bmpcc 6k dynamic range

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The face is exposed at max. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Shooting Resolutions. Also, the Alexa handles the ISO changes quite similarly to the BMPCC yet with better allocation yet only 5 or 6 stops of overexposure latitude at some settings. That’s why the stepchart and waveform can show just what is there to work with. Here are both cams again side by side at 5 stops underexposure, brought back to zero: BMPCC 4K vs. BMPCC 6K at 5 stops underexposure, brought back to 0. The DR increases slightly with UHD ProRes. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Shake reduction doesn’t work and autofocus sucks really bad. Latitude basically shows the capability of a camera to retain color and detail while over- or underexposing the image and normalizing it thereafter. BMPCC 4K vs BMPCC 6K at 4 stops underexposure, brought back via the camera raw tab in Resolve, temporal and spatial noise reduction applied. Shutter: 1/50s mostly, and 1/125s for looks 3 and 4. 10 stops are calculated for a signal to noise ratio of 2. Thanks again for the review. So post processing is useful to get to the end stops, and it is going vary between cameras based on their colour filter and sensor response curves, and noise characteristics. By Hence, we brutally underexpose the studio scene – and then normalize it back to 0 stops to reveal the color, detail  and noise. If you look in the IMATEST results section (upper right hand table of the first graph) here they are quite different. Seems to me you would loose more than you might gain. I'm not a video expert but am learning a lot about the most recent technologies and how as a professional photographer you have to think differently. The subject is how to manage the limited highlight latitude of the BMPCC. according to the IMATEST calculations, see the result below. What I want to talk about here is the significant unbalance between highlight and shadow latitude especially at lower sensitivities. Good question Jacob – what I have noticed with all Blackmagic cameras so far was either some fixed vertical or horizontal stripes or fixed pattern noise in the shadows. As mentioned by Blackmagic Design, the full sensor 6K resolution is scaled to Ultra HD, thereby reducing the noise hence increasing slightly the dynamic range – quite nice! The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K is ideal because everything you need is built right in. 4. Rating the camera at 1000+ ISO (400 ISO native), gives the more balanced DR at the expense of noise. In addition to its high dynamic range sensor, you also get 4 shock resistant microphones, dual media recorders, and a large touchscreen display with focus assist, peaking indicators and more. First results of this new test have been shown already in the Panasonic S1 VLOG article of my colleague Johnnie, but let me briefly explain again what it is. That is why it is interesting to see both charts. If it’s just out of the box then quality control, literally any quality control in the factory would catch malfunctioning units. top end, ISO 25600, the. Blackmagic has told me that they are normal camera behavior in underexposure, but I don’t understand how two fixed, unmoving lines, unrelated to noise, are “normal behavior”. in pocket 6K for highlight recovery 1000 iso is for best highlight recovery (7.3 in highlight and 6.1 in shadow but its to grainy) — 800 is the best and pretty clean iso in the 6K for shadow and highlights 6.9 in highlights and 6.5 in shadows) also to get the most dynamic range the highlights recovery feature can add almost 2 stops of dr (i see dramatic change when i use HR) and in some test with alexa and blackmagic + highlights recovery i see better resoults with the blackmagic so it will be nice see test with blackmagic at 800 iso and highlights recovery, Can we assume that there around 12.3stops when shooting in Prores 4K (Since it downsamples from 6k to 4k).

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