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Keep up the fine work and periodically take time to check the pergola for wear and tear, structural damage, insect infestation, and cracking paint. I have no idea where to start. I would love to hear if anyone else is doing this and what their insulation solutions have been. Check out my post on how to design a small space bathroom. She wants to be a veterinarian and she has the determination and will to do just that!

Technically, I can have electricity but not be attached to the septic system.

Most sheds as sold do not meet building codes. #content-block-body-1947 { padding: 35px 40px 20px 30px; color: #444; }

My hubby and I bought two 16 x 40 portable buildings (utility sheds) to move onto our 2 acres in southern TN.

Most states have a set width and height requirement to move safely down the road and will offer special permits and specific days for movement of larger vehicles. Small things come in big packages!

There is one of these as an Airbnb near Owensburg Indiana. The only time a permit is not needed is when the structure will be used only for storage, maintenance etc.

My husband and I were just about to do the “shed into home” thing until I read your comments. What are all you folks doing about a toilet and grey water…?

We had our “shed” placed about 2 feet off the ground on blocks right on the concrete slab where the garage was previously. The property we purchased previously had a large home with a 3 car garage, but that entire structure burned to the ground years ago. I’ve looked everywhere and this post is as close as I came. Not as easily as a house on a trailer, but it’s possible.

After checking with the county courthouse to see if a building permit could be obtained and being told by officials in several odduces that no permit would be needed, we were thrilled and proceeded to put in many long hours and a lot of our life savings into turning one of them into our forever home.

To do otherwise is in conflict with the answer to the basic question: How do I live simply, comfortably, inexpensively, and on a small scale in such a way as to enhance my life? The ease of getting them legitimized is the biggest appeal to me. I decided that because of affordability a shed might be the answer for me. I am considering a prefab shed as well. I too have picked out a so called shed/ portable building 12 X 24 like a lot of people I have no place to put it. My husband and I would LOVE to convert our little “shed” into a faux log cabin and live out our lives there! I can’t seem to find any information on building codes, etc. Did I forget to mention her mentality is at a 16yr old level. where did you find this?????

When I was talking with the sales person at the shed store, she told me that they have had several customers live in these sheds. It is 12 x 16 with a small front porch. Living in a shed comes with a lot of advantages, between their wide spread availability, cost and ease to obtain.

I wish I could do the drywall and all involved myself but will need help . However, in case they do require cleaning, use mild soap and water. Yes we are proud of her but with her father’s death it is up to us to make her future be achieved.

My husband and I would love very much to have a Tiny House especially the one shown on this page with the small porch at front. Today’s teens are legitimately closer to their parents than previous generations, but their life course has also been shaped by income inequality that demoralizes their hopes for the future.

I was wondering I know there regulation codes on building a house but are there any on these dwelling such as ceiling height or anything specific that would prevent me from living in one? I am in Billings Montana area. Many people want to live in a shed while they are building the permeant house. Been 7 months and I think I should have done it a long time ago! We stand behind our products with our satisfaction guarantee. My husband even added on a 16 x 12 addition and plumbed in a bathroom and built a sweet tiny bedroom. The next step is to use a hose and rinse the surface with a mixture of water and bleach. Real nice, no evidence of anyone living inside as well. This is because they deliver these sheds on flat beds or even tow trucks sometimes. You could then deck it out with Ikea swag for another $500 and have a really nice place!

Is there the possibility of putting it on a friend or families piece of land, that is what I was able to do…just a thought. Well my shed was already ordered because I really didn’t think there would be any problem, after all its secluded land with minimal frontage.

NOTE: Because water is so easy to get, you can get it and the bill will provide “proof of residence” for other things like the DMV, getting a post office box etc. Its only me which sux, but i have 3 more payments to go yet at $200 then i wana move it to oklahoma where i’ll finish out the rest of my life and hope to find a gd woman that would enjoy the small things in life also. I do plan on having a large closet, I am not sure I could deal with the teeny tiny closets in a Tiny House. He stated I would have to first have a primary structure, a home then the shed would be permissible? I own 14 acres and I applied for a shed permit from a local company selling all types of sheds, I bought the shed to convert to a cabin.

Congratulations on Your Tiny Home and I pray all goes well with your precious home. We live in NC and I’ve done some research but I’m still drawing a blank. First use a bristle brush to knock out all the dry dirt and cracked paint from the pergola. Some areas will allow tiny homes that are on a chasis (which makes it a vehicle like an RV) that don’t meet residential building codes. Diversity of what Tiny is, is in itself, part of what makes it so fascinating to me.

What I suggest you do is get your water installed on the land so it’s about 20 feet into the property, wait a few weeks while you get your shed pad graded and shed dropped off. In this lady’s case, she ended up beginning a whole community! I no longer wonder why there are so many homeless people in San Antonio. Brazilian Pine, Radiata Pine (Monterey Pine), Red Grandis (a.k.a.

Getting your kits is easy and you don't pay for shipping - we arrange all the details! Yes you can have 12 foot wide shed on wheels much like a mobile home but you will need a special permit to move it. He had an entire wall of photos where people had converted a shed into a house, upfitting the outside with porches, accents, etc.

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