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Check it out and tell me what you think! “Oh my gosh you are actually thanking each other?”, “That’s precious, I wish I could’ve seen that.” Magnus said to Alec with a smile on his face. Alec Lightwood knows little of the past, but when demons threaten to invade the world again, he cannot conceive the idea of just letting it happen. Clary, seeing her best friend so happy immediately asked “What is it?” He stared at his bedside table. You may include whoever you think should be there, but I recommend reading the book with these few people first, and if you think it's necessary, then re-read it with more people you wish to include. report. Most fanfictions like this don't write the scenes from the book, so I never know what is happening or what the characters are commenting on. Grab your popcorn and your stele! After a few more rewinds, Clary was laying on the floor, she laughed so hard she fell of the couch. She turned her head to Simon and asked him to play that part again. Simon and Izzy burst into laughter. 86% Upvoted. How Much Do You Know About The Casting & Storyline Decisions Of TVD? Alec used this to his advantage and grabbed remote and turned off the volume. If you go on Google+ and look up Skylar Chaise, that's my character. Recently, I have been working on a "Fanon" wiki that would serve as a sister-wiki to this canon one. Update: I'm hoping to finally launch the site soon! When these two people's roads crosses on a plane, life does it's thing to make a new path for them, preferably a one connected to each other. Hey, guys. How Well Do You Remember The Saddest Moments From TVD? Magnus looked a little worried, but tried to hide it as much as possible. So I've decided to start this new story. Anshay Tomar-January 15, 2020. “HEY!” was the collective exclamation of Clary, Izzy and Simon. Magnus shushed him by placing his finger in front of Alec’s mouth, just like the time Alec didn’t know what to say. 6 comments. Pieces and sections of the story are cut out. as well as That leads us to another thing- You should be getting this book the day you head to Shadowhunter Academy, which will not leave nearly enough time to read this book and make a decision. Recent Posts. His blood ran cold and his hands trembled. I dont know where she plans on posting it online, other than Google+. “Sure it is Alec, very important information.” she said raising her eyebrows. He had forgotten to close his blinds before falling asleep and the sun shone through his window onto his face, waking him up earlier than he would have preferred. “Your facial expressions are hilarious.” Magnus seemed very pleased with that comment. ... and the gang has taken a few hours off from saving the world to watch an epic movie (to keep in touch with the Mundane world, obvi)!

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