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Langisite The Langis mine was the type locality for this very rare mineral. Mineralogical characteristics of the deposits and textures of the ore minerals. Some nickeline as well. (1986) Sulfur-isotope geochemistry of the silver-sulpharsenide vein mineralization, Cobalt, Ontario. Ontario Department of Mines. There are specimens from that mine and, as well, the O'Brien and Cobalt Lode mines in the ROM collection. 38) Bismuth, 10.0x4.2x1.6cm, O’Brien Mine, Coleman Township. The unusual minerals such as proustite, stephanite, xanthoconite, etc., were really only found in-situ in the early workings. I am under the impression that the find was made while making the cutting for the railway. A number of specimens in the ROM collection from the Columbus mine, most notably M8681, have very sharp, silvery, cube-octahedral crystals measuring up to 8mm across. In the Cobalt-Gowganda area the Huronian sequence consists of a variety of essentially flat lying coarse to fine grained clastic sediments of the Cobalt Group which have been subdivided into the Gowganda, Lorrain and Gordon lake formations. There is a very large assortment of Cobalt-Gowganda specimens for sale on this website. Geological Survey of Canada. Comm. On the second day I went to Pickerel Lake, where Longwell thought there was something good, but found nothing, and came back to camp at 1 o'clock. The vein whose width averages not more than 8 inches, cuts this face at right angles, and has an almost vertical dip. This information on rock units at or nearby to the coordinates given for this locality is based on relatively small scale geological maps provided by various national Geological Surveys. 51), Kainosite-Y Is very rare and has only been found at the Castle mine where it occurs in snow white granular calcite on Co-arsenides. 90) Xanthoconite, Proustite, FOV 3mm, Cobalt, Coleman Township. You really have to analyse these types of specimens to be sure what they are! Small crystals lining cavities in the veins are common but good, larger calcite crystals are not common. Clear your schedule, we’re going crystal hunting. The ore veins occur in “groups” that have basically similar composition and characteristics within a nest. A majority of the crystals mined here have well-formed pyramidal faces an indicator of basic crystal morphology. It was easy for us to hitch-hike or drive the few miles from Haileybury to Cobalt and wander around in the woods looking for old mine dumps, silver and arsenide specimens, building foundations and the head frames that were still standing. It is difficult to differentiate allargentum from silver in Cobalt ores. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. 43). So I hid it as well as I could by throwing sticks and moss over the rock where I had chipped it, and came down to my tent and quietly had my tea. The combinations are very interesting and attractive and have drawn mineralogists to examine their make-up since their initial discovery. The Canadian Mineralogist 47, 159-164. The more interesting specimens consist of rounded, pea-sized, nodular aggregates from the Moose Horn mine (Figure 16) but it also has been reported from the Langis and Colroy mines. Mining uncovers Ontario's full potential by powering regional development, creating opportunities and driving prosperity. Many fine specimens have been recovered by removing carbonates from vein sections to reveal botryoidal safflorite in handsome specimens. Oxidation of vein materials occurred in the upper portions of the orebodies but significant secondary enrichment was not common. Fig. In 2012, I was fortunate to have co-authored an article published in the Mineralogical Record (Volume 43, #6), with staff from the Royal Ontario Museum, that should stand as a significant reference about the mines and minerals of the Cobalt Camp. Not always! 71). As well, allargentum occurs as lamellae in silver and can, usually, only be seen by slicing, polishing and etching polished surfaces with acid. An exceptional kainosite crystal in calcite matrix. The largest crystals are found in nickeline and can be up to 2cm long. This specimen has rich botryoidal aggregates of bladed xanthoconite crystals with a few proustite crystals. However, the second samples showed very high silver content, over 4000 ounces of silver per ton (Smith, 1986)! Associated with micro mimetite and anglesite. Although it is beyond the scope of this article to present all the models that have been proposed, interested readers should refer to the references for further details, it is interesting to note that one of the earliest, most persistent and simplest models is that related to the intrusions of Nipissing diabase. 58-65). There are two specimens (holotype) in the ROM collection M28883 and M28884. I have seen another specimen, very similar to this, from the Silver Miller Mine, which has been analysed as lidstromite, which is a very similar mineral. In The silver-arsenide deposits of the Cobalt-Gowganda region, Ontario. I walked almost straight to the old Trethewey mine. A majority of the crystals mined here have well-formed pyramidal faces an indicator of basic crystal morphology. Larosite   Larosite was found in a sample at the Geological Survey of Canada. Other mining camps that were directly related to the flow of prospectors passing through, and the money generated from Cobalt were Larder Lake (1906), the Timmins area (1909), Kirkland Lake (1911) and Matachewan (1916) and Noranda (1920). R. Mielke and M. Wilson collection and photo. Fig. From a vug in Löllingite. ___________ (1904) Cobalt-nickel arsenides and silver. It is associated with acanthite, silver and tetrahedrite. Not exactly crystals but what? These mines spawned the miners, mine managers and prospectors that were to move to the other mining camps yet to be discovered throughout northern of Canada. (See also Figs. In The silver-arsenide deposits of the Cobalt-Gowganda region, Ontario. Such collecting is difficult in the dense bush and roots, down-drift from the silver veins. There are superb octahedra up to 12mm on an edge in pink calcite from South Lorrain and on another specimen from the same locality 3mm cubes were noted with tiny radiating groups of acanthite needles perched along their edges. 