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Step into the position you are in and commit to it. Craig Groeschel is the founding and senior pastor of Life.Church and is known for his books and leadership podcast. The problem in leadership, said Life Church senior pastor Craig Groeschel, is the assumption that better always costs more. Don’t just hear it in your head, feel it in your heart. Emotions lead to actions. Craig Groeschel: Good enough to move on by Mike Vandermause on August 07, 2019 If you want to get better and more efficient, you will typically do a cost-benefit analysis. You must find the sweet spot. This is where personal discipline comes in. He is passionate about leadership development, serving as the Chair of the Board of Global Leadership Network Canada and co-hosting The Global Leadership Summit's GLS Podcast. The problem is you can care too much. Leaders have to constantly determine where to invest the best of themselves. If you are older you’re not dead, you’re not done. *There is always an excuse. Maximizing your impact is more than saying, “GETMO.” It’s a commitment to giving your very best to what matters most. , news about events where Craig will be speaking next, and Craig’s thoughts on relevant problems leaders face every day. Enter your email, and we’ll send you leader guides, discussion questions, graphics, and more. Use them as your phone background or share them on social media. GETMO is a valuation of resources required on a project compared to the return on the investment of those resources. All rights reserved. To get started, leaders need to decide about what matters most. *Embrace your limitations. At this stage in the process, leaders simply need to have the capacity to say no. This will force you to get creative. This long-range envisioning process requires some extended time to look forward and dream about what’s possible. He may withhold something that you may think you want or need in order to move you. Do your priorities need to make their way onto your calendar and become the structure that supports your life? *Instead of spending $3,000 on a project, decide to spend $0 and see what ideas you can produce. There is no retreat and no turning back. Don’t say you are too young, because before long you will be too old. A leader’s attention is pulled in many directions. Through this framework, something of significant impact will receive significant attention, where something of only ancillary benefit will only receive minimal attention—not because it doesn’t matter at all, but because it actually doesn’t matter as much as other things you could invest yourself into. Instead of spending six months on a project, figure out how you can pull it off in two weeks. Get a digest of the latest leadership articles, videos, and podcasts from the Global Leadership Network sent directly to you every other week. © Willow Creek Association d/b/a Global Leadership Network   Privacy Notice   Legal Leaders make the world better. As unworthy as you feel, you’ve been chosen to inspire and impact others. This is tremendously beneficial to leaders. Leaders empower. *God gives us everything we need to do for everything you are supposed to do. GLS Podcast > Episode 057: Craig Groeschel: How to Bend the Curve, GLS19 Session Notes > Craig Groeschel: Bend the Curve. Do more with less. At the end of the day, GETMO is a valuation of resources required on a project compared to the return on the investment of those resources. And when you “GETMO,” you will make the great impact that God intended for your one and only life! *Burn the ships, which means eliminate the options to turn back. You’ll also receive leader guides for new episodes of the. Leaders create. *BTC stands for “bend the curve.” That means you can spend less time, money and resources on something and get a more productive return. Knowledge leads to conclusions. PCOCMS365Member Portal. Don’t obsess about things that don’t matter. You don’t have to know it all. What are you about? Connections matter. That is what great leaders do. Often we try to think outside the box and come up with stupid ideas. Discover how the GLS can help you grow in your leadership, Keep up to date with the latest news from Summit, Find out more about the Global Leadership Network, Dr. Katurah York Cooper/Educator, Pastor, Human Rights Advocate, Founder & Director, Vanessa Van Edwards/Best-Selling Author; Lead Behavioral Investigator, Michael Todd/Lead Pastor; Author; Social Media Influencer. God can guide not only by what he provides, but also by what he withholds. *Ignore the voices that tell you that you aren’t good enough, that you’re not right for the job, that the problem is too big to solve. One of the toughest things about leadership is maintaining focus. A former national team runner, Jeff lives in St. Catharines with his wife Becky and three children. Without it, we can’t apply GETMO, because we haven’t actually defined the priorities moving forward toward which ones we’re seeking to move. That’s not always true. Don’t give up. The pursuit of excellence will motivate you but the pursuit of perfection will eventually limit you. *One way to bend the curve is to think inside the box. *The down side to being a perfectionist is it can rob you of more production. *Tell me about what you are called to do and why it matters. Copyright ©2020 All Rights Reserved What if Peter had just given him money, something the man thought he needed? From that blue-sky space of imagining hypothetical possibilities, some concrete goals need to be established. Why does it matter? That is a phrase many of us will take away from GLS19. You are a leader. At some point the more time or money we invest in something brings a diminishing return. *Some of you are one step away from leading your organiztion to where it’s supposed to go, one step away to believing you have what it takes.

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