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I've had enough of lazy journalists and TV commentators who are calling COVID-19 "corona" because it's easier, faster and cooler. Yo, Biden,  Where’s Your Supreme Court Nominee List??? We all know that Biden is not going to be president for long if he wins. Democratic speaker Nancy Pelosi had a choice a while ago when AOC and the Squad became the spokesgroup for the democratic party. The president has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Discover Dan Stanchfield's address history, phone, age & more. Known Locations: Phoenix AZ, 85024, Circle Pines MN 55014, Gilbert AZ 85233 Possible Relatives: Erin Marie Olson, Ballard P Stanchfield, Barry L Stanchfield Nancy Pelosi is a despicable human being who believes she's entitled to a different way of life than the rest of us. "Make Matters Worse" Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi made a new mask mandate for all House members who come into the chamber. Or at least Virginia. The democrats like to pretend we don't live in the world that we do if the optics are bad for their party. Darin is a graduate of Utah State University with a degree in business and computer science. I live in America. On Sunday, the democrats all posted their misinformation about Michael Brown and reminded everyone that it's the sixth anniversary of Michael Brown's death. The entire election against Trump has shown that the democrats are willing to lie constantly about the president. Just when you think the democrats can't sink any lower, they surprise you. Does anybody really like listening to politicians? We currently have an infection of the democratic party and their AntifaBLM terrorists spreading their communist disease across the country. The president is surprisingly strong with these voters. Before Dan Stanchfield, Kellly Carlson dating rumor was with Josh Hartnett, an actor cum movie producer. If you thought you were going to be able to buy some Halloween-themed PEEPS next month, you would be wrong. Is Christmas Next? The democrats know by now that they can do whatever they want without any repercussions, no shame, no fines, no jail time, nothing. Carlson previously dated Dave Navarro in … Tyrant Michigan Governor Whitmer is Destroying the Restaurant Industry in Her State, More BS from the CDC: Telling People to Go Ahead and Vote in Person Even if You Have COVID-19, Race-Baiting Kamala Harris Still Pushing Her Communist Platform As She Tries to Skate Towards the Presidency, Covid, Covid, Covid… Tyranny, Tyranny, Tyranny…Dear Democrats: Americans Will Decide Our Own Risks, Watch out Trump Supporters – the Democratic Gestapo Will Be Coming After You Even More if Biden Wins, Unrestrained Dems Continue to Do What They Want – Including Flying BLM Flags at a Voting Location. Will it be the same this year? Darin Stanchfield is the Founder and CEO of KeepKey, the Seattle-based manufacturer of the world's premium bitcoin hardware wallet. If Trump gets a new Supreme Court judge confirmed and Biden wins the election, the democrats are threatening to pack the Supreme Court. It’s remarkable to see the similarities between the radical Islamists like Osama bin Laden and the democrat party in their quests to destroy our country. Are We Currently Under Cyber Attack or is Microsoft 365 Just Taking Everyone Down? The city didn't even tell them it was cancelled because they are cowards. Have you heard about the execution of five-year-old Cannon Hinnan in North Carolina on Sunday? Who Needs Stinkin’ Signatures on a Ballot? On an interview by DigitalSpy.com on 15 August 2008, the lady has confirmed the love to be a planned one. AntifaBLM terrorists have been committing arson and trying to kill the police just about every one of those days. Darin Stanchfield is the Founder and CEO of KeepKey, the Seattle-based manufacturer of the world's premium bitcoin hardware wallet. Looks like Kamala Harris is a little miffed that the protesting and rioting over perceived racial injustice has tamped down during the final weeks of the presidential election. The Real End Game For The Presidential Race, Joe Biden Wants to Mandate COVID-19 Vaccines for Every American, Kamala Harris, Self-Appointed Cheerleader of the Radical Anti-Police Movement, Calls for More Dissent, Anti-gun Member of the Media Excoriates Delta Force Veteran on Social Media for Protecting his Family, Because Barr, Wray and Durham Won’t Expose the Democrat Mob, Rudy Giuliani Did it For Them, New Study on Surface Life of COVID-19 Virus Shows CDC to be Incompetent – Again, Nancy Rejects Latest Coronavirus Relief Bill and Gets the Trump Treatment from Boyfriend on CNN, At Barrett Hearing, Sen. Ted Cruz Explained How Close We’ve Come to Losing our Rights Because of Radical Justices, Democrats Treating Amy Coney Barrett as a Future Serial Killer and Have Photos of Her Victims in the Chamber, Insane Democrats Need Senile Hidin’ Biden to Hide Again, Both Sides Playing Presidential Campaign Defense, Shifty Fauci is Misleading Public That He Hasn’t Commended Trump’s COVID-19 Response, Democrats: Stay Home if You’re Sick, Stay Home if You Think You’re Sick, Stay Home if You’re Not Sick, Let’s Have Weekly Presidential Debates Like The British Do, Kinda, Michigan Governor Goes on a PR Crusade Blaming Trump for the Kidnapping Plots Against Her, NY Governor King Cuomo Tells the World That His State Dictatorship Rules Over the Constitution, Supermen Trump, Limbaugh and Bongino Fight Medical Troubles with Strength and Determination, The Lying Democrats Live in a Fantasyland Where Google Doesn’t Exist, Wednesday’s Plexi-Clash: The Fly on Pence’s Head Was of More Interest to Democrats Than Kamala’s Performance, Desperate Michelle Obama Plays Race Card on Trump Even Though She Spent Eight Years with Creepy Bigoted Biden, BUSTED: Clinton Planned the Russia Hoax and Obama Put it Into Overdrive. Even MSN admitted that the convention, in addition to winning over people who aren’t enthusiastic about Biden, is about winning over moderates. Does a moderate want to take funding away from police? The Psychos in Seattle Actually Defunded the Police Department so the Police Chief Quits, After Getting