62) Nickeline, Breithauptite, Rammelsbergite, FOV 15mm, Cobalt.  A wonderful example of layered arsenide intergrowth in this sawn section. Occurs as fine grained masses up to at least 10cm across associated with sphalerite, chalcopyrite, tetrahedrite,galena, pyrite, alabandite and johannsenite. Chapman of the University of Toronto. RADCLIFFE, D. and BERRY, L.G. This article needs additional citations for verification. R. Mielke and M. Wilson collection and photo. It is very rare at Cobalt. Surface mining is easy, compared to underground mining and mining down to a depth of 50 feet or so by open cut required no more than drill steel, dynamite, wheel barrow, shovels, plus a good measure of muscle. Veins are predominantly composed of carbonates (calcite and/or dolomite) with arsenides and sulpharsenides of Co, Ni and Fe with native Ag and Bismuth. 50) Goethite, FOV 2mm, Nova Scotia Mine, Coleman Township  Golden needles of this mineral with secondary silver minerals and calcite. Chabazite Chabazite has been seen on only one specimen (ROM collection M14544) in colorless, rhombohedral crystals up to 3mm associated with colorless stilbite. Comm. There is one specimen in the Royal Ontario Museum collection M25565 from the Silver Bar mine that consists of 3-4mm crystals embedded in nickeline. 87) Skutterudite, 9.2cm across, Nipissing 404 Mine, Coleman Township. 55) Löllingite, FOV2mm, Siscoe Mine, Nichol Township (nr. Sieur de Troyes was told about an argentiferous galena vein on the eastern shore of Lake Temiskaming and investigated it on his way to James Bay in 1686. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, 23(1), 107-109. 7. Fig. Some of the crystals are hollow, hopper-like in habit, the cube faces may show striations parallel to the cube edges, which might be due to the growth of the tetrahexahedron on the cube. Apparently, he did not know what xanthoconite was. WATKINSON, D.H. (1986). Clinosafflorite   The Cobalt area is the type locality for this monoclinic polymorph of safflorite (Radcliffe and Berry, 1971). Stephanite crystals from this mine are the largest that I’ve seen in the Cobalt-Gowganda mining camp. 23, No. Here is a wonderful photo of an excellent crystal. The specimen was etched out of calcite/dolomite matrix. amzn_assoc_search_bar = "true"; My guess is that this specimen if from the La Rose Mine since Cole says it is from “Cobalt”, not South Lorrain Township. 72-86), Skutterudite  Skutterudite occurs as small euhedral crystals in many mines of the Cobalt-Gowganda area mines and in excellent crystals at some mines. This is why Cobalt is called "The birthplace of Canadian hardrock mining.". Arseniosiderite        Very rare. Pyrostilpnite This mineral is not common at Cobalt but has been found in good specimens. Bookshop Press, Cobalt, Ontario, 200 pp. There are smaller bismuthinite crystals, tarnished deep-blue, in other vugs on the piece. One mineral that often coats silver is löllingite, usually in small tightly arranged crystals, like in this photo. In Situ  Today, it is virtually impossible to collect silver or other interesting minerals in situ, in Cobalt. The sills, more accurately described as undulating sheets, maintain a relatively uniform thickness of 980-1100 feet. Crystallized silver at Cobalt, is usually enveloped in an arsenide(s) coating. In fact, the Ottawa River, Lake Temiskaming and Montreal River, all of which are in close proximity to the silver deposits, were travelled for centuries by aboriginals and Europeans with no in-situ veins ever being discovered, as far as we know. Subscribe. Fig. The grade averaged over 1,143 troy ounces of silver per ton (Miller, 1913). In The silver-arsenide deposits of the Cobalt-Gowganda region, Ontario. GOODZ, M.D., WATKINSON, D.H., SMEJKAL, V. AND PERTOLD, Z. By now, most old mine dumps have been swept with metal detectors to a depth of at least 2-3 feet or more. Also samples that contain pararammelsbegite will weather green as will nickeline and rammelsbergite (Pers. (1910) The Davis handbook of the Cobalt silver district with a manual of incorporated companies. This is actually a solid vein of native bismuth. 49), Goethite  Goethite – Found uncommonly as micro crystals associated with late calcite veins which are associated with silver secondary minerals at the Nova Scotia Mine and bismuthinite, bismuth and quartz at the Keeley-Frontier Mine. Some grey erythrite that defies the colour stereoptype! The mineralogy and textures of the silver-arsenide veins are notably consistent throughout the Cobalt-Gowganda area and does not vary with the type of host rock. It was named for Professor E.J. The term Embayment derives from the overall “bay-like” shape of this large, approximately 11,580 square miles, an area which is bounded on the north and east by Archean basement rocks and to the southeast by the Grenville Front (Figure 8).

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