care. This has long been the technique when governments have been coopted in what were once described as a ‘coup from within.” “US Law,” lol. Ware then reached under his seat for a gun and fired three times at the two officers, according to the affidavit. Who knew? A struggle ensued and Ware pulled out a gun and fired "several shots at close range," striking both officers in the head, said Franklin. When exactly did the AngloZionist Empire collapse? "The driver slowly walked away from the vehicle and went to another car that was waiting for him," Franklin said. Here we go again: Undocumented Shoppers in Philadelphia, Some Answers to the Mystery of the "Missing Jews", Dialogue in 2020: Democrat National Committee Deletes Tweet Accusing President Trump of "Glorifying White Supremacy" by Attending Fireworks Celebration at Mt. A typical ignorant, hate-filled semitic supremacist. Maybe you can point out a good one to me. The footage showed it was “not this cold calculated action on Ware's behalf like they've been trying to portray it,” according to Adams. But I’ve never claimed that all Aryans were the same with regard to obedience. Subscribe. Peter Simpson on “Does It Matter Who Wins the Election?”. And the USA was founded on violent revolution, for that matter. Because they urgently needed people at that time? Can you please explain it more? Are they blind? Worcester, Worcestershire. UPDATE: The Tulsa Police Department announced the passing of Sgt. Trump’s Bid to Stop Count Could Turn US Into an ‘illiberal Democracy', Fisk Was a ‘historian of the Present’ Who Illuminated the World, America Faces a ‘Gettysburg Moment’ – But Trumpism Will Not Vanish, The Task Before ‘Sleepy Joe’ Is to Put Liberal America Right Back to Sleep, October Diary: Gypsy Quotations, Paleolithic Pleasure, Escape from Lockdown, and the White Tiger, Etc, Banana Follies: the Mother of All Color Revolutions, A Biden Presidency Means "The Return of the Blob", Imperial Overstretch Arrives: Americans Do Not Need the American Empire, The Disappearing America: Progressives Want a Revolution, Not Just Change, Flags of Opposition: Why the American Flag Isn’t Enough, The Mobilization of the Mob...Inside the Deep State, Two Deep Mysteries of the 1973 Arab-Israeli War, YouTube: Combating the K A M A L A Administration’s Critical Race Theory. and Mwenge Jazz, Nicole Willis, Jimi Tenor & Jonathan Maron, Osmar Milito & Quarteto Forma / Brasil Ritmo, The Yorkshire Film & Television Orchestra, Terror Cactus / Orquestra Pacifico Tropical.

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