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Not sure about the geography of the middle east? The color that almost no one will come up with is... White! Right? Over the years, as the nation grew, uniforms too have evolved to fit the times and conflicts and to take advantage of changes in tactics and technology. Early in the war, butternut was one of the more popular colors because the brown dye made from the butternuts was easily and cheaply made by civilians etc. Some, in the cavalry, wore thigh high Columbus, Ga. Depot                  Artillery corporal, The kepi dipped in the front while the forage (fatigue) cap was higher and flatter. This is just a taste of all the interesting stuff that is out there to be learned about Civil War uniforms. thousands of women to sew them into a finished piece. During the American Civil War, the uniform of soldiers featured some changes from the Mexican-American War. As the war lingered and became more intense, maintaining morale was critical. Cole, David. He wore a single breasted coat with one row of buttons. As the war reached its climax, the clothing issued to Reserve Veterans was more in line with the standard jacket issue. An extensive collection of Abraham Lincoln pictures. Trousers were almost always a shade of blue. the states. It had a stiff brim with leather peak. Cross belt eagle plate on cartridge belt. infantry. The rest of the soldiers uniform consisted of his kit, or vital supplies. The insignia had the added virtue of less conspicuousness on the battlefield. Our new line of American civil war themed t-shirts. for hidden riflemen, it was seen as a tactical advantage for Berdan's sharpshooters who used rubber buttons to avoid glare that would disclose a sniper's position. One such order called for 100,000 with their several states to issue a standard uniform. The material of the uniforms at this time shifted from wool to cotton, and special campaign hats were issued. color and style was staggering. also was the Jefferson Davis boot that was a mainstay of the army. Zouaves: the volunteer regiments wearing red or striped baggy trousers, short jackets, sashes, and fez hats or turbans were inspired by the French Zouaves who fought in North Africa in the middle of the 19th century. Confederate army operated. Thus many officers wore the standard sack coat in the field which was a loose fitting, four button garment and styled after the civilian work jacket. As I said above, the color of these uniforms depended on how well the wool had been cleaned before it was woven into cloth. Highland Guard: inspired by the tartan of the Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders of Scotland, the New York 79th wore red and black plaid wool, a dark blue jacket with red cording and cuffs, and collars with white piping; a dark blue glengarry, a boat-shaped cap with a plaid band; and low-quarter leather shoes with false buckles.Garibaldi Guard: The 39th New York Volunteer Infantry was another Union unit that was inspired by international style, wearing puffy red shirts like those worn by Italian soldier who fought under Giuseppe Garibaldi.Sharpshooters: Hiram Berdan's Union sharpshooters wore distinctive green uniforms with matte buttons (to avoid glare), probably inspired by European elite shooters and certainly helpful in camouflaging. The sack coat and jacket (both below) were essentially Artillery played an important role in many battles during the Civil War, and reflected how advances in technology could fundamentally change how wars and battles are fought. Both wear the light a double breasted garment. front of the hat.The artillery captain displays crossed cannons and the Civil war uniforms served the dual purposes of distinguishing friend from enemy on a smoke filled battlefield, particularly in hand to hand combat, and encouraged unit cohesion. left hand grasps his sabre.The additional reason, more significant, is his place in history along side of Captain Doherty. The uniforms were made of wool, which kept the soldiers warm in winter and (theoretically) cool in the summer. During some events, you may see more people in Civil War clothing than people wearing modern clothes! Confederate general uniform (Atlanta Civil War Museum, By London looks via Wikimedia Commons). blue trousers, but the colonel displays a blue welting running on the The camouflage pattern for the Army Combat Uniform has since changed at least two times, starting with the Operation Enduring Freedom, or Multicam, pattern in 2010. The hat insignia was made of brass and rarely used. There were also certain differences between between the mounted man and those on their own legs all day. Department. Confederate leaders as well as Jefferson Davis, the President of the uncovered a trove of Confederate Quartermaster records covering their fortifications were believed to diminish personal initiatives and The "round" jacket was favored by mounted soldiers. Zouaves 5th NY Infantry                1st Mississippi Cavalry, Homer Winslow                                                                  Library of Congress. It was used for fatigue duty and in campaigns. These photographs also display the shoulder strap and the alternate insignia both of which displayed an officer's rank on the sack coat.. Late in the war a Confederate buying agent contracted with Peter Tait, a manufacturer in Limerick, Ireland to produce ready made garments. An example was found in the Kentucky State Guard infantry units. In some cases, as this paper from US Army History notes, the changes were minor affairs, while in other cases, the look of the US Army was radically changed. campaign. when a day was spent on a saddle. resources (as described above) and portrayed by the image of "Johnny Reb" The latter led a force that captured John Wilkes Booth and Sergeant Corbett shot Lincoln's assassin. southerners oral history of the war as a defeat predicated on limited This often included a preference for light infantry style open formations, prone firing and reloading, and movement at double time rather than regular marching. Cavalry units operating in the Western Theater displayed differences in style and color. Firstly, they were indicia of rank. Peter Tait & Company of Ireland was one of the main uniform makers whose products continued to make their way through the Union blockade and into Confederate hands until the end of the war. Many men wore whatever they brought from home. Both men were emigres who joined the Union Army. The actual manufacturing operated a system very [2], At the onset of the war the Confederate States Army uniforms were highly varied as the majority were made at home. Thus the distinctions. Author: Alan C. Aimone. Type II retained the nine buttons, single breasted, but eliminated collar piping and the entire cuff. Collar and sleeve insignia signified the officers rank and branch of Historians have The butternut color, a mix of gray and brown, was used so extensively that Union soldiers referred to the rebels as "Butternuts". were not shared in the north. from that used by the Army of Tennessee. The Army also replaced tombstone caps with forage folding caps. Confederate division. Richmond, Virginia and divided into a "Shoe Manufactory" and a "Clothing In the 242 years since the US declared independence from the English in 1776, the uniforms of those serving in the US Army have evolved dramatically. Their Constitution celebrated the ideal of the independence of each The war began with dark blue uniforms but changed with the gray regulation orders. Tailors, located in one location would cut the cloth into the pattern to some extent anywhere, and thriftlessness is found in armies as well as at Civil war uniforms served the dual purposes of distinguishing friend from enemy on a smoke filled battlefield, particularly in hand to hand combat, and encouraged unit cohesion. Aside from the clothes he wore and his weapon, food, utensils, clean socks, shelter were carried in his knapsack. The goods were delivered to the regional bureau much similar to that network which survived in the United States for 200 hundred years. Union depot uncovered thousands of blue uniforms.

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