Threatened That He Has to Pick a Black Woman, Biden’s Affirmative Action VP Choice is 6% Kamala, Another Group of Terrorists is Planning a “White House Siege” Starting September 17th Through the Election, Gettysburg could work for Trump nomination speech, Crazy Nancy Pelosi and Hidin’ Biden Completely Supported Payroll Tax Cuts Before Trump Came Along, Stepford Democrats Use One Collective Brain on Twitter Every Day, “We’ve Had Enough” – Trump Signs Orders for Coronavirus Relief Money While Calling out Dems BS Demands, Hey Ted Wheeler – Looks Like the Rioters in Portland Don’t Care if Trump Wins, Crazy Michigan Governor Has Lost Her Mind with Her Latest Executive Orders, This presidential election has happened before, The First Debate Between Biden and Trump Last Night Exposed that Trump is a Cross Dresser and Biden Uses Ketchup on His Eggs, As the Country Descends Into Lawlessness, a Sheriff in Arizona Decides to Deputize a Citizens Posse, World will mark 75th anniversary of life-saving event, Revolutionary Communist Party Leader Endorses Joe Biden, NYC Health Commissioner to Mayor de Blasio: You Suck, I’m Outta Here, Hard left makes gains, primary results across nation, Even During a Pandemic and Job Losses, Democrats Will Make Sure Illegals Can Take American Jobs, Liberty Cancelled by Dallas, Riots Are Not, Too Much to Lose for Government to Admit Virus Mistake, The Black Lives Matter Shakedown Continues, Radical Biden Campaign Staffer Called Cops Worse Than Pigs and Still Has a Job, Portland Terrorists Killing Animals for Props in Their “Peaceful Protests”, Obama Turns John Lewis Funeral into Campaign Rally While the Rest of Us Can’t Even Have Funerals For our Loved Ones, Not Wearing a Mask in House Chambers is a Breach of Decorum But Accusing Trump’s Attorney General of Murder is Not, Michigan Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer Bans Family Gatherings Again, DC Newsies Root for their Democrat Masters, Thanks to the Democrats, We Now Have an Insurrection Pandemic in the United States With No Cure in Sight. So the democrats are yapping about needing to wait to choose a new Supreme Court Justice until after the election so that the "winner" can pick the nominee. It's been a difficult and uncertain time for conservatives who have seen some of their favorite voices and leaders of liberty and justice facing medical issues. Mask wearing is all about virtue signaling. The celebrities and politicians support the "defund the police" insanity because they are the elite and could care less what happens to us peons out here and if we're able to keep our families safe. Search their Arrest Records, Driving Records, Contact Information, Photos and More... 1) Dan Stanchfield's Phone & Current Address The Virginia Senate has approved new legislation to reduce penalties for assaulting police officers. All Rights Reserved. They may try a national security challenge to hurt the president’s reelection. But they don't decide elections. Poor Obama is a bit worried that Trump might have four more years to investigate his coup against him and put some of his buddies in jail. Otherwise, I’d have nothing to do with her. Later on, on 15th August 2005, their relationship stated to be a staged one. He is serving as an officer in the United States Navy. Harsh? The DNC was probably ecstatic that the pandemic made it impossible to televise the convention all day so people could see what was really going on with their supporters. So it's not too surprising that the democrats are now calling for violence outright. Just your average every-day burning of a building. Want to cheat in the presidential election? It is time to put the 2020 pandemic in perspective with recent history. What happens if we elect a mentally compromised man like Joe Biden to the White House? Nancy Mace looks as if she is about to knock off a Democrat incumbent. Normal people (not democrats) can see what a supreme choice Judge Amy Coney Barrett is for the bench of the Supreme Court. Statues, buildings, businesses, people… whatever. She said: Signatures? You can’t be both pro-police and anti-police at the same time and already some of the leftists are figuring that out. She is nasty and unlikeable. We beat them abroad so we could face them over here. Biden and Harris sat maskless on chairs about 12 feet apart so that Harris wouldn't give the old man any cooties sans-basement. The big, massive, enormous, gigantic bombshell of the October 15th dueling town halls of Biden and Trump was ignored by most everyone. Those who are 50 and older are especially disturbed by the radical left turn of the democrats. Dan is giving to the nation for a long time. Lawlessness in democratic run cities is showing the American people who the democrats really are and what they stand for and it's not pretty. Remember the homeowners, Mark and Patricia McCloskey, who protected themselves, their property and their dog when hundreds of protesters went on their private street in St. Louis after breaking through the gate? The average American citizen is confounded with various and wide discrepancies in coronavirus reporting and regs. It's now more than obvious that Crooked Hillary dreamed up the plan to tie Trump to the Russian hacking of the DNC so people wouldn't pay close attention to her email and server crimes. With all of the black lives matter mantra floating around and coming out of the mouths of the democrats, you would think that ONLY black lives matter. Can the Rest of Us Get the Preventative COVID-19 Treatment That We Need? Whitepages people search is the most trusted directory. You don't have to worry too much when you're an illegal alien in America because the democrats always have your back. Kelly Carlson is now living a blissful married life with husband Dan Stanchfield with no any rumors of divorce and separation issues. What a joke. It was a classy move on President Trump's part but the leftist media will never give him any credit for it. Trump has had more women as top advisers than any other president. It saved millions of lives and maybe yours. The Democrats had a serious problem with a candidate then.

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